среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

The puppet Bin Laden

All the politicians tell us regarding Afghanistan and Iraq wars, because of the increase in security, the war on terror and the associated restriction of liberties with 9 / 11 and Bin Laden founded. It means only that since 9 / 11 and everything else Bin Laden and his terrorist network is in all trains.

So, then they go on the Internet from time http://www.fbi.gov, and they look at the site of Bin Laden on the "Most Wanted" page. Read times for what Bin Laden is wanted by the FBI. They are looking for these "terrorists" not because of 9 / 11! Not a single word of them on the Fahndungsseite. This fact journalists have also discovered, and the relevant FBI officials, therefore, asked why Bin Laden is not because of 9 / 11 sought? The response from Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI: "We have absolutely no evidence to him with 9 / 11 associate them!" . What is happening? The FBI has no evidence for his leadership and contribution to denounce him but Bush, Blair and all other politicians justify their wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the "War on Terror" and the whole freedom restrictions that? Unbelievable!

The whole is a huge lie. Here was a puppet as the "enemy" with propaganda set up to the introduction of the police state to justify aggression and wars. Furthermore, as in my article read here is Bin Laden has long dead

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