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The psychology of denial

It is hard for the good of evil to believe, as evil does not believe in the good
(Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman statesman, orator, writer (106-43 BC)

I will now and then abused, I would be with what I write completely gaga, I would see a conspiracy everywhere and should therefore my head examined. Should people really what the world shows us how they will doubt that legitimate questions have been raised and a different view of what happened and not every one tells Scheiss gets believe is a psychological study? Are we sick? Or are those which the official stories about the media which are unaudited and, in good faith and uncritically swallow, what the politicians believe everything, and what the newspapers write and TV-Nachrichtensprecher say at face value, which the head in the sand, saying there would be no evil intentions and bad things do not want to know, the deniers of reality, not what really psychologically to be investigated?

I am of the opinion that at times Realitätsleugner should ask illusory world in which they live and whether their permanent denial and refuse to believe something really morbid, or whether they are just cowards who do not cope with the truth.

People who doubt the events and other suspect intentions are very quickly as conspiracy theorist and as a spinner dismissed. It will not argue with facts, but simply denigrates and schubladisiert. But what is a conspiracy and when will they take place? Quite simply, if two people agree on something Clandistine to do, it is a conspiracy.

Millions of people, indeed all of us, are part of a gigantic conspiracy, namely, that there is a Santa Claus. It's probably a harmless conspiracy, but all of us agree we maintain the illusion that there is a Santa Claus with his reindeer sleigh at Christmas and visited every house on the incoming fire and the gifts distributed. The children should believe this. We do not tell them how it really is that there is no Santa Claus, no reindeer, no sled, and with his big belly, he is not down the chimney. The children will be an illusion to believe in a fairy tale, and not know that we actually buy and the gifts under the Christmas tree.

Just as the illusion of Santa Claus, there are also many other illusions about what is happening in the world, what about in the history books and what is the elite wants us to believe.

And if an intelligent child about it and recalculated and at the end, how can Santa Claus at the millions of houses and apartments all in a night visit and distribute the gifts, because time's not enough, then we say it should not so much think, no questions and it is silent.

This is a classic conspiracy to hide what really happened, and we do them all.

Exactly the same thing happens with many events in the world are the illusions that we collectively maintained. If those questioned, thought to come to the conclusion that it can not agree, we will lie to, we will also have the power treated as a child and it is one, not so much face questions and be quiet.

Who also argued that there were no conspiracies, and each of these claims is sick, is a real Realitätsleugner and the sick.

I will also serve as counter-argument for a conspiracy often said, when many people are involved, then you can not keep secret an insider would eventually talk and tell the truth. Since then what is not happening, there are no conspiracies.

Of course, this is a weak argument and untenable, because firstly, you can very well conspiracies to keep secret, even if thousands of people are involved, and secondly betrayed ongoing conspiracy involved, but they have no voice, we will not listen to them and they will be suppressed.

An example of something big could be kept secret, the Manhattan Project, where tens of thousands of people who have worked the first atomic bomb to build. This conspiracy was totally secret for many years and nobody knew it. Yes, there could be so secret that even the Vice President Harry Truman knew nothing of it, and only as the president was informed about it and the public until after the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and hundreds of thousands of civilians with a lightning were killed.

And it is also said to me, a democratic state does not criminal matters, and so it is nonsense bad the elected politicians to imply, and they make no conspiracies against the nation.

The claim was the so-so clearly deny that the CIA dozens of democratically elected governments anywhere in the world crashing, and political murders, that President Roosevelt deliberately attacking the Japanese on Pearl Harbor has approved, with 2,000 American sailors died that Vice President Johnson after the assassination of President Kennedy is that a President Nixon has, because of the Watergate affair, had to resign that 11 September clearly a selbstinszenierter was the attack killed 3,000 people and an attack President Bush's war against Iraq commanded, now over 1 million civilian lives, and he has the people about the war completely lie to the principle.

The deniers do not want to acknowledge that there is an ongoing criminal conspiracies is that politicians repeatedly murders, and that they command the death of thousands of people is totally irrelevant, even in so-called democracies.

And there are conspiracies in the same way large corporations, such as the Siemens scandal clearly shows where the highest bodies an entire system of corruption and embezzlements entertained.

The conspirators involved repeatedly Coming clean already seen on the last case with E. Howard Hunt, what I have described here, where he continued his involvement in the Kennedy assassination and who admitted everything behind betrayed. Although this is a sensational message would be on the front page of all newspapers should stand, which nobody wants to hear and no media reports about it.

A total Realitätsleugnung, which is to be given, the truth is supposed to be painful for the people, they would faith in the infallibility of authority to what the politicians say and that the state can only bode well for its citizens will totally undermine.

That illusion should not be destroyed, the people may not be aware that there are also evil, that the state may be criminal, that there are powerful commit the murders that corporations are immoral and greedy for money and everything. If people knew that, they said, they fall into a hole, it would destroy the world, they lose their faith and it would result in chaos and anarchy.

But I think the people should and must know the truth. It is an enslavement if you slip them a permanent world with lies Folles. Each of the film "The Matrix" has seen understands what I mean. There are people kept in incubators and with a cord, with a gigantic computer system connected to the matrix, which give them a simulation of the world, an illusion injecting into the brain.

They believe that what they are "experiencing" the reality is that there is only one computer simulation. In fact, they are motionless in a culture in an incubator and experience a lie of the "designers" for them.

Our world is exactly the same, an illusion to us through the media as well.

Now, the hero of the movie, Neo, decide whether the blue or the red pill will take. With the blue he goes back into the illusion, and "lives" in his illusory world. Accepting the red pill, he wakes up, pulls the plug out and freed from the matrix and sees the true reality, which unfortunately is not as beautiful and colorful.

So, anyone can now decide what he wants to do, like Neo, the blue or the red pill. Either the head in the sand and back into the illusion, or wake up and deal with reality.

Neo was courageous and wanted to know the truth in order to free himself, even if it did hurt.

!“ und Franklin D. Roosevelt hat gesagt: „ Nur vor einem müssen wir Angst haben, von der Angst selber “. Just as Martin Luther King said: "The truth will liberate you!" And Franklin D. Roosevelt said: "Just before we have to be afraid of the fear itself."

And I say, wakes up and frees you from the cover of lies, questions that require answers!

If I am desperate, I remember it that in the history of mankind the truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a certain time it seemed invincible. But at the end they always fall. Remember, always!
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the political and spiritual leader (1869-1948)

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