среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

To all G8, since it in the wrong place!

Hello to all opponents of the G8 summit, their ears, environmentalists, poverty, justice seekers, climate savers, and anti Left, the Greens and what it all there, I tell you this, your protests are entirely justified, but since it completely in the wrong place. It does absolutely nothing because in Heiligendamm to be, because it protested against the wrong people. Because these Hampel men and a woman Hampel have absolutely nothing to say. You wasted your time and will haai. This is a whole Distraction from the real powerful in the world. This meeting is currently in Istanbul and then have it all. Go immediately to Istanbul in front of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel where the meeting of the Bilderberg Group takes place, there should you loud and express your displeasure and not because in Rostock. This is a distraction of the elite, so that the whole attention is not on the true owners and drivers of the world, which is precisely secretly meet and decide everything. The G8-Politiker are only puppets of the images Berger. Only Putin has still somewhat what to say and he is the only one of the slave and not a lackey of the images Berger. All other Western politicians are there and are now awaiting the commands the elite decides in Istanbul and immediately thereafter will be at the G8 summit in Received, as its own decisions, and then announced in the respective countries. Should the devils but behind the 15-kilometer-long barbed-wire fence and the whole Polizieaufgebot disregard by loneliness and punished. By ignoring completely would show them as unimportant, irrelevant and old they are. That the G8 Futzis nothing to say, but this you can see what happens at the last meeting. What do everything promised for debt relief for poor countries. And what is actually happening? Nothing, because they have nothing to say, just empty slogans, they must not allow their bosses they are not.

Also, do not let these huge show in Rostock to muck. The "leader" there have nothing to say. This will be only the real leaders to meet in Istanbul distracted. But just look who is all there together. All major CEOs, Weltbänker all important, all the major military leaders, all important security leaders and heads of all major media, under the leadership of Queen Beatrix (it belongs Shell Oil and it is one of the richest women in the world) and Henry Kissinger, the Rockefeller and Rothschild. Those are the ones who really have something to say, this is the power in this world. The baboons because at the G8 summit are still only command receiver. So G-8 Rongji, finally wakes up and forgets these diversionary show in Rostock, you must protest in the right place so that this secret meeting in Istanbul was just taking place in the world is made known. The media is dead silent because the media owners themselves are pictures Berger. The leader of the Bilderberg Group are the real culprits for the war, for destruction, for the poisoning, for the dead, for the Injustice, poverty, hunger, exploitation and the oppression of this world. Politicians are like the G8 but only those which at attention, say Yes and implement everything. It is not that what all the strings in his hand, the significant decisions and really call the shots, completely unhindered, in secret, without accountability and control, without which the public knows a policy meetings and decide what all our lives affected.

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