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Economic Killer II: The change in South America

Here is the continuation of my article
"Economic killer, or as a country to me."

I want to talk about South America, because what is happening is very significant and a sign of hope for the world. In all seven countries in South America, where in recent elections have taken place, which is 80% of the total population of this continent and more than 300 million voters represented were overwhelmingly elected president candidates, especially the anti-dictatorship Group program on the flag . These politicians are not anti-American set, she called Americans welcome and they love what America represents, no matter what the president constantly claiming "They hate us, they hate democracy and our freedom." That is not true, they love the US Declaration of Independence, the ideals they love it, they hate only the large corporations to pillage its resources. That they can not stand.

What Bolivia wants is not an existence based on cocaine. That is absurd. What Bolivia wants is that the revenue from the natural gas used to be the poorest country in a better life. What Ecuador wants is that the oil helps the poor, which will also Venezuela and Brazil, the same will Chile and Uruguay. All these countries balk at just vehemently against the dictatorship Group, a form of government and have an idea what the fathers of the American Declaration of Independence and the Constitution never had in mind, but unfortunately the power to be cagey and all perverted. Therefore, insuring such undemocratic dictatorship Group offend American ideals and the ideals of all the western democracies. The countries in South America are tired of a colony of the United States, and they simply do not want that America give them the whole mineral resources steals. They also ask for help and not actually want to be left in peace to their form of democracy a reality. In fact, they help themselves, and so, for example, Hugo Chavez, the entire debt of Bolivia to the IMF settled. With these elections, the South Americans a loud and clear message to America and the world, they want to be free and to experience true democracy.

I will now describe what these newly-elected president in South America happens. Each of these presidents is an economic killer visited his office after he competes. These representatives of the Group of dictatorship are all people of the American president well knows, in the Economic and Politkreisen in Washington footing move, respectable people from the World Bank or from the well-known consulting firms, all with top Harvard degrees and perfectly in Spanish and other languages. When released into the office rooms of the new President occur they say, "Congratulations, Mr. President ... I would like to remind them ...." And he speaks in a very nice and gentle tone "... in the left pocket, I have a few hundred million dollars for You and your family, if they continue to play with us, but in the right pocket, I have a gun with a bullet to pay your name, you should decide the election promises actually respected! . " Each president makes this experience. Chavez has over these encounters with the Wirtschaftskillern extensively discussed and these dialogues held even in books. They describe in detail how he was threatened and coerced. But only a few are as steadfast as he.

One example: Edwin Lucio Gutierrez of Ecuador had a strong anti-dictatorship Group agenda in its election manifesto and he won with a large majority on this basis. It was at one of these economic Killer visited, and within a month, he was in Washington and has worked with George W. Bush shake hands. Upon his return, the policy changed and he made wonderful profitable contracts with the oil companies and it continued throughout the harsh conditions imposed by the IMF and the World Bank, which competed against the people obviously were. As the population paying, they stormed the streets because they have this breakthrough election promises total raised. On 15 April 2005, after a peaceful popular revolution, they shot him from office and chased after he fled Brazil and asked for asylum there. Throughout South America, the mood so. There are no despot, liar and exploiters longer be tolerated, which govern against the people want. We see the effects of decades of misguided U.S. policy in many countries.

Now they put in a position of this president. Let us imagine we have an election campaign in which one really believed, with a program of the Group dictatorship to the country's mineral resources for the benefit of our own people to use and they have won with a clear majority of the population is now expected to implement zukunftsfroh the electoral program, and then would anyone in their headquarters and reinspazieren something to them as described above? Of course, this would much more subtle and less dramatic way than as expressed above. But what they really say is to remind you of what happened to Mossadegh in Iran in 1953 happened, with Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954, with Lumumba in the Congo in 1960, with Castro in Cuba in 1960, Le Kong in 1961 in Laos, with Diem in 1963 in South Vietnam, with Goulart in 1964 in Brazil, 1964 in Paz Bolivia, with Sukarno in 1965 in Indonesia, with Bosch in 1966 in the Dominican Republic, with Papandreou 1967 in Greece, with Sihanouk in 1970 in Cambodia, or with Allende in Chile in 1974, 1981 Bishop in Grenada, with Aguilera 1981 in Ecuador, with Torrijos in Panama in 1981, with Noriega in Panama in 1989, with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua from 1981 to 1990, with Aristide in 1991 in Haiti, with Chavez in Venezuela in 2002 and 2003, Saddam Hussain in Iraq, AND WHAT IS WITH YOU ALSO HAPPEN!
This long list of the CIA carried out through coups and assassinations of President-elect is more than intimidating, it's just unbelievable and frightening criminal. A clearer signal to the message clearly needs to do is not. It shows the Konzerndikatur is precisely structured and behaves exactly like the Mafia and their leaders are ice-cold gangster bosses. It is a criminal syndicate, which with murder and manslaughter operates worldwide to its dirty deals. The respectable 'boards and supervisory board chairman, in its skyscrapers, in its Group headquarters offices, and send the bankers, industrialists, the media moguls who Finanzies that are surrounded by a horde of Public Relations people they help cover the crimes, based on a very other level up, it's no conscience and no morals, but only to worship Mammon, and the whole helper's helper, the winselnden Schoss dogs, or rather bastards, the politicians and the contract killers and the heads of military intelligence generals, are really nothing more than common criminals underhanded well-camouflaged behind a respectable facade, but the worst gangsters like Al Capone, but he compared them to a harmless nothing.

What would they do now even if they were elected and thus an economic killer walk into their office spaces and gives them this ultimatum? Here you have a lot of money and you do what we tell you or we catch you from the office or even kill you? I think every president would have to shit in the pants with fear. So what would they do? Not much can this President. How should one against the power of the group with their dictators executed by the CIA and even with the concentrated power of the giant US-Militärmaschinerie ever to a resistor think? Each would provide for small NEED! Only Hugo Chavez creates it for a few years, despite massive overthrow and assassination attempts attacks by the CIA until today to survive. And of course the survivors of dozens of senior CIA assassination attempts and even an invasion, Fidel Castro for over 50 years. Respect! Wow, you must have a guardian angel. Even Saddam Hussein has been defiant and it is trying very long endured. But at what price? And at the end, they have it but then region, caught and hanged. The disaster resulted in the fact and the many hundreds of thousands of dead children, women, men and the destruction of an entire country we are experiencing now has been four years in Iraq. Unbelievable what this group dictators and their puppet politicians figures for the gigantic crime and insane suffering and misery in the last 60 years around the world have served to a world empire to create with the power you want rob countries according to their pockets with warped sums of trillions to fill.

A fairly bleak and depressing picture. But there is hope. The victims of this policy in the 3rd The world can this perverted power and homophobic not change and resist it. What must happen is that we here in the West and especially in America need to change things. We can group these dictators no longer allow itself to behave. We need to defend democracy everywhere, not only in our own countries. We need democracy around the world defend, even where the choice of the people, not so good, where the democratically elected president says things and makes us not so fit. Just after saying about freedom of speech, "I agree with what you say absolutely not satisfied, but I will be your right to your opinion freely express defend with my life!"
Also, we must all have a clear message to our governments, the politicians and leaders of the Group send that democracy must be respected everywhere. That they are not getting in the affairs of sovereign countries should interfere. That they are not elected governments, and even overturn blackmail and murder. That the natural resources of countries not just to pillage and steal. The fact that the population of these countries are not regarded as cheap slave may have no rights. We must compel the same principles and rules for us which we take for all countries in the world to apply. We have this whole evil system reverse. It's just unbelievable to what a selfish society we in the West are being reduced, in the fat of the lives, while the majority of people enslaved, exploited and starve. Every day, about 25,000 people die of malnutrition, even though there is more than enough for all to eat there. The United States represent 5% of the world's population, but consume about 25% of the resources of the world. This is but only by the brutal exploitation and oppression of other people with murder and manslaughter, and with bombs and guns are suppressed. We need for this entire planet care, because we have only this one and are all in the same boat.

Now, of course, everyone will say, but I am just a little light, and how we can this world corporations and the corporate dictators ever to force a change? They are but omnipotent, even the whole arsenal of weapons, and their killers are available. That is a legitimate question, but it is not so difficult to answer. As the whole environmental organizations such as Greenpeace have demonstrated, companies react very sensitively to bad publicity. And if they work in the media and depicted as villains unmasked and shown what they cause, then they may not. It is incredible how such large corporations quickly change its policy if the consumer decides to boycott their products. That is exactly where we need to take in the money bag. We need public campaigns by the groups denounce and to a change in behavior force, not only was the environment, but even their whole behavior as they deal with countries and to a transparent and democratic institution to reverse the polarity. Exactly the same, we must do with the politicians. Anyone who wants to be elected must be clearly know what kind of new policies they represent. Not the interests of large corporations, which obviously all politicians of whatever party they belong in the bag, and corrupt, but they have the interests of voters follow, otherwise they are away from the window. It is therefore up to us, now that we know how this system works and ugly enlightened, and to become active at the mouth to make. There are no more excuses! We must organize and do together and for a better, more democratic and fair fight, where we are all brothers and sisters have the same rights, with the same right to happiness and peace.

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