среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

These Iranians are really a very uncivil People

I share the indignation of the Western world about the treatment of the 15 British naval soldiers, who are accused of the territory of Iran to have violated. It is a disgrace. The West would never dream remember the prisoners to treat them to allow smoking as an example, where it is proved that smoking kills. And as they come to the soldier Faye Turney, a head scarf, and then the Western media allow her picture in the whole world. The Iranians have absolutely no civil decency? What is really wrong it with a bag over the head crust? The fact we do here in the West with the Muslims that we catch, we stuck their heads in bags, so they breathe harder, not knowing where they are and with fear to spin. Then, it is obviously acceptable photos of them and shoot them with the media to disseminate, because the prisoners could not be detected and in this way will not be humiliated, as the poor British soldiers.

It is also unacceptable that the British prisoners forced to be in Iranian television talk and say things like: "We were in Iranian waters and Iran's right" things which they later regret. If the Iranians with tapes would seal their mouths, as we do with the prisoners, then they could not talk. Of course, it would be even harder to breathe, especially under a hood, but at least it would not be so humiliated. And what is this really? To allow you to write letters, where they appreciate them is good. It is time that the Iranians, the rest of civilized world and connect the prisoners in the privacy of the individual plug arrest. That is one of the many privileges which the United States the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. It is the perfect expression of a culture and a civilized state law not immediately accused to court, just as the United States has, somewhere in the world where it just fits marched - in or carry out kidnappings. The inmates of Guantanamo, for instance, have all the amenities of a lonely total privacy since they enjoy over 5 years and so far has been only one before a military tribunal brought, and this has just confessed everything, 11 September, the bombings in Bali, London, Madrid, which he even Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, shot dead and the Challenger disaster, the Hindenburg, he was also responsible. This long list of Geständnissen he has quite voluntarily and not after him to be one of President Bush approved treatment with "Water Boarding" tortured. What a contrast obscene haste with which the Iranians the prisoners before the cameras, and they can talk freely.

What is even more deplorable is how the Iranians the soldiers so "unhappy and stressed" look. They show no signs of electric shocks and burns, and one sees no faces swollen from beatings. This is totally unacceptable. When prisoners are placed under stress, then they are in the abnormal sexual positions forces, or in which they are given electric cables to the genitals jams and power durchjagt and then photographed, as in Abu Graib. These photos must be in the whole civilized world, so that all see what was going on. I believe it is really high time to teach manners to Iran. We should be seen as revenge for the incredible humiliation of the British prisoners urge President Bush to pick up a gear, and overthrow Iran into the Stone Age to bombard, at last, our democracy and Western values to the country, as we have seen in Afghanistan and Iraq have made.

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