среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Full below the belt

In order to tame Raser, the Australian authorities in a new TV commercial made the doubts masculinity.

If one reads the slogan, RUSH: NOBODY THINKS YOU ARE LARGE, said it first, when the speed limit, then people do not think of a good one. But it is not. The new road safety campaign which was launched in Australia, aimed below the belt ... with the allusion to quickly drive men have a small penis. In the new TV and cinema commercials are young men from the women unimpressed by the road side are mocked, in which they are driving the little finger to show a sign of a small penis.

In Australia this is a sign often used insult against the driver of the Monster Trucks and large-Roaders, with the message that these need to compensate for their small masculinity. But the road safety with the violation of the male egos to want to achieve is a bold new way. The authorities have decided that the most effective way the men to a change in behavior to move, in which one doubts their masculinity.
Since we are again, the region and men are offended. That is clearly discrimination, such as when women would not rush, and no fine for driving too fast. Let us imagine that there was an advertising campaign for women to a change in behavior to move men and we would then sign, as her bosom is flat or how bold their thighs or how wide their ass, but then the outcry would be enormous. This is again a proof, but it is not about road safety, but the men and masculinity will be ridiculous. Very funny.

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