среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

A normal day in Iraq

Just to show how everyday life in Iraq looks, I have the day yesterday, Friday the 6th In July 2007, as an example. These are the casualties of which reports, seven U.S. soldiers and 73 Iraqis killed, 113 wounded Iraqis. About the most attacks and victims, one hears nothing. Here is a selection of what is happening in a day:

Two soldiers of the MND-B (Multi-National Division-Baghdad) were by a IED (Improvised Explosive Device) killed and three wounded. An EFP (Explosivly Formed Penetrator) MND-B killed one soldier and an Iraqi translator, three U.S. soldiers were also wounded. A MNC-I (Multi-National Corp Iraq) soldier was killed during fighting in Baghdad. Two U.S. Marines were during fighting in Anbar killed. In the west of Baghdad, a soldier MND-B by a road bomb killed.

In Baghdad, four mortar shells into the Green Zone, one not injured. A banker and his four bodyguards were kidnapped Amil district. A civilian was killed and two wounded by a road bomb in Za'afaraniya. In Yrmouk has no road bomb victims. Two people are in Karadat Mariam been wounded by a grenade handle. A mortar attack in Fadhl killed seven members of a family and injured two neighbors. Five corpses were found in different neighborhoods.

In Samawa, four people were killed on the second day of fighting there, 43 were wounded. In Ahmad Maref 26 were killed and 33 wounded by a car bomb. A road bomb in Muqdadiyah many soldiers wounded a U.S. patrol, followed fighting with militants. In Tikrit, Armed to the family of Sheick Shaloukh al-Rufayee were shot and seven people killed and nine wounded. Four security guards were killed and three civilians wounded in Samarra when gunmen attacked three schools.

An Iraqi soldier was killed in Hawija. In Khaneqeen, seven Iraqi soldiers injured by a bomb. Three policemen were in a shootout in Kirkuk wounded. Police injured two passers-by, as the shots they wanted to regulate traffic. A rocket has an injured civilians. Armed injured a policeman and a civilian.

A road bomb in Hilla killed four Iraqi soldiers and injured two. In Yusufiya, an Iraqi soldier by a road bomb killed. Two bodies with gunshot and torture wounds were found in Mitchell. Nine civilians were at a Gold Street lock in Gardez kidnapped.

An oil pipeline was blown up.

A U.S. air strikes destroyed three houses in Mada'en with many injured.

Gunmen killed a couple in Mosul. Gunmen attacked a police patrol with grenades, a policeman was killed, one injured. Two policemen and a civilian were killed in Haditha.

Turkish forces led bombing attacks inside Iraq in the near Zakho, on victims is not known.

A child was in Umm Hilavil by a road bomb killed. Allied forces killed three militants in Anbar province. Grenade no punches in Tuz Khormatu causing no casualties. An Iraqi Kurd of the army was on the road between Kirkuk and Tuz Khormatu kidnapped.

U.S. soldiers mistakenly bomb a checkpoint north of Baghdad, two policemen are killed and two wounded.

And so it continues, day after day .... For over four years, with no end in sight.

The reported figures for today Saturday are:
237 Iraqis, 7 US and two British soldiers killed, 316 wounded Iraqis.

And in Afghanistan happened exactly the same. As tribal chief Hajji Khudai cream reported yesterday, 20 houses were destroyed and 108 Afghan civilians in a NATO bomb attack in Shewan killed. (NT)

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