среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Now official: The American economy crashes

The journalist Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post announces "The Takeover boom, About to Go Bust-takeover boom place now"

For a long time I have said that the economy of the United States is no longer viable and will only be kept alive artificially. In fact, they are bankrupt, financially and morally. Various institutions like the central banks and specialized organizations such as the "Plunge Protection Team" anti-crash team desperately trying to save the US-Schiff and pumping cheap money purely as stupid. Only it has so many holes that it is falling just as the Titanic, and headlong away. There are, of course, as then even people on deck to dance, party and sip champagne, as if nothing happened, because the music still plays. Others, however, are already in the rescue boats and know the worst comes to them. Now everyone can decide where he wants. At any rate, I have long been the chips of residence and the American Casino to leave. Everything in the dollar area is unbelievable to lose value.

Every day, the United States Stupid enough in the world, the three billion dollars it borrows. Every day! ! ! ! The whole "American Way of Life" is based on pumping and the note printing presses are running day and night hot. Actually, America now belongs to the Chinese people and the OPEC countries, such as the United States lunatic goods and oil from there and refers only with bonds paid. Only these countries want this worthless paper, no more and ask what reality. A big problem for the United States, because that is the party over. Making the United States produces nothing more what the world buys, in return, they have all of their factories to low-wage countries outsourced .... But there still was, of course, weapons, but not long enough to unbalance a huge import of consumer goods market. This mismanagement can no longer go on, and the big crash comes quite sure, the question is just when. But who am I to have something to predict. Now, but the Hofberichterstattungsblatt government, the Neocons and the bursting of the economic bubble. " Please note the date of 13 In June 2007, since when the Washington Post says it is too late and it goes downhill from now, then hui ... roller coaster! ! !

Steven Pearlstein write in his column with the headline "The Takeover boom, About to Go Bust-takeover boom place now" his concern about the many debts have to be made to companies. In a language that is unusual for this alarming sheet Pearlstein writes "It is impossible to predict exact moment when all realize that the purchase price for the company's debts and the need to be made for this is not sustainable. If that happens, it will not be beautiful. On the whole line, the stock markets and the goodwill. The banks will announce painful depreciation, some hedge funds are close and the other funds are reported disappointing results. Some companies will go bankrupt or restructure. "Next he says" The declining Akteinkurse are forcing firms to settings and to reduce investment, while the government takes less taxes or restricts its services. And the combination of reduced capacity and higher interest rates will be on the final consumers forced to retreat, a consumer only on the debt-based. So what happened in the late 80gern than the junk bond market collapsed and Savings-and-Loan. It happened after the bursting of the Internet bubble at the end of 90ger and it will happen again now. "

It still fits the message, the number of forced auctions in the American real estate market in a year by 90%. Wow, if the whole mortgage contracts burst, the house owner their interest can no longer pay the banks and therefore forced the houses would keep them only a fraction of the debt get repaid, many banks will go bankrupt. From the poor people to be sitting on the street without a roof over his head, I will not talk. Welcome to the (Alp) -Traumland America.

What do governments if the country in such an economic crisis plunges? Well dear boys and girls, do you have good attention in history? Can you all K-R-I-E-G spell the word? Yes, I knew ye can. Governments make war in order to divert prefer instead with the harsh consequences of their mismanagement to be confronted. Politicians are cowards halt. The best example is the world economic crisis in the 30gern, and the subsequent second World War II. The conditions today could be just as bad as it was then. War is the best business and boost the economy again. We could have a really big war again, when the United States plays crazy, like a drowning wild to propose and decide once and for all, you can all of us at times licking ass and Iran, China or whoever one in the face off. "If our dollar and bonds no longer want, as it would be with a few nuclear bombs?"

Prof. John McMurtry says:
"The American empire is the most implode and the crash, it happened before our eyes. The ideological and political coin is that government has become worthless, it is all over the world discredited. The American government will never be like my lifetime in the whole world hated, and we have an empire which sinks in slow motion and it is farther. My fears are, they are very much bloodshed and destruction very much on the way down cause. The Chinese empire is ready to replace them, which has much more experience than the American, as "parvnue" is from Chinese perspective. "

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