среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

No Men Allowed: Beach only for women

On the Adriatic, where romantics and beach lovers enjoy the sun, the notorious Latin Lover on the stalking and try their Anmachsprüche going to be. Now, women fed up. "We run away from the Italian men," says Tiziana Andreotti, "which are so corrosive." And it happens all the time. Man meets woman and man annoying wife. Therefore, the Italians have an interesting solution to this problem. They have between Rimini and Riccione a beach section reserved for women only. No men, children or loud music are allowed.

"It is a simple idea," says owner Fausto Ravaglio. "We women have a world of his own." A women's Utopia. The "Pink Beach" was opened a week ago and offers gymnastics and water-aerobics classes, beauty and manicure tips. At the entrance, the men, with a pink sign "welcomes" where "No Men" on it. Women can the sun and the sea without the enjoyable views of men enjoy. Visitor Marianna Sandu says she goes to the beach to free testosterone friends to meet and to "women issues" to discuss.

For some men this idea is quite far-fetched. One man said, this concept is perhaps good for women, but it falls flat for men. But a man there are at the beach. "The life-saver, a man," Ravaglio says, "You must clearly have a man of the women from drowning rescue. It is a question of power. "

The only thing I always annoying Italian beaches, is the constant harassment by the beach sellers. We should prefer a "free seller" beach, where you are not forced every few minutes is any Plunder to buy.

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