среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Buenos Aires: The first snow since 1918

This is the Klimaerwärmungs-Hysteriker quite a bit of a sweat, the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, the first snow in 90 years.

"Although I am so old, it is the first time that I snow in Buenos Aires see!" Said the 82-year-old Juana Benitez. The National Weather Service said it is the first major snowfall since 22 June 1918.

Minister Alberto Fernŕndez called on the people to save energy and said the export of gas to Chile would be because of the cold weather will be limited.

The extreme weather was an arctic cold front to the north was the cause. The ski resort Bariloche in Patagonia, the tieftsten temperatures since 44 years and many houses had therefore no water.

Lakes are frozen in Rio Negro area, where the temperature fell to only -32C. 500 travelers in Rio Cuarto had to take refuge because the roads were blocked.

The snow follows a bitter cold of the month of May brought temperatures below zero, the coldest in 40 years in Buenos Aires. The cold wave caused an energy crisis and 23 deaths by death.
When I look at our cold, rainy summer look, with snow-covered mountains in Switzerland and see the still reading, then I think we are rather an ice age. If you have not seen it yet, here Channel4 the film "The Great Global Warming Swindle."

Michael Moore times CNN'S Wolf Blitzer

"Why the Americans told her not even the truth!"

One of the biggest Medien-Huren the world, and especially CNN Wolf Blitzer. Everything is telling the swings, lying, and only one-group and government propaganda. Here is a live interview with Michael Moore, where he hawks this time the opinion really says. "Why did you not your job wolf? If you asked the right questions had four years ago, we would not be in this catastrophe in Iraq. When will you for your failure to apologize? The spectators should you off! " Worth!

Here is the continuation of the interview the next day:

Goebbels would be proud

How did it happen? How will it go? Yes, the global corporations do the show on the world stage and the guarantees fascism. So it comes to fascism. Yes, the politicians are all in the pockets of donors. It is not elected without much money. Presidencies be purchased in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Yes these people as the puppets come to power are not very intelligent, as has been, but that does not say much. Yes, with a lot of money and fitted with glitter and light effects and corresponding matching bombastic Untermahlung sees any intelligent monkey. But what is the real problem?

The real problem is this hydraköpfige Medienhure. The real problem is who controls the appearance, content and the flow of information and thus the perception of reality. Goebbels was master in it and would actually very proud about what goes on today.

There are now 900,000 Iraqis dead, but what we hear is that there are only 30,000 to 100,000. How is this possible? Why is this discrepancy in the figures is not even discussed? Why is there no headline, "What are the real numbers of dead Iraqis?" . On the contrary, what the exact numbers will be determined and published by the media and censored region. Due to the illegal war in Iraq are dying every day 600 people and 4 million are refugees. The situation in Iraq is an apocalyptic hell, and what are the media? Reports as a distraction and permanently in detail all about Paris Hilton. Yes Goebbels would be proud.

If today "arabic" looks like it is automatically Stigmatisiert. The media stir a racism and spread the impression that these are the only evil and they hate us because of our freedom. This lie is constantly told, and not that of the west with the whole world wars covers and occupied countries, to the resources companies, and therefore there is an opposite reaction. As Muslims, there is a longstanding threat of kidnapped off the street and with a bag over his head in the CIA Jet in any Secret to be delayed. There will be no indictment and legal protection for years tortured, humiliated and even killed. The President has broken all international agreements, even its own constitution and its own naked torture. And there are concentration camps where people like animals kept in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, but the media describe all this as a necessary evil. Goebbels would be proud.

Last summer, the entire Lebanon destroyed simply because the two soldiers on foreign territory were captured. Eye witnesses, journalists, residents confirm that the army was on the border, and has only been waiting for a provocation to invade them. The whole was planned. 1.2 million were bombs on the country heruntergeregnet, most after a "peace" was, a half of which 1 million are now unexplodiert around and continue to kill civilians, men, women and children. And what is happening in the Palestinian territories and in Gaza happens is simply obscene. But where are the reports about it? Goebbels would be proud.

Try an experiment and sometimes hears exactly the mass media on the radio and on TV for a few days in which to get a sense of what we hear. What you hear? We get a constant stream of reports of alleged bugbears in London and Glasgow things in the air blow wanted. But there was no history in the story, just a bunch of air and scare tactics. Why this? And in Germany announce the media every second day a terror alert after another of this wheelchair mobile err, will be what happens to his perverse police state can implement nightmares. The fear is poked, anxiety and paranoia about people totally ready to make in order to enhance the surveillance, so that the custodial restrictions swallow. Goebbels would be proud.

Since meet the 150 most powerful people in the world Bilderberg conference in Istanbul to discuss the plans and how the world is governed and divided, and you hear nothing, absolutely NOTHING in the media about it. Although known and to hand the actual Ages this meeting as a "king-maker" of the global elite expires, is not a single journalist of the mass media locally and reported it. Otherwise, if just ONE of these kings, queens, presidents, ministers premium, military leaders, ministers, party leaders, group leaders, the media, etc. prince some day, hundreds would Paparazzi, cameramen and journalists to rush out and report. But we hear not a word. Goebbels would be proud.

After the media in Iraq and Afghanistan war with lies to the people sold, it is now with the propaganda for the coming war against Iran. Exactly the same horrific images and untruths to be disseminated to a villain. There will be speeches by Ahmanedijad incorrectly translated and quoted out of context. It is then the lie of a threat designed, which are not true. The media produce the next enemy to return a regime change and conquest to justify war. Goebbels would be proud.

Those who control the media and the information in it, control the perception of the public about what is happening in the world. It's like a big black cloth over the heads of people put over. It is safe and warm under the blanket even though it scared. But it is much worse and it has even more anxiety about the ceiling, under the bed, in the closet, behind the trees outside in the garden. The message to us sl. the media is everywhere, the enemy lurking, only the state can protect you, but you must give up your freedoms so that he can protect you. The media pave the way to fascism. Goebbels would be proud.

I look at the news on TV and know without a doubt I will lie to. Recent history shows that everything we hear and see on the official news channels, on the war in Iraq and everything else where and what to do with the "war on terror" is a FALSITY reported. We have daily evidence of the many, many lies. And the lies are repeated the next day, as if they were new. Ironically, the mass media will be forced to lie to uncover evidence arise when, but somehow, the Ok. Has halt Bush admitted that he has lied about the reasons for war, what should's, forget it. The lies are not really lies. Goebbels would be proud.

The official figures of the fallen American soldiers and wounded are not the real numbers. With creative manipulation are faked. Only the soldiers who are in the field. Those who later died, while transportation, in the hospital, and then in Germany during military operations in the hospital or in the home are not. There are no pictures of dead, on the serious injuries, amputations, disfigured faces and the many coffins with American flag or forget about the funeral ceremonies. The media mention the dead and the people may not see. Can not see what consequences these criminals in power cause. Goebbels would be proud.

If you actively searching for the truth, then you can find them too. The uncensored information is there and available. But how many of us go on a search? How many of the interested anyway? Most people are passive consumers of news and believe every Scheiss of them through the media is presented. So does the power. Only when something "you" happen when the events and the consequences are not far away somewhere in the world, but you yourself very close to happen, then it is suddenly different. Then it starts to lie on your own body experience, it wakes you up and wondered, what about us? Only then it is too late. Wrong information can be fatal. It has been too long into the lie network of propaganda spin. Goebbels would be proud.

What is with all of discrepancies in the official 9 / 11 story? How can a 47-storey skyscraper WTC7, which is not a plane was hit, seven hours later and perfectly symmetrical as with a blast targeted coincide? How can the hundreds of testimonies by people who worked in the towers, one of the firemen, the policemen and rescue workers who ignore all about bombs, and explosions shake BEFORE the reported fall together? How can the many reports of warning about the insider trading weeks earlier, on the financing of the assassin by the Pakistani secret service, the letter with military anthrax attack against the two politicians who act against the Patriot Act resistance, the many In, destruction of evidence that many many lies all the books would fill, how can we keep silent about these tracks and as a journalist not pursue? The lie there were 19 Arabs is constantly repeated and maintain an enemy image. It is proved that 9 / 11 of the Reichstag fire in Bush / Cheney. But the media do nothing. Goebbels would be proud.

Is it my job excavate the truth and disseminate? No. It is their job. Everywhere lies. A towering wave of lies, a tsunami of bullshit is washing over us, day in day. Smiling androids on TV with hair geleckten you tell lies and then turn away for a commercial, then you have to tell more lies. Lies are a reality. Maybe yes, it was always so, only now it's extreme. Each group is lying yes somehow. Those who adore the Mammon lie, sexually warped their lies that alcoholics, religious fanatics, the elderly and the young, historians, academics and the priest just what the life is not clear, they all lie. At the most they are lying to themselves. They live a lie, they die for a lie and down in the darkness marching them. The truth, the man at the end of darkness discovered is not simple truth. It is not a welcome by a loving family and friends. It is hard.

Somehow we think it is good, it is already open. The sad reality is, the lie robs you more than just the body and the freedom, it steals you the wonderful opportunities that life offers. It takes possession of your heart and soul. Lies kill what you would be. Therefore, my advice to you, listen to your head to nod and everything at face value too. I suggest you look deeper. It depends on whether you care or whether you for your fellow man and the world do you worry. It depends on how much truth lies in you own.

Live Earth: The biggest show in the world, the human cold

The organizers of Live Earth have claimed two million people were reached with this event. But the global interest in the "Live Earth Save the Planet" Concerts was much lower than expected.

The show in Johannesburg was not sold out, only 3,000 spectators were in Shanghai and the Australians looked prefer Wimbledon on TV. Wembley was only half full, and the hamburgers were by heavy rains zugeschüttet. Only in Rio were really many spectators at the show.

How weak the figures were spectators when one sees this event compares with similar. The BBC reported that in the afternoon, only 900,000 live on Earth, until the appearance of the evening came Mandonna 4.5 million. Three times as many were there but a week earlier when Diana concert. Two years earlier, there were 9.6 million in Live 8 and Live Aid in 1985 10 million.

Madonna, the star-studded station in Wembley, where the admission tickets 55 pounds, 81 euros, 134 francs cost and the fans are tactlessly observations and primitive jokes had to listen.

What the whole audience, ears and world saver should know is that this event is just a big business, and nothing else. Guess how much of the 81 Euro entry at the end in the foundation "Save Our Selves" by Al Gore? Half? One third? ... No, there are less than 1 euro! Yes, but this is a joke and I think a fraud. Little is the only way for the "climate Rescue" at the conclusion remain. For what will be because the other 80 euros per ticket?

For the attention heischenden stars as occurred this show is just another way to sell more plates. The climate and the reduction of CO2 they are not interested. With bad example preach to the world, it should change its behavior, but is it all just a lip service. They are equipped with jets in and Stretchlimos rumkutschiert.

Journalists have the so-called footprint CO2 (Carbon Footprint), how much CO2 is produced by superstar Madonna gether. It came out through her life change, along with their family and their entire entourage, with the many travel in private jets, the transportation of 100 dancers and technicians for its 2006 World Tour, their cars, a Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, and an Audi A8 a Mini Cooper S, the energy consumption in its five stores in England and so they produced 1'018 tons of CO2 per year. In Massage, the average Briton is 10 tons per year, or Madonna produced as much as 19,000 people in Somalia, a country from which they adopted a child. And this aunt is on the scene and will be a model for us and tells us how we should behave?

How to read here, were at the Earth Live concerts by the 150 Stars with a total of 222,000 miles Jets back what 31'500 tons of CO2 means, and in addition were Abfahl 1'025 tons produced by the spectators. According to a commentator Live Earth is a big hypocritical vertigo!

The same is true of "climate liar" Al Gore. He has a swankily 20 rooms villa with a pool and a tennis court and consumes electricity and gas to operate for everything to 30,000 dollars per year, more than the average American earns in the year. Furthermore, as a lawyer, he has the coal and Öl-Lobby represented. How credible is he?

Yes What I am most moved to the head shaking is the fact that the whole event on an error, or rather is based on a lie. The people, especially the children and young people will tell the people of CO2 is the climate killer, and therefore we all have to change our behavior in order to save the earth. It was not true. It is not the CO2 but it is the sun of our climate warms, and because we can do nothing. The violence is higher. That means, of course not, that is why we are not sure about the planet and not environmentally friendly life. Only the blame on the people to push to spread fear and anxiety with this really a gigantic business to make a rascality!

I come before this claim that the CO2 climate change and the refusal of a natural cause, and all to accept the note as a weirdo and deniers stamped, it was just like in the 15th Century claimed was where the earth was flat and the sun revolves around the Earth. That was the "politically correct" way of thinking. All the scientists who have said, this is not true, and according to our measurements, the earth is round and the earth revolves around the sun were insulted, as heretics marginalized, as Anzweifler's, and as the authority on the pyres burned. Just as it is today.

The fanatical followers of this CO2 climate lie behave like members of a sect and Al Gore is their guru. No matter what contrary evidence or, as many scientists claim the contrary, they believe stubbornly to their doctrine and in their Messiah. They are just like most cults only by the guru out, haai, gutted and the whole is a money and a gigantic business.

Al Gores Foundation called "Save Our Selves-Save ourselves," Who is the "us"?

An interesting Kuriosiät on the verge shows how absurd the security measures and stereotypes, singer James Hetfield of the famous U.S. band Metallica was arrested at Luton Airport and questioned, as he for the live concert in Earth came. Only when the police learned who he is and why he came to England, they have him released with red faces. Accompanying friends said afterwards that it was his "bearded Taliban" what it aims for the Schickane made.

So people, if you have a beard bears, then you automatically terrorist. Well that is not the terrorists know, otherwise they shave the beards, and they do not recognize it.

A normal day in Iraq

Just to show how everyday life in Iraq looks, I have the day yesterday, Friday the 6th In July 2007, as an example. These are the casualties of which reports, seven U.S. soldiers and 73 Iraqis killed, 113 wounded Iraqis. About the most attacks and victims, one hears nothing. Here is a selection of what is happening in a day:

Two soldiers of the MND-B (Multi-National Division-Baghdad) were by a IED (Improvised Explosive Device) killed and three wounded. An EFP (Explosivly Formed Penetrator) MND-B killed one soldier and an Iraqi translator, three U.S. soldiers were also wounded. A MNC-I (Multi-National Corp Iraq) soldier was killed during fighting in Baghdad. Two U.S. Marines were during fighting in Anbar killed. In the west of Baghdad, a soldier MND-B by a road bomb killed.

In Baghdad, four mortar shells into the Green Zone, one not injured. A banker and his four bodyguards were kidnapped Amil district. A civilian was killed and two wounded by a road bomb in Za'afaraniya. In Yrmouk has no road bomb victims. Two people are in Karadat Mariam been wounded by a grenade handle. A mortar attack in Fadhl killed seven members of a family and injured two neighbors. Five corpses were found in different neighborhoods.

In Samawa, four people were killed on the second day of fighting there, 43 were wounded. In Ahmad Maref 26 were killed and 33 wounded by a car bomb. A road bomb in Muqdadiyah many soldiers wounded a U.S. patrol, followed fighting with militants. In Tikrit, Armed to the family of Sheick Shaloukh al-Rufayee were shot and seven people killed and nine wounded. Four security guards were killed and three civilians wounded in Samarra when gunmen attacked three schools.

An Iraqi soldier was killed in Hawija. In Khaneqeen, seven Iraqi soldiers injured by a bomb. Three policemen were in a shootout in Kirkuk wounded. Police injured two passers-by, as the shots they wanted to regulate traffic. A rocket has an injured civilians. Armed injured a policeman and a civilian.

A road bomb in Hilla killed four Iraqi soldiers and injured two. In Yusufiya, an Iraqi soldier by a road bomb killed. Two bodies with gunshot and torture wounds were found in Mitchell. Nine civilians were at a Gold Street lock in Gardez kidnapped.

An oil pipeline was blown up.

A U.S. air strikes destroyed three houses in Mada'en with many injured.

Gunmen killed a couple in Mosul. Gunmen attacked a police patrol with grenades, a policeman was killed, one injured. Two policemen and a civilian were killed in Haditha.

Turkish forces led bombing attacks inside Iraq in the near Zakho, on victims is not known.

A child was in Umm Hilavil by a road bomb killed. Allied forces killed three militants in Anbar province. Grenade no punches in Tuz Khormatu causing no casualties. An Iraqi Kurd of the army was on the road between Kirkuk and Tuz Khormatu kidnapped.

U.S. soldiers mistakenly bomb a checkpoint north of Baghdad, two policemen are killed and two wounded.

And so it continues, day after day .... For over four years, with no end in sight.

The reported figures for today Saturday are:
237 Iraqis, 7 US and two British soldiers killed, 316 wounded Iraqis.

And in Afghanistan happened exactly the same. As tribal chief Hajji Khudai cream reported yesterday, 20 houses were destroyed and 108 Afghan civilians in a NATO bomb attack in Shewan killed. (NT)

The war in Iraq will cost $ 12 billion per month

It is not only the number of troops in Iraq to rise, even the cost of the war to increase limits, more than 1 / 3 more than in 2006. In the first half of this budget year, the cost of the Defense Ministry to an average of $ 12 billion per month for procurement and personnel costs increased, far above the $ 8.7 billion per month in 2006, as outlined in this report for the U.S. Congress to read . Since the Bush government has announced that the "war on terrorism" will last forever, the cost of the war to 10 years expected 1.4 trillion dollars difference was $ 5,000 per U.S. residents or $ 30,000 per U.S. budget means.

"We are due to the oil in Iraq"

The Australian Defense Minister Brendan Nelson has admitted that the security of the oil supply is the main reason for the presence of Australian troops in Iraq. He says the preservation of the "security of resources" in the Middle East was the priority. The strategic planning has our decisions on the region affected.

"It is clear that the entire Middle East, not just Iraq but the entire region is a major supplier of energy, mainly oil, for the rest of the world," says Nelson.

Australia, with 1,500 soldiers in Iraq since 2003. There are no such plans to bring home.

This is the first time that the Australian government has admitted that there is a connection between the use of troops in Iraq and securing of energy resources. (BBC)


Although the premium Australian Prime Minister Howard immediately this statement has weakened, by one of the best know it has confirmed what we have always known all, the wars in Iraq and also in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world, only because of oil in order to safeguard the resource, ie steal. The reason we were always told, it's about a threat to weapons of mass destruction to the removal of an evil dictator, to the spread of democracy is a lie. The same fairy tales, we need now because of the Iran listen, because those are the next turn.

More mercenaries in Iraq as U.S. soldiers

The number of private mercenaries and employees on the payroll in the USA, is higher than the number of U.S. troops in Iraq. Just as the global corporations fool, and the Bush government of the war outsourced to subcontractors. More than 180,000 civilians, Americans and Iraqis are working in Iraq for the US government. In comparison, there are troops after the recent increase 160,000 soldiers and several thousand U.S. government officials in Iraq.

The total number of private contractors is much higher than previously reported and it is how the Bush government focus on private companies to use the occupation of Iraq to be implemented. "The numbers are high," says a professor Peter Singer of the Brookings Institute on the military subcontractor wrote. "It shows better than anything else that we have too few troops in Iraq are gone. This is not a coalition of the willing, it is the coalition of the bought. "The number consists of 21,000 Americans, 43,000 foreigners and Iraqis 118'000 all of the American government paid.

This fits the message that so far about 1,000 private contractors in Iraq were killed. More 13,000 of them have been wounded. The official number of U.S. soldiers fallen so far amounts to 3'577 in Iraq and 342 in Afghanistan.

According to leaked reports, but the actual number of American soldiers killed much higher. There will be over 20,000 dead and 60,000 injured. The reason for the difference in numbers lies in the way the U.S. military captured the dead. In the official statistics will favor only the soldiers in the field in fighting die. All of the soldiers seriously injured and later during the transportation, emergency, in the hospital or after weeks in the dying Rehabilitationsspitälern are not counted. And anyway, only U.S. citizen counted.

It is so, the US army is about 1 / 3 from foreigners, mainly from Latin America, which is the US Citizenship and money on the service promises and thereby attracts. Only when these non-Americans to die in combat, they will simply verschart in Iraq and they are not in favor statistics. Who should they miss? An incredible act of hidden. Ever, President Bush gave the command, that the dead U.S. soldiers under penalty nothing can be reported. There must be no photographs or film footage of the corpses, coffins and the funerals are not made. It is obvious that the American people have the terrible consequences of the war criminal should not see.

Incidentally, what is not reported is the fact that since the war began in 2003 about 10,000 U.S. soldiers deserted!

Bill Gates invests in gay publishing

The company PlanetOut Inc. is the richest man in the world as rescuers found by the publisher of the financial plight to bring. No less than Bill Gates, through his Cascade Investment LLC, has $ 26 million in the gay media conglomerate invested, which the magazines and OUT THE ADVOCATE, and the porn and leaves FRESCHMAN UNZIPPED and the RSVP holiday travel and operates GAY.COM, plus hot Porno DVDs sold. (Seattlest)

What Gates wants us to say and why he wants the gay movement so massive financial support?

No Men Allowed: Beach only for women

On the Adriatic, where romantics and beach lovers enjoy the sun, the notorious Latin Lover on the stalking and try their Anmachsprüche going to be. Now, women fed up. "We run away from the Italian men," says Tiziana Andreotti, "which are so corrosive." And it happens all the time. Man meets woman and man annoying wife. Therefore, the Italians have an interesting solution to this problem. They have between Rimini and Riccione a beach section reserved for women only. No men, children or loud music are allowed.

"It is a simple idea," says owner Fausto Ravaglio. "We women have a world of his own." A women's Utopia. The "Pink Beach" was opened a week ago and offers gymnastics and water-aerobics classes, beauty and manicure tips. At the entrance, the men, with a pink sign "welcomes" where "No Men" on it. Women can the sun and the sea without the enjoyable views of men enjoy. Visitor Marianna Sandu says she goes to the beach to free testosterone friends to meet and to "women issues" to discuss.

For some men this idea is quite far-fetched. One man said, this concept is perhaps good for women, but it falls flat for men. But a man there are at the beach. "The life-saver, a man," Ravaglio says, "You must clearly have a man of the women from drowning rescue. It is a question of power. "

The only thing I always annoying Italian beaches, is the constant harassment by the beach sellers. We should prefer a "free seller" beach, where you are not forced every few minutes is any Plunder to buy.

Full below the belt

In order to tame Raser, the Australian authorities in a new TV commercial made the doubts masculinity.

If one reads the slogan, RUSH: NOBODY THINKS YOU ARE LARGE, said it first, when the speed limit, then people do not think of a good one. But it is not. The new road safety campaign which was launched in Australia, aimed below the belt ... with the allusion to quickly drive men have a small penis. In the new TV and cinema commercials are young men from the women unimpressed by the road side are mocked, in which they are driving the little finger to show a sign of a small penis.

In Australia this is a sign often used insult against the driver of the Monster Trucks and large-Roaders, with the message that these need to compensate for their small masculinity. But the road safety with the violation of the male egos to want to achieve is a bold new way. The authorities have decided that the most effective way the men to a change in behavior to move, in which one doubts their masculinity.
Since we are again, the region and men are offended. That is clearly discrimination, such as when women would not rush, and no fine for driving too fast. Let us imagine that there was an advertising campaign for women to a change in behavior to move men and we would then sign, as her bosom is flat or how bold their thighs or how wide their ass, but then the outcry would be enormous. This is again a proof, but it is not about road safety, but the men and masculinity will be ridiculous. Very funny.

The anthrax attacks, and 9 / 11

A forgotten chapter in the history of the 11th September 2001, the anthrax letters to politicians and media people have been sent and killed five people. That this event is actually one of the best evidence that 9 / 11, certain elements within the American government and the military-industrial complex, staged attack on himself.

The story begins with the question, why did members of the White House, including President Bush, a month before the attacks started the antidote Cipro due? That is probably very suspicious. Why do we protect against anthrax, unless you have prior knowledge on which an event will happen and knows the danger? The answer to that is the White House until now we have remained guilty. (WND)

The American government accused perpetrators, Osama Bin Laden and the "al-Qaeda", which so in caves in Afghanistan dwelt were not able to produce anthrax spores, a killer rabbit in the only state laboratory under very specific conditions that bred may. Even Saddam Hussein had no biological, chemical or nuclear weapons of mass destruction, as one after the invasion of Iraq and the search of the entire country had to determine. The two accused, to which the American government has shown the finger, it is not. Where then came the anthrax her, who has sent it and what was the intention behind it?

The analysis of the substance showed that the anthrax in a never seen quality trillion spores per gram, and with special electrostatic method was manufactured. It was super-waffenfähiges anthrax, which is only one American military laboratory could come. The DNA analysis showed that the spores of the deadly letters from the Ames culture was a breeding only in the 800,000 hectares Dugway laboratories Point, 80 miles from Salt Lake City was developed. No other country in the world could such a pure Ames anthrax weapons. It therefore came from a private laboratory, and only a few security people had access to this deadly biological weapon. If only access to the U.S. anthrax, then logically follows that only they themselves with the letters could send it to somebody, or from state party circles, which are then shipped.

If you look at the letters, a fall immediately things on the show, an Arab or Muslim is not written. First, the date is unusual in American form. Nobody outside of the United States writes the date so that the first month, then the day and the year. The Arab write our form is like, day, month, year. According to an American has written the letters. Then, the text is totally fake, as well as how to write it from the Hollywood movies familiar with the evil Arabs, "Death to America", "Death to Israel", "Allah is great" (a Muslim says "God is great") Then comes even to the italics, and the deletion of the T's, the connection between Israel and the United States and the quote with Allah, so anything extra is made to the stereotyped impression it is the Arabs, and have sent an obvious counterfeiting.

If you look at who of the anthrax letters has benefited, then you can see immediately who it was. The letters went exactly to TV and newspaper media, and politicians of the two Democrats against the Patriot Act have defended precisely at the time just before the vote on the anti-terror law. How fitting. The influential senators Tom Daschle (South Dakota) and Patrick Leahy (Vermont) were vehemently against the Patriot Act, precisely because they knew this would be in the police state. Then as suddenly out of nowhere came the anthrax letters to them, it killed five people and behold, they changed their minds overnight, gave their resistance and voted for the law. The goal of the Bush government and the whole sicherheitsgeilen forces in the United States, this law as soon as possible through, it was obvious. A clear motive for the deed. This means that only a criminal power within America had the means, the motive and the opportunity to carry out these murderous attacks. The persons who by the government as perpetrators were accused, Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, it was not obvious, so they came to no anthrax ran and had absolutely no advantage.

A few days ago, Professor Francis A. Boyle, an international law expert and adviser of the first Bush government in matters biological weapons said that the anthrax attack was by criminal elements in the U.S. government. The motive was a police state to allow the intimidation of the opposition to the laws after 9 / 11, what the massively restricts freedoms and rights, such as the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act.

"When I realized that the anthrax attack was a domestic operation, I have a high official at the FBI matter, to do with terrorism, Marion" Spike "Bowman. I told him, the only ones who are able to carry out this attack, the people of the state. Bowman So, I have a complete list of all scientists, companies and laboratories given to the production of anthrax for the government and the military have to do. "

"Bowman said that the FBI would cooperate with Fort Detrick, a military facility for biological weapons, where the problem is obvious. Shortly after I had informed Bowman, the FBI, the destruction of the entire database Ames Anthrax causes. This was a deliberate and negligent destruction of evidence, because it was not possible to determine who has what, when, by whom. The authorized the FBI this is a clear offense, because one would have to secure the evidence, in order to hand the DNA to the track. Later, but still came out that the Ames culture also was named in the Daschle and Leahy letters was. "

"At that time it was clear to me then, here was a cover ongoing. I then know that this Bowman of the FBI agent, which the search of the computer of the 20th Murderer Zacharias Moussaoui has prevented, which may have information about the 9 / 11 attack involved. This is because Moussaoui appears to be a FBI or CIA spy. In 2003, Bowman by FBI Director Mueller transported and with the Presidential Rank Award medal. Senator Chuck Grassley (R Iowa) has sent a letter to Mueller wrote, in which he complains about it, why an agent can get this award, the security of the United States has so compromised. "

While the anthrax hysteria was Parliament for the first time in the history of the Republic officially closed. When the resistance of Leahy and Daschle in air dissolved as a result of the attack on her life, the U.S. Patriot Act blessing. According to Ron Paul (R Texas), most members of Congress are forced to vote seen, without ever having read the law. And among the also now adopted Military Commissions Act can every citizen the U.S. citizenship to be revoked and that as Feindlicher stamped fighters, which it then without rights and as fair game stand.

Boyle said: "In other words, the government is in a position if it wants any U.S. citizens simply collected and sent to concentration camps to plug." In addition, the legal adviser to the White House John Yoo and Jack Goldsmith (Professor of Law at Harvard University) argue that torture should be legalized! "The Nazis have exactly the same," says Boyle. "They have their lawyers in the law faculties. Carl Schmidt was the worst, he was the mentor of Leo Strauss, the ideological founder of the Neocons. The same phenomenon that started in Nazi Germany has now happened here, I übertriebe not. We can all be treated and tortured. "

Boyle said, because of his activities as a lawyer, he was by CIA / FBI agents of the anti-terrorist unit in the summer of 2004 interrogated. They have tried him as a spy recruited to fight his Arab and Muslim clients to spy. When he refused, he was on the list of terrorists by the government. It's that easy, according to the new laws.

In addition to his track record as a government adviser on biological weapons, Boyle has two Ph.D., as a lawyer and the other in Political Science, both from Harvard University. He currently teaches law at the University of Illinois in Champaign.

Together Again: The White House had prior knowledge about an anthrax attack and has been protected in advance, the Anthrax spores came from a U.S. military laboratory, only U.S. had access, the letters appear to have been falsified and should incriminate Arabs, they were exactly the right time to exactly the right MPs who blocked the police laws, there were five people killed, and the law was adopted, the evidence where the anthrax came from were destroyed by the FBI, the FBI agent to conceal what has been promoted, and by the FBI Director and the President with a medal awarded to the murderers of the five post and Parlamentsbedienste still running around freely, the case is of the FBI has still not cleared up and there is no interest to do so.

What we see is the anthrax attack a few days after 11 September 2001 clearly made itself, and not by "bad" terrorists from abroad. The aim was to intimidate the Parliament and all the new laws that allow the state police without resistance through. There were five people with the anthrax came in contact killed. Those who benefit are the perpetrators. There are members of the U.S. government Bush / Cheney and the security and military apparatus. Only when they had only the means, the motive and the opportunity to carry out.

Zurückkomment to the question that I asked at the beginning, why is the White House with the antidote Cipro a month beforehand treated? This preventive behavior allowed only one conclusion. Either they know that foreign terrorists attack Washington, but have only protected themselves and not the American people, and they have not prevented the terrorist attack, but geschähen. Or they know they are "terrorists own" that the anthrax in Washington will distribute and therefore protected. No matter how it was both sufficient for an indictment for high treason and mass murder. The Bush / Cheney should immediately be arrested.

Who now still on the official believes fairy tales, 19 Arabs had the security at four airports overcome with carpet knives crews off and four hijacked planes were flying experience without big jumbos fly perfectly, the best air force in the world fooled for hours, thousands of miles over America without resistance rumgeflogen, have targeted three buildings made the largest skyscraper in the world in less than an hour and completely destroyed turns into dust, one (WTC7) even without oh miracle to make the defense of the best guarded building in the world, the Central the U.S. military, anti-aircraft missiles is also equipped ausgetrickts hineingeflogen and ... And yet they had superwaffenfähiges anthrax and sent worried .... Wow, sorry all who believe, for I have the Eifel Tower to sell very cheaply and that's really not more to help. Only this incredible fairy tale we want the United States government and all media to believe today, and on the basis of these lies are wars, and our freedoms and rights taken away. What is the world going? How can we then to mess?

The calm before the storm

Everything is so quiet ... Too quiet. The survey figures for Bush are only 26% ... And it will not be him. The real estate market is broken together, the first hedge funds go bankrupt and must be saved, there is a worldwide withdrawal from the U.S. dollar instead ... and no reaction in the White House. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq and has lost a total disaster, the state budget is completely indebted, the foreign trade balance in the record minus and the American economy is at the crash ... but the whole thing on Bush's ass over. The preselection battle for the presidency is in full swing, the Republican presidential candidates Bush avoided like the plague so that the negatives are not in any fashion, the party run by their members ... but Bush is not even interested. Normally, a government in panic mode, a policy change, to reshape the Cabinet, PR campaigns start distributing gifts and try the electorate to vote positively to the values increase so that the next elections for the party won. But Bush grins only unconscionable and does nothing. Why?

On the contrary, Bush and Cheney behave totally arrogant, insolent and arrogant. The Congress sent a subpoena into jail to White House documents relating to the dismissal of the eight prosecutors to give out, but Bush says no and ignored the supreme body, which is a constitutional breach. Vice President Cheney claimed he would not be part of government-executive, refuses to why the laws which the storage and release of all correspondence and documents of his duties and will affect even the authority which by law they managed dissolve. Although the Constitution only three state powers, the legislative, executive and judicial branches, looks at Cheney and Bush in a new fourth power outside of the democratic rule of law. You feel guilty accountable to no one and do whatever they want.

For me, there are only two explanations for this behavior. Either it is the dominions scheissegal what the American people, the Congress, the Senate and all the thinking, because they are not elected and therefore can say "According to us the deluge!" The new government will inherit the mess and in order bring we have served. Or these criminals are so cool because they have something in lead shields, they know more than us all and plan the big coup. I think it is the second. We are now in the calm before the storm, there's something really bad for us and as soon place a bomb ... in wörtlichsten sense.

All signs point to Sturm, the barometer is in free fall and the dark threatening clouds are already visible on the horizon. It looks for a new war, not only in foreign countries against Iran, but also one in Germany against their own people. Everything indicates that another terrorist attack even staged a la 9 / 11 against the USA will be held to make it this time the Iranians as enemy next to it in order to attack them. Either will be a dirty bomb in a big city to the U.S. explosion or brought their own ship in the Persian Gulf with a rocket attack. Then we will tell the world again, we are watching her, the victim and Iran has a sudden attack. With this event as initial ignition of all already prepared plans military attack abroad and police measures domestically triggered Iran flat, which canceled elections in 2008, the martial law introduced in the Parliament and the judiciary off and the dictatorship exclaimed. Yes it looks so damned again, which want a coup and then through without resistance all their criminal plans for the world. Bush himself once said "If a dictatorship would be, then it would be much easier damn, as long as I am the dictator would be!"

Now you will ask, where is the proof? This is clearly in their behavior, in the preparations they take in what they say, where they are every day more and more as they demonstrate America, the people and the Constitution hate. They are constantly courageous and arrogant. You know, Congress will not act, because this has the full pants, and is in the pockets of the Group dictators and the lobby.

The clear anomaly of the criminal Cheney / Bush regime is the reverse hierarchy. Cheney is America's real dictator from the background, the Bush doll controls. Cheney has had their fingers in it, everything runs on his table, without him nothing would work. The most significant was the watch recently at a speech by Bush in the Garden of the White House, when Cheney was in the background as he lurked constantly and nervously watching whether his puppet, the right says. Dealing with the National Archives on the issuance and storage of files has prompted Cheney to testify, NOBODY has oversight of its activities, and Bush said as a parrot "Me too!" . Neither of the two has to be the "God damn piece of paper" the Constitution, the American people or the cowards in Congress responsible. You have to be completely separated from the executive and as autonomous states, which means they have made it through the Office of the dictator.

What is really wrong with the Congress? Seeing it is not, Cheney that the country is governed? Why do they not stop this one and unconstitutional form of government? Actually, it should immediately dismiss him and accuse. Even the Unified press, or rather the Hofberichterstatter, worry and see the dangers of a Cheney / Bush dictatorship. Articles in the Washington Post, LA Times and Boston Globe, will make this clear. Even NBC said in the news "Is the Vice President has gone too far?" They called him "a master of secrecy, even in the WH, and his influence is everywhere and every law has its handwriting." The national media have realized that the Cheney indoor like foreign policy, which is clearly against the constitution fails. How did it so far? If yes no matter what. The fact is, Cheney is the real chief, and Bush and the Democrats controlled Congress cooperate and tolerate the illegal activities. Mass must be at least one of the two immediately dismiss this crazy idea Iran with nuclear bombs to attack to stop. The Congress should be best to remove both because they are so insolent and impudent, they think "you can not even us", which are so dangerous, and if not immediately intervened, it is a signal for them, they will be treated as weakness interpreted as a green light for the next 9 / 11 attack.

In the past month, senior government members and military in a nursing survival program prepared under the name of "The Day After The Day After 'which the custodial rights of the people quit and the introduction of martial law in the event of a catastrophic attack against a city in the United States would provide. As the Washington Post has reported, it is a statement by a Pentagon employee has been played with the words "Another attack like 9 / 11 would be a justification and offer us an opportunity to strike back against targets which we have long been in the eye." The U.S. media are agreed that the United States since the 11th September 2001 has never been in such a big threat again was an attack on experience. But that is all the media manipulation and intentional hysteria. Running is the people al-Qaeda and Iran as a threat with propaganda drummed into, but it is totally absurd and there is no danger. It is the psychological preparation for the masses on an attack with the villain already served fabricated. The intention is like General Tommy Franks says "An incident with many deaths and great loss would be the population according to a police state and a military government." That is the reason why a new terrorist attack against their own plan, the people should even then scream and then beg, "Protected us, and if it is we have to take away our freedoms, only protects us, please!" .

In May, Bush signed a directive, NSPD-51, which lays down the rules for the continuation of government in the event of a "Katastrophalen incident." It legitimizes the Cheney / Bush dictatorship. Although NSPD-51 looks like a national security measure, it is in fact also on the foreign policy. When it comes into force, then Vice President Cheney would de facto dictatorial power and the Congress and the judicial bypass, while Bush as a powerless figure would remain outside.

Everything is ready and waiting for the signal. The war armada off the coast of Iran, with its fighter jets and Cruise Missiles, the long-distance bombers on Diego Garcia and in England, and the Israeli air force, all are in position Lauer. The enabling laws are passed, the camp was built and furnished, the police and army in the barracks ready to Outdent. Now it can go off at any time. There must be only the "Big Event" happen.

Can anyone this ticking nuclear bomb against Iran and against America is addressed stop? How can this weird America dominate and no one believes him? How can they back a terrorist attack on America in order to carry out their criminal plans against exterior and interior? How could it ever happen again? I already know why, because they are in 9 / 11 has helped to hush, no questions asked, the lie there were 19 Arabs, Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda is widely believed and, although the real perpetrators in its own ranks knew. One has to lie with the reasons invented war against Iraq. It has been involved in ice, and even helped benefited. Instead, it was already destroyed, the monster has been made even bigger and now it is no longer under control. Now it has become indomitable and will devour everything.

The calm before the storm is so loud that it is crying and says "Do something now ... before it's too late
! "

Instead, that the media inform us about this imminent threat enlighten and say ...

America faces a next war based on lies
- This war would mean World War III
And it is almost too late to stave off him

... Is the main message tonight are:

"Paris Hilton has left a fart!"


"Oh my God ... al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda here ... there ...!"

CIA MI5 + + = unnamed AL-KAIDA

China sells U.S. government bonds

China has more U.S. government bonds sold in April than ever before in the last 7 years, a signal that the country into other world currencies diversified, said the Shanghai Securities News, 19 June 2007.

Statistics of the U.S. Treasury Department show that China U.S. government bonds with a value of $ 5.8 billion, has sold the first decline in the stock since October 2005. Japan remains the largest holder of U.S. securities, with holdings of $ 614.8 billion through April, according to statistics. China is the second largest owner of U.S. securities with $ 414 billion. Overall, the United States $ 4.4 trillion of tradable government securities in circulation.

In order to diversify its investment, China has a new on the foreign exchange trading specialist firm founded, the State Investment Company which focuses in hocherträgliche securities, stock, real estate and in the money market to invest. Analysts estimate the company will start with a capital of $ 200 billion equipped.

"China's newly added foreign exchange reserves through trade surpluses are good enough to return and to enable China needs not the $ 1.2 trillion in foreign exchange reserves in favor of it yet," said Sun Ming Chun an economist of Lehman Brothers Bank. Marc Chandler, chief currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co said that there is no clear signal, the Chinese investors are now U.S. securities on the market and catch quoted the Chinese official said they had no interest in the value of their U.S. dollars to devalue .

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke have repeated the threat of a large out of U.S. securities by foreign investors who kept runtergespielt. Paulson said this week again, the stock of China is only the trading volume of a day.

Greg Anderson, director of currency strategy at ABN Amro Bank NV said he would not be concerned about China's reduction of U.S. securities, since China is still a lot of other values in the United States buys and thus the dollar based.

For more investment in U.S. values attract, Deputy Treasury Secretary Robert Kimmitt announced plans China and Russia continue to ask U.S. securities to buy. He said he plans similar visits to Japan, South Korea and the Middle East.

These are but only PR-Sprüche, panic is actually announced as this report shows:

UN calls for the dollar to support a global recession be avoided.

Thus the growth rate in the world continues, it is important to the dollar from a free event at the same time to maintain to avoid a recession, says a report by the UN at 30 May was published. See here and here. "We call for a coordinated strategy on the global imbalances to adjust, so that a tendency to slowdown of the world economy is avoided." In other words, all want out of the dollar, the central banks of the world but dare not call themselves that " coordinate ", the UN must therefore intervene.

The German said that the shit on steam, the Americans have great fear of the Chinese, Russians and many other countries rise from the dollar, and now even the UN should help out to control this. The countries where these giant stocks and bonds to U.S. dollars, are obviously planned this outing not announce big or sell everything at once. Then would the dollar fall into the loose soil and they lose everything. They do it secretly and beautiful step by step. Only all of this means the following: First, the United States is head over heels in debt and totally dependent on foreign donors. Secondly, the debt of the states like China and Russia, but in silence as enemies of the US. Thirdly, if these countries stop U.S. securities to buy or sell, and even process, then comes the great crash of the U.S. currency. America is clearly only a paper tiger of the great sounds and spits like a bat on the playground behaves, in fact, the country is totally broke and the "enemies" can be completed immediately purely financial. See here and here. What the Americans can still is a state to declare bankruptcy, a revelation Seid, in order to get rid of all the debt. Then, the lender probably worthless paper in the hand and would have to write off the loss, but the United States it would be for a very long time completely and would not kreditunwürdig cents more. Either way, "Goodby American Way of Life!"

I wonder why China and Russia not finally play their muscles and more in the world joined politics instead of the field to continue the americans who are so aggressive and warlike? A presumption perhaps waiting only that the United States itself destroyed. Indian saying: "If you calmly and patiently waiting on the river bank, the corpse of your enemy, one day."

Why Hillary makes me scared

Here is a statement of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Mike Gravel of his students, which is remarkable. (HP)

During one of our debates, I said, my Democratic Mitkandidaten make me afraid. Hillarys speech last week at the Take Back America conference gives me another reason to be afraid.

With an indignant voice, it has the behavior of the Bush government denounced "A secrecy and corruption, nepotism out of the control ... It is everything that our founding fathers were afraid of everything for which our Constitution was actually designed to prevent." In fact, our Constitution to the Congress the power to prevent this scourge, but Hillary and her colleagues are not.

The legacy of the founding fathers Hillary has not held for the Patriot Act (like Hitler's Empowerment Act), and also to vote for its extension in 2006, although known as the government uses this to the very limit freedom rights, which our founding fathers have held so high . Where was their commitment as the founding fathers as they are for the removal of the protection of habeas corpus (judicial review of liberty) agreed?

And what nepotism concerns ... Hillary has repeatedly agreed that billion by the Pentagon to ausschreibungslose contracts were awarded to Halliburton. Although the months since Democrats regained control of Congress, they have not Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and the many other suspects who disappeared for millions in reconstruction funds (Iraq) responsible are preloaded.

When I think of the nepotism and corruption which makes Bush think that reminds me of the lines from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar:

Why would Caesar a tyrant?
The poor man! I know he would not Wolf,
If he does not säh, the Romans are just sheep;
He would not Leu, if they would not deer.

In the same speech, fear Hillary give the Iraqis the blame for the mess in their country. "The American military is successful. It is the Iraqi government which has failed and the hard decisions are important to her people. "

Let me clarify what Hillary says that the disaster in Iraq is not the fault of the Neo living in delusion, the oil companies rip, or the gullible and cowardly warmongers in Congress. (Most senators, including Clinton, have not made the effort to 90seitigen National secret report to read). According to Hillary is the true culprit, the Iraqi government, but what we have created overnight alone to a fragmented, impoverished society to govern. A legendary, the victim is the perpetrator!

Hillary, as an active supporter of the war, are you one of the many in America are guilty. And now all Americans are responsible, regardless of whether they are for or against the war. If we look back in our hands is the blood of tens of thousands of American victims, and hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis stick. The Iraqi government has not started, we were there.

Of course we can further from the truth off, the military forces and the Iraqis pile of rubble in the shoes slide. We can continue to believe in the imagination, we have only good intentions and the intentions were heroic by the cowardice and incompetence of the other diminished. But if that is what we experience than from Iraq take, we will never learn the true lesson and we will be doomed to repeat these mistakes.

The inability errors and to assume the responsibility is not only a morally bankrupt nature to go through life, but also a dangerous and deadly kind of a country to lead. If I am President, I will be all open secret files which the war in Iraq and all concerned officials blossstellen which lie to the public to have this support. (Yes Dick, your files too!) My Justice Department will pursue all who have lied under oath or what the American taxpayers have the guile taking advantage of the reconstruction program in Iraq. And I will not pardon.

Finally, says times of the truth about these doppelzünginge Giftschlang! The two, Mike Gravel among Democrats and Ron Paul at the Republicans, are one of the few presidential candidates in the first, have the courage to tell the truth and secondly, not in the pockets of large corporations. Unfortunately, they have no chance and are not chosen because the media censor it completely and it is not enough campaign money have to the voters about their honest and good program. The presidency in the United States and also government elections here in Europe are only bought and manipulated, nothing else. It will again be the totally corrupt, hypocritical and corrupt candidates win, no matter on which side, as this piece of crap Hillary Clinton, the most money from their sponsors, and then get to where the government only this. We live in a dictatorship Group, a form of society only by, with and for the large corporations made. Only they have the final say and the power. The elections are just a show, so that one feels one has a choice. Indeed, becoming the candidate who had already predetermined by the elite, and if it is by choice forgery and media manipulation is done.

The behavior of the "left" and Hillary Clinton as the "right" Bush / Cheney criminals supports proves my theory that the left really are the worst, they are the holder of the stirrup fascists. Instead of this war criminals the red card to show the task as opposition and to the people's will with the mandate to stop the war, with which they were elected to perform, make it fully with the crimes, give criminals the green light to do and commit so betrayal of the Constitution, the people and the country. Has the United States attacked Iraq? NO. Has anything with the Iraq 11 September? NO. Was the security of the United States threatened by Iraq? NO. Why they then war there?

Oh yes, it was yes to the basic nachgeschobenen an "evil" dictator said Monday. First, he was so YOUR dictator of the 30 years she has worked for, and secondly, they have now eliminated him yes and hanged, himself Asked mission is fulfilled, so why are they still in Iraq? Oh yes, there is now such a nachgeschobener reason, we can not Iraqis in the chaos of civil war. This is again a lie, first, because the Americans so stoke civil war in which they own the Shiites against the Sunnis, and to spur on mosques in the air blast and secondly, the Iraqis need anyone as big brother who shows them how they should lead their country. The Americans also had their civil war and have this out themselves. Iraq is the former Mesopotamia, which is the birthplace of civilization. They were already civilized and had cities, water systems, palaces and a culture as we in Europe still lived in caves, long before the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. How arrogant it is for us to tell them what they want to do and how they have to live. It is only by conquest, slavery and the plundering of the wealth of the large corporations, to give her the left, support the fascists and completely betrayed its principles.

Just as it happened in Germany. What federal government has for the first time German soldiers in a war sent to the Constitution and violated the people's will be ignored? It was a Red / Green government, the Left and not the CDU. There were the parties which pacifism in the party program. Unbelievable. Since when has defended Germany in Afghanistan, or in Lebanon or in the Horn of Africa? Grabbing these countries Germany? NO. The German governments commit a breach of constitutional and treason, they can kill German soldiers, in which they are created by the illegal foreign missions the American fascist world empire to help build. They serve a foreign power. It is only the conquest of countries and the stealing of resources, for the benefit of selfish America. As an excuse will be the "fight against terrorism" is used, a complete lie.

As the comedian Rich Mathias Ling says: "Morality always came from the left, as long as they are not governed. Since they govern, there is no more. "

This left / right thinking is absolute nonsense and just a eyewash. There is no difference in the party's spectrum if they come to power. Parties are an invention of the elite as a distraction to the people that again against each other and manipulate them. As the Romans said, divide and govern. Therefore forgets parties, listens in on the left right to think. Crucial is only right or wrong. Either you are a patriot, no matter how politically oriented, or it is a national traitor.

The trial of Tony Blair

To exit from the premium office as Minister of Great Britain and was replaced by Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, I would like to say, "Go away you criminals and hopefully get the fair punishment for your criminal acts." Passent time, the German TV station Channel 4 made a TV movie in which Tony Blair for war crimes before the court. Unfortunately, the film is only a fiction. Maybe it still happens that he and Bush also in the reality in The Hague for their attack hunderttausendfachen wars and the mass murder of the Iraqi people must be held responsible. They should forever in prison. The film is very funny and worth seeing. "Are they Anthony, Charles, Linton Blair? The accusation against them is, in March 2003, in fraudulent agreement with the President of the United States of America willfully and knowingly an aggressive war against the sovereign country Iraq ordered a violation of Articles 2, 42 and 51 of the UN Charter. I hereby beschliesse, they will be the war crimes tribunal in The Hague. "

I hope this war criminals actually hear these words from a judge who sits in prison and experienced nightmares, as in this film about the dead children, women, men and soldiers that he has on his conscience. Simply click on the image to the 70 minute movie to start.

What a rat left Tony Blair against his party colleagues, it looks at the latest report by the newspaper The Independent, where it says he would have had a secret, his successor, Gordon Brown, post as finance minister after the elections in 2005 to topple. This is the Labor Party but very beautiful "shocking" that the remark by Blair Brown he would "support every imaginable type" is a lie, because he actually wanted to destroy his career. But not Tony means nothing with nicknames BLIAR, the biggest liar this time.

As the Daily Mail reports, Michael Howard, the former leader of the Conservative Party and of political counterparty Blair said premium Minister Blair was once a good man, but he has his soul to the devil. This pact has Great Britain for 10 years lies, betrayal and the destruction of a decent government and administration beschährt, a poisoning of public life.

CNN will not Afghanistan

In the CNN news program Aderson Cooper is the latest Afghanistan ....

... In Syria!

This complete idiots not even know where the country is in the six years since the war. And that is THE news stations in the world from which all the world politicians, CEOs and all other TV stations inform and as a model? Another proof of shows how crudely inaccurate and the media. What we can tell you and report generally regarded as waste. No wonder the American foreign policy a complete disaster, even if their media not even know how the world looks. And that is the leading country in the world, which carries as world policeman and thinks it knows everything better? There must still be glad if they do not go forth from Iran and instead of ignorance and goofiness bomb Italy, the countries because they do not differ. If it does not matter, I catch with both. "Sorry her spaghetti, Rome no longer there? Did we stop in the target wrong. The garbage heap had time off anyway. You can pick yes to the UN complaining, ha, ha, ha ... "

Putin is a good and has quite right

The Western media censor Putin or put him constantly as evil, and it is a veritable Schmierkampagne against him, not even halt them makes him a murder attachments, the Polonium-Mord spectacular, but actually by Putin's enemies with the assistance of the British secret service MI5 carrying out. Here I was telling Putin said, it was not something you should know.

On 6 In June 2007, the Russian President Vladimir Putin a 1 ˝-hour press conference in front of members of the world media held. The contents of this event ... Putin has all the issues concerning the proliferation of nuclear weapons, human rights, Kosovo, democracy and the confrontation with the United States over the deployment of a missile defense in Europe ... has been completely answered by the Western media censored or suppressed. This press conference was erased from history, as if never happened.

Putin's performance was powerful and sovereign. He answered all the questions, they were still so misleading or offensive. He was open and statesmanlike, and demonstrated a good understanding of all the important issues. The meeting gave Putin the opportunity he sees the situation presented by the growing debate on the missile defense in Eastern Europe. He gave a brief overview of the deterioration of relations Russland-USA since the end of the Cold War, particularly in the period since 11 September 2001 to the present. Since the Bush administration has an aggressive strategy to Russia with military bases to encircle, they have missiles stationed on the border, friendly governments in neighboring countries and overthrown by supporting so-called "Pro-Demokratischen" political groups in Moscow instigated unrest. This open and hostile actions have conservative forces in Russia convinced that the US Administration Neocons of the plan for "regime change" in Moscow by the Russian Federation and will split. Putin's statements indicate that the hard-liners probably right.

The aggressive foreign policy of the Bush administration, the Kremlin pushed into a corner and Putin forced to countermeasures. He has no other choice. If we want to understand why the relations with Russia very quickly come to the boiling point, which is the only development since the Cold War review.

Firstly, although the Red Army from Eastern Europe after voluntarily went home, and they argued that NATO would not expand on the East, the United States has exploited this moment. Not only has the USA Poland into NATO brought, they made it with Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as well, almost all of the Warsaw Pact was NATO and directly on the doorstep of Moscow placed. Now we have the same with Ukraine and Georgia. Secondly, the United States has a pipeline mitgebaut to Azerbeijan of oil through Georgia to Turkey to bring in circumvention of Russia. Thirdly, although Putin green light for the temporary stationing of U.S. troops in the former Soviet republics for the war in Afghanistan has made the United States all about permanent military bases in Central Asia to establish. Fourth, Bush wants to be a missile defense system in Eastern Europe to install, against an alleged threat from Iran. Only one strategist knows this is ridiculous, because Iran is not threatened. The real reason, the US missile defense is directed against Russia. Fifthly, by various organizations under the guise of "democracy and human rights" were created and the Ex-CIA Director James Woolsey held, the United States has continuously massive influence, or even overthrow attempts by governments in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet republics and in Russia itself tried. U.S. supported were successful revolutions in Serbia, Ukraine and Georgia, just in Belarus. Therefore, Moscow has adopted a law which the activities of foreign organizations restricts what it as subversive and against the governments are Pro-Russland opinion. Sixthly, the United States has 78 days of bombing Serbia and the country severe damage inflicted, a country which has always been under the special protection of Russia stood, we think only of the reason for 1 World War II, with the massive attempt by the United States, the Kosovo province of Serbia process.

Has Putin not with the above-mentioned points, a legitimate reason for his anger?

Yes Putin is right and so was the press conference suppressed. The media just want to demonize Putin, and not its legitimate complaints against the West publish. The same goes with all the other presidents who in the eyes of the western mafia not small at its oil resources and pillage, as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. It is quite clear to see that the axis of evil is but only from the leaders of the countries which are not among the western dictation subject, which is not economically pillage, which their own oil revenues to the good people want to come, instead of the criminal oil multinationals to come. These countries will then lie propaganda about weapons of mass destruction and threats in the western public Devils said they will attack and conquer, as with Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Now, all the lies and demonization as a bad Deja Vu with Iran again go and the next war is programmed. Putin can not allow the United States to deploy a missile defense system in Eastern Europe to install on our own doorstep. This system is a direct threat against Russia. Let us imagine that Putin would reverse missiles in Cuba or Mexico up, but then would the Bush government immediately alert, the Monroe Doctrine in force and remove missiles with violence. But quite sure. And no one should doubt that Putin has the same determination to protect the interests of his country to protect. We can assume that Russia and the countries of Poland, the Czech Republic first time on his refusal indicates, with the gentle notice of the consequences if they should allow a deployment. Then he will consider his own missiles at targets in Western Europe and its possible foreign policy towards the West to change until the United States abandons its plans. The media have the geopolitical risks arising from the establishment of an American anti-missile system in Europe will happen, completely downplayed.

Since coming to me in the sense that we Europeans have ever wondered whether we Amis of this system on our continent ever want, which is then America is not us and great uncertainty and will bring new dangers? Where are our governments what our interests to represent America? What a stupid question. It is clear to Merkel, Blair, Sarkozy and how they all are hot but only puppets, shadow government of the remote, have nothing to say but to obey and execute commands. They are not traitors to the people and serve the country which they preside.

Putin said at the press conference: "If the missile system is set up, it will automatically with the entire nuclear arsenal of the United States combined. It will be an integrated part of the nuclear threat. For the first time in history .... And I want to emphasize this ... are nuclear on the European continent. This completely changes the configuration of international security. Of course, we must respond. "

Putin is right. The so-called defensive system is actually an extension and integration of existing nuclear weapons attack which then work as a unit. The dangers are clear. The Bush government maneuvered the United States into a position like nuclear weapons specialist Francis A. Boyle says "a long-sought possibility of U.S. policy, a first strike against Russia to be implemented." In Boyle's article "U.S. Missiles in Europe: Beyond Deterrence to First Strike Threat" he says: an American first strike would be 99% of Russian nuclear weapons will be destroyed. This possibility can threaten the United States its previous strategy of a deterrent to a new "conquest". The United States wants to be a abschreckungs- to bezwingungs- position. "

That's true. The real aim of the United States is to compel Moscow to be on their dictation to dance, or a complete obliteration by a first strike to risk. Therefore, Putin's growing concerns expressed about it that the USA from the ABN-Vertrag completely, and now the strategy pursued small bunkerbrechende to build atomic bombs. The Bush hawks who have long surrounded the abandoned Abschrekungsstrategie and believe the United States may go to war against Russia by a first strike. That is totally crazy, actually want a nuclear war, it must be taken very seriously.

The Bush government sees itself as a major actor in Central Asia and the Middle East. They controlled the important resources and oil pipelines in the entire region. Russia's influence there is decreased. Boris Yeltsin has helped massively, because he was a corrupt, weak leader of the exact plans of the Western Group dictators statement. He has won hundreds of millions of dollars bribed by the destruction of the state to allow the plundering of state assets and restructuring of the country to the principles of neoliberalism. Like the locusts, the whole Harvard studied economic Killer to Moscow and have eaten everything bare. The entire resources and the industry were in line with Western puppets away from which the so-called oligarchs. Only actually include the entire Western values billion Behind men. The Russian mafia is not Russian, but consists of economic criminals passports from the United States, England and Israel.

Putin has therefore right that this plundering of Russia to turn back and the criminal machinations under Yeltzin again to correct. The assets back to the Russian people to return and the oligarchs and the Western Konzerndikatoren to expropriate everything stolen. Therefore war it now and hang him even a homemade murder.

Under Putin, Russia has an economic successfully found a way once again to regional and international prestige won. The economy is booming, the ruble has stabilized, the standard of living has risen and Moscow, the alliance with its neighbors strengthened. Russia has by revenues from the raw materials the state budget back in order and all of its foreign debts paid. This new wealth of Russia is a genuine challenge to Bush's plans represent

Specifically, the two actions of friendly relations US-Russischen openly hostile to change. The first was the announcement by Putin that Russia's fourth largest oil field is not by international oil multinationals can be developed, but only by the government, Gazprom. And secondly, when the Russian National Bank started the dollar foreign reserves in gold and convert Euros. Both of the U.S. group dictators and the world elite as "blasphemous" acts. The answer came very quickly.

John Edwards and Jack Kemp, the "secret" CFR Council on Foreign Relations on the use of unit leaders, which the frontal assault on Putin organize. They are behind the Schmierkampagne against Putin, because he is not allowed Russia companies. There was born the idea that Putin "democracy turns back," a weak attempt of a political attack. In her article "Russian's Wrong Direction" Kemp and Edwards say that a "strategic partnership" with Russia was no longer possible. They claim that the government there would be more and more authoritarian and less open society and pluralistic. Bla, bla, bla. As such if anyone in Washington is really interested in democracy. One has only the history of America with the whole CIA operations view, they have never brought democracy somewhere, I repeat STILL NEVER, on the contrary, they have systematically democratically elected governments in South America, Asia and elsewhere in the world fell by relatives dictators. The American policy is generally obedient vassal to install, then irrespective of the local people's will and national interests, then by America and the corporations to pillage. The elite is afraid that Putin will let the dollar fall, and even control its oil and the income it to the Russian people to you. This is a mortal sin in the eyes of the powerful, because the people interested in the Konzerndikatoren a dirt. And Bush wants Putin to compel that the sanctions and war against Iran and the good means secession of Kosovo from Serbia accepted.

Putin accepted but not a "unipolar" world model. As he said in Munich, the unipolar world is "a world in which there is only one champion, a sovereign, a central authority, a center of power, a place where all the decisions are made. At the end of the day, this is harmful, not only for everyone in the system, but also for the sovereign itself, because it will destroy itself from within. But what is more important is that this model is flawed because there is no basis for a morally sound modern civilization. "

They said he was still "Unilateral and often illegal actions have never solved problems. On the contrary, they have many menchliche tragedies and new causes of conflict. They own judgments ... wars and regional conflicts are no less has become since the United States believes to be the world policeman. More people are dying than ever before. Considerably much more! Today, we are witnesses of uncontrolled and excessive use of force ... ... military force in international relations, the force us into an abyss of permanent conflict moves.

We see more and more abandonment and rejection of the principles of international law. And the laws and regulations of the United States are all countries on the eye down, and they need to accept this, otherwise ... The United States has its limits exceeded in all respects. This is visible in the economic, political, cultural and educational principles to be imposed on other countries. Who wants to know? Who is happy?

In international relations, we see more and more the desire to address the issues to be resolved quick shot, as the current political climate is just. Of course this is very dangerous. As a result, no one feels safe. I want to emphasize this ... nobody feels safe! Because no one has the feeling that international law will protect him as a protective barrier. Of course, such a policy is the arms race fuel. I am convinced that we are at a point where we seriously about an architecture of global security must reflect. "

Putin has really, honestly, how can anyone oppose this analysis Putin?

"Unilateral and often illegal actions", then "uncontrolled and excessive use of force", then "move away and rejection of the principles of international law" and then most importantly "no one feels safe!" These are indisputable facts. Putin, the Bush doctrine explains better than anyone ever before.

The United States and NATO have military forces and bases on the border with Russia, while Putin his troops as contractually agreed upon hundreds of kilometers inland withdrawn. Is the behavior of the West, that a trusted partner? Our governments are no rats left!

As Putin said on Tuesday: "We have all heavy weapons from the European part of Russia and deducted behind the Urals and we have brought our armed forces to 300,000 men reduced. We have other steps undertaken by the Adapted Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty (ACAF) will be required. But what did we get in response? Eastern Europe receives new weapons, two new military bases in Romania and Bulgaria built and there are two new missile launch bases ... a radar in the Czech Republic and a missile system in Poland. And now we introduce ourselves the question of what is actually happening? Russia unilaterally disarmed itself. But if we do, then we want to look at the same time that our partners in Europe do the same. But the opposite happens, Europe is full of new weapons pumped. We can only worry about it. "

This is also the reason why the statements by Putin in the western media. This would obviously here who violated treaties and the evil intentions. There, we are here in the west, it is our governments, it is the most NATO and the United States, it is with the criminal Bush administration! ! !

Then Putin asks: "So what should we do? The current deplorable situation has given us to the brink of disaster. Some people have the illusion you can do what you want, no matter what is in the interest of the people. For this reason, the international situation is getting worse and it will in an arms race ended. But we have not started. We do not want that. Why should we waste our resources for this? We want to jeopardize relations with nobody. But we need to respond. Give them only a step or action which we have made the situation worse. That we are not interested. We want a good atmosphere, a peaceful environment and constructive dialogue around Russia. "

What should Putin do? And how else can it his responsibility to the Russian people meet without a defensive "retaliation" against the war declaration from Bush due? With the expansion of nuclear facilities in Europe, Russia is threatened, so Putin must decide "the missile installation that our experts believe a potential threat to the Russian Federation to destroy represent." It is Putin SAID HE HAS NEVER BE THE ROCKETS SENT TO EUROPE AS WESTERN MEDIA HAVE FALSE REPORT.

Putin has made large steps for the life of the Russian population. Therefore, he has to popularity polls, the record of 75%. In comparison, Bush is at 26% in the Amis crashed. The Russian economy is growing by 7% per year. He has the number of people under the poverty line by half and reduced it to West European levels by 2010. The real incomes were up astonishing 12% per year. As Putin says, "The fight against poverty is one of my highest priorities and we have a lot to make the pension system, too, because the gap between the pensions and the average wage is higher here than in Europe."

If only all the Western countries, especially America, would also true!

Russia has neuntgrösste economy in the world and has huge stocks of gold and currency reserves accumulated, the third in the world. It is also one of the main actors in the international energy market, with a daily flow rate which exceeds Saudi Arabia. It is also the largest producer of natural gas in the world. Russia will always stronger in the coming decades, just as the global energy stocks are always less.

Putin defends itself against eminent, it would not be committed to human rights, or he would "democracy back." He carries on as in Europe, the police against demonstrators apprehend with water, Tränengaseinsätzen, electric shock devices in order to disperse. "Is this how the West's human rights and freedoms comply?"

And with the Bush government ... Putin showed a copy of the Amnesty International report, which the United States because of this their "war on terror" condemned. Putin cited the report and said "This organization has come to the conclusion that the USA IS NOW THE HAUPTVERLETZER OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS IN THE WHOLE WORLD." They said he was still "We have a saying in Russia, not wreck on the mirror when your the face is burned. " For me this means that when America is everywhere in the world and wars interfere, then it should not be surprised if it is a slap in the face gets back. Blow Back, or who fire whirlwind storm will reap.

Putin is a strong patriot. He has the self-confidence of Russia revived and the economy rebuilt. He has his willingness to compromise with the Bush government in all areas demonstrated, but he was repeatedly refused. The last thing he wants is a nuclear confrontation with the United States. But he will do what he must do to the population against foreign attacks to protect. The erection of an American missile defense in Eastern Europe will compel Russia to new weapons systems and to develop their thinking to change, whether you are in the United States and the West still can trust. A friendship is below the current climate is not possible.

As for the "democracy" concerns Putin says:

"Am I a pure democrat? (Laughs) Of course, absolutely. The problem is that I am alone ... the only one of my kind in the world. Just look what happened in North America, it's terrible .... Homeless, Guantanamo, torture, people without trial in prison. Look what happened in Europe ... brutal treatment of the demonstrators, rubber bullets and tear gas in a capital city after another, demonstrators on the street be killed ... I had no one with whom I can speak since Mahatma Gandhi has died. "

The irony is plain, but very good Vladimir said.

Even as Putin has law. We have no more democracies, well, we had never eh yes, but now from what it is frightening. The Western countries have been characterized by the so-called "war on terror" in police states changed. This is a farce the whole, and even staged a sham. The custodial rights and the fundamental rights of the constitutions were in the last years continuously undermined and destroyed. We need only look at what is going Gross Britain, as is what George Orwell predicted in terms of Big Brother has been far surpassed. And in Germany a raging madman rollstuhlfahrender a la Dr. Strange Love, preferably on every street corner a police post set up in each and every room apartment and a surveillance camera installed. This handicapped asshole geilt to excessive security measures, because he has nothing else was pleased his life. Beware of the Gezeichneten, I can only say! ! !

Putin is a good and, with his concerns and looking absolutely right. It is only through the media here on the worst defamed, twisted, censored and hushed. The TV reports about suppressed demonstrations in Moscow are Western propaganda. The "demonstrators" to be shown are controlled by the CIA, through agent provocateurs entrance and paid extras. They should us a false picture of Putin and Russia show because "Antidemokratisch" so that we have a negative opinion, and a "regime change" agree. Also, the reports on the Gaspipelinegeschichte and they would blackmail us is lying. It can only be beneficial if the new pipeline directly without intermediate countries on the Baltic Sea to Germany, because it is so Western Europe is not blackmail and Schröder has been rightly recognized.

For 100 years, we are constantly this propaganda about the evil Russians drummed into this and we are completely brainwashed, the Americans are good and the Russians are evil. That is a lie. Why are still 70,000 U.S. soldiers stationed in Germany, but no more Russians? Man, more than 60 years after the war, the squat still there. This is clearly a crew to the coercion used. Germany is not a free sovereign country, it is a colony of the United States. And told me yes, it creates jobs, as a nonsense, because the Germans pay for it so, just as they pay for everything. What have the scheiss Amis still here? The aim is to scram, goodbye! And now want to establish here nor missiles to Russia to threaten? Who is the real evil and the real enemy?

The real enemy of the world, they exploit, enslave, and destroy with wars over will NOT sitting in Moscow, but in Washington ... and even to some other places in the West.

Putin is a good, and has absolutely right!