среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

The war against Iran,

The United States are planning a catastrophic attack on Iran. For the Bush clique, this was always the ultimate goal, and Iraq is just the intermediate step. Now, the disaster in Iraq used to a possible increase in troops and Bush has actually Iran as the main objective.

Just as Bush and Blair had claimed that they had watertight manner and firm evidence that Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, are the same lies about Iran now. It is claimed that Iran put behind the insurgency in Iraq and therefore we must do everything to such practices. A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry announced on 24 January: "There is clear evidence that foreign agent of a network of insurgents and weapons supply, on behalf of the Iranian government, in order to kill Americans." In fact, but investigations of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and other media, and the British passed identified Iran sends no weapons on the borders. Even General Peter Pace, chairman of the U.S. General Staff says there is no evidence of that.

Since the American disaster in Iraq always worse and the resistance in Germany and abroad is growing, believe neoconservative fanatics such as Vice President Cheney, the opportunity to take control of the Iranian oil goes by to obtain, if they are not to act expeditiously spring. For the public again lies, as has been manufactured. In consonance with Israel, US Zionists and the fundamentalist Christian lobby, say the Bushisten, their intention is to "only" the nuclear threat of Iran to suppress. But the fact is, Iran has no nuclear bomb, nor has it said it would build in the future. The CIA predicted, even if the will exists, Iran would not be able to 2017 to build an earliest.

Unlike the United States and Israel, Iran followed the rules of the nonproliferation treaty, the first signatory it has been and always admitted the inspections. Only since the Washington always unverschämtere souverenitäts underserved and the market demands, the Iran stubborn. Nevertheless, the IAEA has not been able to Iran lead the civilian program in a military order and they confirmed that they can have all the inspectors back and check everything. The head of the IAEA said E-Baradei even an attack on Iran is "catastrophic consequences", and the regime will certainly bring itself with nuclear weapons.

Also, unlike the United States and Israel, Iran has no other country attacked or hijacked. The last war led it against Saddam Hussein in 1980 when it attacked the country with active support of the United States, which it with chemical and biological weapons equipe. Unlike Israel, as that for Olmert admitted that hundreds of nuclear weapons, to their Arab neighbors are and decades of failure to comply with UN resolutions to answer, and the illegal occupation of land of neighbors performs, Iran threatened anyone , followed all UN resolutions, and no country in the occupied neighbors.

The "threat" from Iran is completely from the United States and Israel invented and is related by the same media which were previously the vocabulary of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction have announced. In addition, the development and dissemination of enemy images, which has become standard practice. Statements by President Ahmadinejad also have not helped. But if you carefully examine this, is a total distortion in the media. By Juan Cole, professor of modern American history in the Middle East and other analysts language Farsi, the Iranian president has not prompted "Israel from the map to eradicate." He said: "The regime which has occupied Jerusalem from the annals of time disappear." That, says Cole, is not a military attack or the killing of someone. " This is a self-similar resolution by the Soviet Union, which has experienced meant.

There is only one evidence of a threat and is in the massive increase of U.S. Marie units in the Persian Gulf, in which two aircraft carrier associations and a whole armada of warships off the Iranian coast have started up. In addition, the incitement by the CIA of Iranian Kurds, the arming of the Iranian Marxists and the Schahtreuen in exile. The relocation of Air Force personnel and fighter aircraft to bases in Bulgaria and Romania, as well as increasing the alert level and willingness of the bomber bases in Asia, England, Germany, Diego Garcia, etc. Turkey is under pressure its airspace for the overflight by US and Israeli jet fighter free to enter. All of this is certainly a part of the Pentagon CONPLAN 8022, which is a bombing of Iran. It was in 2004 by a Bush directive No. 35, a shift from nuclear weapons in the Middle East ordered, the first time since the Cold War. In addition, openly and blatantly, the use of "limited" tactical nuclear weapons in Washington debated and discussed what effect the radioactive precipitations on the Middle East and Central Asia could have. The well-known journalist Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker reported last year, American bombers have nuclear bomb attacks and simulated practice ... since last summer. "
The well-informed "Arab Times in Kuwait says that Bush is Iran before the end of April attack. The highest Russian military analyst and strategist General Leonid Ivashov says; The U.S. nuclear weapons by the Cruise Missiles be worn. "The war in Iraq," he wrote on 24 In January, "is only the first step in a whole series, which aims to destabilize the Middle East, with Iran and other countries to be ready. If the attack on Iran begins, Israel, in return safely by Iranian missiles. If Israel is a victim, and destruction result, a furious USA Iran completely knock, as a noble mission was then seen. There is a growing anti-Iran hysteria by disinformation and propaganda. It is still unclear whether Congress will approve the war. "

Can all this really happen again like a bad Deja Vu, four years after the fall of Iraq no threat, which is incredible 650,000 people killed? And it is not surprising that North Korea was not attacked although it has nuclear weapons? The country could not defend, and has oil, the other can defend itself and has no oil. This is a loud and clear message to Iran!

Where is the opposition to this madness? Why are lying again accepted and disseminated to the next and this time nuclear war? Where are the protest and resistance of which should see through the lies, our politicians, experts and media? What all wait? Should only nuclear mushroom on the Middle East to rise up to the world this criminal Bush regime shows the red card?

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