среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

The calm before the storm

Everything is so quiet ... Too quiet. The survey figures for Bush are only 26% ... And it will not be him. The real estate market is broken together, the first hedge funds go bankrupt and must be saved, there is a worldwide withdrawal from the U.S. dollar instead ... and no reaction in the White House. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq and has lost a total disaster, the state budget is completely indebted, the foreign trade balance in the record minus and the American economy is at the crash ... but the whole thing on Bush's ass over. The preselection battle for the presidency is in full swing, the Republican presidential candidates Bush avoided like the plague so that the negatives are not in any fashion, the party run by their members ... but Bush is not even interested. Normally, a government in panic mode, a policy change, to reshape the Cabinet, PR campaigns start distributing gifts and try the electorate to vote positively to the values increase so that the next elections for the party won. But Bush grins only unconscionable and does nothing. Why?

On the contrary, Bush and Cheney behave totally arrogant, insolent and arrogant. The Congress sent a subpoena into jail to White House documents relating to the dismissal of the eight prosecutors to give out, but Bush says no and ignored the supreme body, which is a constitutional breach. Vice President Cheney claimed he would not be part of government-executive, refuses to why the laws which the storage and release of all correspondence and documents of his duties and will affect even the authority which by law they managed dissolve. Although the Constitution only three state powers, the legislative, executive and judicial branches, looks at Cheney and Bush in a new fourth power outside of the democratic rule of law. You feel guilty accountable to no one and do whatever they want.

For me, there are only two explanations for this behavior. Either it is the dominions scheissegal what the American people, the Congress, the Senate and all the thinking, because they are not elected and therefore can say "According to us the deluge!" The new government will inherit the mess and in order bring we have served. Or these criminals are so cool because they have something in lead shields, they know more than us all and plan the big coup. I think it is the second. We are now in the calm before the storm, there's something really bad for us and as soon place a bomb ... in wörtlichsten sense.

All signs point to Sturm, the barometer is in free fall and the dark threatening clouds are already visible on the horizon. It looks for a new war, not only in foreign countries against Iran, but also one in Germany against their own people. Everything indicates that another terrorist attack even staged a la 9 / 11 against the USA will be held to make it this time the Iranians as enemy next to it in order to attack them. Either will be a dirty bomb in a big city to the U.S. explosion or brought their own ship in the Persian Gulf with a rocket attack. Then we will tell the world again, we are watching her, the victim and Iran has a sudden attack. With this event as initial ignition of all already prepared plans military attack abroad and police measures domestically triggered Iran flat, which canceled elections in 2008, the martial law introduced in the Parliament and the judiciary off and the dictatorship exclaimed. Yes it looks so damned again, which want a coup and then through without resistance all their criminal plans for the world. Bush himself once said "If a dictatorship would be, then it would be much easier damn, as long as I am the dictator would be!"

Now you will ask, where is the proof? This is clearly in their behavior, in the preparations they take in what they say, where they are every day more and more as they demonstrate America, the people and the Constitution hate. They are constantly courageous and arrogant. You know, Congress will not act, because this has the full pants, and is in the pockets of the Group dictators and the lobby.

The clear anomaly of the criminal Cheney / Bush regime is the reverse hierarchy. Cheney is America's real dictator from the background, the Bush doll controls. Cheney has had their fingers in it, everything runs on his table, without him nothing would work. The most significant was the watch recently at a speech by Bush in the Garden of the White House, when Cheney was in the background as he lurked constantly and nervously watching whether his puppet, the right says. Dealing with the National Archives on the issuance and storage of files has prompted Cheney to testify, NOBODY has oversight of its activities, and Bush said as a parrot "Me too!" . Neither of the two has to be the "God damn piece of paper" the Constitution, the American people or the cowards in Congress responsible. You have to be completely separated from the executive and as autonomous states, which means they have made it through the Office of the dictator.

What is really wrong with the Congress? Seeing it is not, Cheney that the country is governed? Why do they not stop this one and unconstitutional form of government? Actually, it should immediately dismiss him and accuse. Even the Unified press, or rather the Hofberichterstatter, worry and see the dangers of a Cheney / Bush dictatorship. Articles in the Washington Post, LA Times and Boston Globe, will make this clear. Even NBC said in the news "Is the Vice President has gone too far?" They called him "a master of secrecy, even in the WH, and his influence is everywhere and every law has its handwriting." The national media have realized that the Cheney indoor like foreign policy, which is clearly against the constitution fails. How did it so far? If yes no matter what. The fact is, Cheney is the real chief, and Bush and the Democrats controlled Congress cooperate and tolerate the illegal activities. Mass must be at least one of the two immediately dismiss this crazy idea Iran with nuclear bombs to attack to stop. The Congress should be best to remove both because they are so insolent and impudent, they think "you can not even us", which are so dangerous, and if not immediately intervened, it is a signal for them, they will be treated as weakness interpreted as a green light for the next 9 / 11 attack.

In the past month, senior government members and military in a nursing survival program prepared under the name of "The Day After The Day After 'which the custodial rights of the people quit and the introduction of martial law in the event of a catastrophic attack against a city in the United States would provide. As the Washington Post has reported, it is a statement by a Pentagon employee has been played with the words "Another attack like 9 / 11 would be a justification and offer us an opportunity to strike back against targets which we have long been in the eye." The U.S. media are agreed that the United States since the 11th September 2001 has never been in such a big threat again was an attack on experience. But that is all the media manipulation and intentional hysteria. Running is the people al-Qaeda and Iran as a threat with propaganda drummed into, but it is totally absurd and there is no danger. It is the psychological preparation for the masses on an attack with the villain already served fabricated. The intention is like General Tommy Franks says "An incident with many deaths and great loss would be the population according to a police state and a military government." That is the reason why a new terrorist attack against their own plan, the people should even then scream and then beg, "Protected us, and if it is we have to take away our freedoms, only protects us, please!" .

In May, Bush signed a directive, NSPD-51, which lays down the rules for the continuation of government in the event of a "Katastrophalen incident." It legitimizes the Cheney / Bush dictatorship. Although NSPD-51 looks like a national security measure, it is in fact also on the foreign policy. When it comes into force, then Vice President Cheney would de facto dictatorial power and the Congress and the judicial bypass, while Bush as a powerless figure would remain outside.

Everything is ready and waiting for the signal. The war armada off the coast of Iran, with its fighter jets and Cruise Missiles, the long-distance bombers on Diego Garcia and in England, and the Israeli air force, all are in position Lauer. The enabling laws are passed, the camp was built and furnished, the police and army in the barracks ready to Outdent. Now it can go off at any time. There must be only the "Big Event" happen.

Can anyone this ticking nuclear bomb against Iran and against America is addressed stop? How can this weird America dominate and no one believes him? How can they back a terrorist attack on America in order to carry out their criminal plans against exterior and interior? How could it ever happen again? I already know why, because they are in 9 / 11 has helped to hush, no questions asked, the lie there were 19 Arabs, Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda is widely believed and, although the real perpetrators in its own ranks knew. One has to lie with the reasons invented war against Iraq. It has been involved in ice, and even helped benefited. Instead, it was already destroyed, the monster has been made even bigger and now it is no longer under control. Now it has become indomitable and will devour everything.

The calm before the storm is so loud that it is crying and says "Do something now ... before it's too late
! "

Instead, that the media inform us about this imminent threat enlighten and say ...

America faces a next war based on lies
- This war would mean World War III
And it is almost too late to stave off him

... Is the main message tonight are:

"Paris Hilton has left a fart!"


"Oh my God ... al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda here ... there ...!"

CIA MI5 + + = unnamed AL-KAIDA

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