среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

9 / 11: The destruction of the towers

In a few days the anniversary events of 11 September 5th times. Especially since the official 9 / 11 Commission report was published, are the statements by the Hergangs by the government to scrutiny by the public and have been subjected has even of scientists, many gaps and untruths. Let us just a fact accurate. In addition to all of us again and again on TV with shock seen together fall of the two towers, on 11 September a third skyscraper together like that little attention has found. Yes, many did not know that a total of three buildings zusammenstürzten. World Trade Center 7 was never hit by a plane. He was also very easy case by the merger of the two towers damaged, because over 100 meters away. Nevertheless fell from the massive steel-built, 47-storey building in the afternoon like a house of cards collapses. The report of the 9 / 11 Commission said the collapse of this building with not a single word. No explanation than as if it never happened. Why? The official story, the firing of kerosine aircraft would have the steel of the towers weakened, and therefore would be a floor to the other like, fits not at WTC7. There was no airplane impact, no kerosene, no hot fire, only minimal damage by flying debris. If you look at the videos of the collapse of WTC7 but look, one will inevitably lead to a controlled blast recalls.

The huge building is much totally symmetric case in full speed, within 6 seconds complete in itself, as if all the pillars were torn away at the bottom. In the rubble, they found nothing larger. All giant steel beams were torn into small pieces, so they are even evaporated and the whole concrete and pulverized everything in the building. Many weeks later, was still more than 1000 degrees hot, glowing and liquid iron lumps found in the underground, although permanently extinguishing looks. Where was the huge energy to this destruction stars? Only an explosion of explosives explains this. The U.S. government is silent about it, is doing so as if it never happened.

If the official justification in any way on the interplay overthrow of WTC7 fits, it is allowed for the statements of the operation overthrow of WTC1 and WTC2 also envisaged. It is among scientists, professors and engineers in the building experts are many doubts about the official events, according to the collapse. Never before 9 / 11 and after has never been a simple fire a steel skyscraper to collapse brought, although previously heard of the planes were hit, or for more than 24 hours burned. Normal fire, including kerosene, fire can not weaken steel. Otherwise everyone would grill each furnace, so each jet engine and each rocket motor melt if it were true. The statement by the government is not scientifically understandable and contrary to all laws of physics. And so we have since 9 / 11 all skyscrapers and evacuate immediately threatened, when a simple fire that the collapse would bring. The whole fire safety and building codes must be so completely rewritten. Furthermore, we have this new method of demolition, through the "terrorists" invented, immediately filed a patent, because a lot cheaper and easier than a blast. Finally, it is yes, according to government possible, just a few thousand liters of gasoline in a building payments and conditions, and it already falls perfectly into collapses. Why then still expensive demolition and Sprengexperten angagieren? None of this, however, happens.

Therefore, the impact of the fire and have not zusammenkrachen towers, and certainly not in only 56 or 102 minutes. In this very short time, the fire never enough time as a destruction stars. There was much more energy is needed in order 200,000 tons of steel and concrete easy to pulverize. Also, the towers fell in case speed in only 10 seconds to floor, as if the pillars below at the base were torn away. A Aufeinanderfallen and stacking the 100 floors, which is the official justification, but would have because of the resistance of each floor at least 2 minutes and you have a big pile of debris stacked floors below. But there was nothing, just dust and torn metal pieces and a large hole. There is only one explanation for the collapse of the two towers and WTC1. As with WTC7, they were blasting with massive previously placed were to be brought down. That is the real reason for the complete destruction of the towers. The official statement is a fairy tale. Who's behind it and why it was done is another question.

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