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The anthrax attacks, and 9 / 11

A forgotten chapter in the history of the 11th September 2001, the anthrax letters to politicians and media people have been sent and killed five people. That this event is actually one of the best evidence that 9 / 11, certain elements within the American government and the military-industrial complex, staged attack on himself.

The story begins with the question, why did members of the White House, including President Bush, a month before the attacks started the antidote Cipro due? That is probably very suspicious. Why do we protect against anthrax, unless you have prior knowledge on which an event will happen and knows the danger? The answer to that is the White House until now we have remained guilty. (WND)

The American government accused perpetrators, Osama Bin Laden and the "al-Qaeda", which so in caves in Afghanistan dwelt were not able to produce anthrax spores, a killer rabbit in the only state laboratory under very specific conditions that bred may. Even Saddam Hussein had no biological, chemical or nuclear weapons of mass destruction, as one after the invasion of Iraq and the search of the entire country had to determine. The two accused, to which the American government has shown the finger, it is not. Where then came the anthrax her, who has sent it and what was the intention behind it?

The analysis of the substance showed that the anthrax in a never seen quality trillion spores per gram, and with special electrostatic method was manufactured. It was super-waffenfähiges anthrax, which is only one American military laboratory could come. The DNA analysis showed that the spores of the deadly letters from the Ames culture was a breeding only in the 800,000 hectares Dugway laboratories Point, 80 miles from Salt Lake City was developed. No other country in the world could such a pure Ames anthrax weapons. It therefore came from a private laboratory, and only a few security people had access to this deadly biological weapon. If only access to the U.S. anthrax, then logically follows that only they themselves with the letters could send it to somebody, or from state party circles, which are then shipped.

If you look at the letters, a fall immediately things on the show, an Arab or Muslim is not written. First, the date is unusual in American form. Nobody outside of the United States writes the date so that the first month, then the day and the year. The Arab write our form is like, day, month, year. According to an American has written the letters. Then, the text is totally fake, as well as how to write it from the Hollywood movies familiar with the evil Arabs, "Death to America", "Death to Israel", "Allah is great" (a Muslim says "God is great") Then comes even to the italics, and the deletion of the T's, the connection between Israel and the United States and the quote with Allah, so anything extra is made to the stereotyped impression it is the Arabs, and have sent an obvious counterfeiting.

If you look at who of the anthrax letters has benefited, then you can see immediately who it was. The letters went exactly to TV and newspaper media, and politicians of the two Democrats against the Patriot Act have defended precisely at the time just before the vote on the anti-terror law. How fitting. The influential senators Tom Daschle (South Dakota) and Patrick Leahy (Vermont) were vehemently against the Patriot Act, precisely because they knew this would be in the police state. Then as suddenly out of nowhere came the anthrax letters to them, it killed five people and behold, they changed their minds overnight, gave their resistance and voted for the law. The goal of the Bush government and the whole sicherheitsgeilen forces in the United States, this law as soon as possible through, it was obvious. A clear motive for the deed. This means that only a criminal power within America had the means, the motive and the opportunity to carry out these murderous attacks. The persons who by the government as perpetrators were accused, Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, it was not obvious, so they came to no anthrax ran and had absolutely no advantage.

A few days ago, Professor Francis A. Boyle, an international law expert and adviser of the first Bush government in matters biological weapons said that the anthrax attack was by criminal elements in the U.S. government. The motive was a police state to allow the intimidation of the opposition to the laws after 9 / 11, what the massively restricts freedoms and rights, such as the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act.

"When I realized that the anthrax attack was a domestic operation, I have a high official at the FBI matter, to do with terrorism, Marion" Spike "Bowman. I told him, the only ones who are able to carry out this attack, the people of the state. Bowman So, I have a complete list of all scientists, companies and laboratories given to the production of anthrax for the government and the military have to do. "

"Bowman said that the FBI would cooperate with Fort Detrick, a military facility for biological weapons, where the problem is obvious. Shortly after I had informed Bowman, the FBI, the destruction of the entire database Ames Anthrax causes. This was a deliberate and negligent destruction of evidence, because it was not possible to determine who has what, when, by whom. The authorized the FBI this is a clear offense, because one would have to secure the evidence, in order to hand the DNA to the track. Later, but still came out that the Ames culture also was named in the Daschle and Leahy letters was. "

"At that time it was clear to me then, here was a cover ongoing. I then know that this Bowman of the FBI agent, which the search of the computer of the 20th Murderer Zacharias Moussaoui has prevented, which may have information about the 9 / 11 attack involved. This is because Moussaoui appears to be a FBI or CIA spy. In 2003, Bowman by FBI Director Mueller transported and with the Presidential Rank Award medal. Senator Chuck Grassley (R Iowa) has sent a letter to Mueller wrote, in which he complains about it, why an agent can get this award, the security of the United States has so compromised. "

While the anthrax hysteria was Parliament for the first time in the history of the Republic officially closed. When the resistance of Leahy and Daschle in air dissolved as a result of the attack on her life, the U.S. Patriot Act blessing. According to Ron Paul (R Texas), most members of Congress are forced to vote seen, without ever having read the law. And among the also now adopted Military Commissions Act can every citizen the U.S. citizenship to be revoked and that as Feindlicher stamped fighters, which it then without rights and as fair game stand.

Boyle said: "In other words, the government is in a position if it wants any U.S. citizens simply collected and sent to concentration camps to plug." In addition, the legal adviser to the White House John Yoo and Jack Goldsmith (Professor of Law at Harvard University) argue that torture should be legalized! "The Nazis have exactly the same," says Boyle. "They have their lawyers in the law faculties. Carl Schmidt was the worst, he was the mentor of Leo Strauss, the ideological founder of the Neocons. The same phenomenon that started in Nazi Germany has now happened here, I übertriebe not. We can all be treated and tortured. "

Boyle said, because of his activities as a lawyer, he was by CIA / FBI agents of the anti-terrorist unit in the summer of 2004 interrogated. They have tried him as a spy recruited to fight his Arab and Muslim clients to spy. When he refused, he was on the list of terrorists by the government. It's that easy, according to the new laws.

In addition to his track record as a government adviser on biological weapons, Boyle has two Ph.D., as a lawyer and the other in Political Science, both from Harvard University. He currently teaches law at the University of Illinois in Champaign.

Together Again: The White House had prior knowledge about an anthrax attack and has been protected in advance, the Anthrax spores came from a U.S. military laboratory, only U.S. had access, the letters appear to have been falsified and should incriminate Arabs, they were exactly the right time to exactly the right MPs who blocked the police laws, there were five people killed, and the law was adopted, the evidence where the anthrax came from were destroyed by the FBI, the FBI agent to conceal what has been promoted, and by the FBI Director and the President with a medal awarded to the murderers of the five post and Parlamentsbedienste still running around freely, the case is of the FBI has still not cleared up and there is no interest to do so.

What we see is the anthrax attack a few days after 11 September 2001 clearly made itself, and not by "bad" terrorists from abroad. The aim was to intimidate the Parliament and all the new laws that allow the state police without resistance through. There were five people with the anthrax came in contact killed. Those who benefit are the perpetrators. There are members of the U.S. government Bush / Cheney and the security and military apparatus. Only when they had only the means, the motive and the opportunity to carry out.

Zurückkomment to the question that I asked at the beginning, why is the White House with the antidote Cipro a month beforehand treated? This preventive behavior allowed only one conclusion. Either they know that foreign terrorists attack Washington, but have only protected themselves and not the American people, and they have not prevented the terrorist attack, but geschähen. Or they know they are "terrorists own" that the anthrax in Washington will distribute and therefore protected. No matter how it was both sufficient for an indictment for high treason and mass murder. The Bush / Cheney should immediately be arrested.

Who now still on the official believes fairy tales, 19 Arabs had the security at four airports overcome with carpet knives crews off and four hijacked planes were flying experience without big jumbos fly perfectly, the best air force in the world fooled for hours, thousands of miles over America without resistance rumgeflogen, have targeted three buildings made the largest skyscraper in the world in less than an hour and completely destroyed turns into dust, one (WTC7) even without oh miracle to make the defense of the best guarded building in the world, the Central the U.S. military, anti-aircraft missiles is also equipped ausgetrickts hineingeflogen and ... And yet they had superwaffenfähiges anthrax and sent worried .... Wow, sorry all who believe, for I have the Eifel Tower to sell very cheaply and that's really not more to help. Only this incredible fairy tale we want the United States government and all media to believe today, and on the basis of these lies are wars, and our freedoms and rights taken away. What is the world going? How can we then to mess?

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