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Children are bad for the planet

According to a British report, a lower birth rate help the CO2 emission reduction. "The Optimum Population Trust warns that every Briton in his life 750 tonnes of CO2 produced, which is as much as 620 flights to and from London to New York. If you look at the social costs based on 42.50 pounds per tonne expects, then it cost each new British citizens 30,000 pounds in his life. The lifelong issue costs of expected new 10 million Britons until 2074 would be 300 million pounds for the State mean.

The study says, "The most effective personal strategies to halt climate change, the number of children to reduce the one." And more ... "The most effective national and global strategy would be to reduce the world's population." According to study by the Trust is the population growth is the main cause of climate change. The consequence "Couples my decision to get children and the size of the family is only to determine their own private decision. But this is not the case here, the state must intervene. " The goal must be to the world population of over 6 billion people, less than 1 billion.

If anyone still doubts that the elite, the owners of this world, we, the population of the planet, will drastically reduce (eradicating them), then the above text of the evidence. That is very clear Nazi ideology. With the same argument, the Nazis, the mentally and physically disabled persons killed, it would be the state 60,000 reichsmarks per year cost "nation that is your money" and the national community harm. It runs on fascism and totalitarianism. The Communists in China have the same program with the Einkindfamilie. The "environmentalists" want us now even prescribe how many children, and whether we still have children should, because kids bad for the planet. Sounds perverted logic, no people, no people from the pollution produced. Unbelievable!

In this study is based on a gigantic lie, namely, that the CO2 produced by man to climate change. See my articles here and here. The truth is, the sun warmed the climate, not the CO2 and certainly not the little man. We can still save as much CO2, so that cools the sun to no degree. The elite want us to believe that we humans are changing the climate, so it's first a bad conscience can delude you massively reduce our lives and in the end could decimate. That is clearly their goal.

Among elite I mean all the crowned heads of Europe as Prince Phillip, husband of Queen, the main sponsor of the World Wildlife Fund, a member of the secret Bilderberg Group, architect of a new world order and proponents of a massive population reduction. This perverted Inzüchtler, but actually in an interview said, when he was asked what he had for a rebirth wants to be: "I would be seen as a deadly virus on the earth and return to the overpopulation problem be solved." What? As human beings, and we must be psychopathic to be like a killer virus, to billions of people to kill, so that the nature "recover"?

Obviously, the elite and their sponsored conservation organizations and think-tanks, with their propaganda, lies and fake trials, the planet "rescue", in which they liberated it from people. Then you have the whole earth for themselves alone, with its castles and parks. And such a mental mass murderer sits on the throne next to the head of Big Britain and other 16 countries of the Commonwealth, will be rendered homage, and with millions of taxpayers' money and lives fitted in the fat of the. You should like it was when the French Revolution to the devil hunt.

Another member of the elite, which the world population will dramatically reduce, Senator John Kerry, the loser in the last presidential election against Bush. In the latest book, "This moment on Earth: Today's New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future" that he and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry has issued, they are so down to save the environment. Now let us look at who these people are. Kerry is a Yale graduate, just like Bush, and member of the secret "Skull and Bones" occult and Tot adorating club, just like Bush. This means that no matter who won the last elections would have both candidates were members of the same secret Totenkults. This has been proved, no matter whom it chooses, it comes out onto the same. And whom we have with Mrs. Kerry? She is a people through their inheritance of the Heinz ketchup company empire. And now we want to choose these people, these members of the elite, these exploiters, Grosskapitalisten, globalists, war criminals and members of the secret which Tot worship, the arrogant and totally lifted and normal people are totally despise us about environmental and climate protection tell something with films and books, to our well-being? This is absurd and totally unbelievable. In fact, they use the environment to live their agenda, the world population drastically reduce hidden enforce.

With this knowledge, what the elite will have the whole virus diseases, the millions of people in recent decades have killed and are still being killed, especially in Africa and Asia, such as AIDS, EBOLA, SARS, LASSA, HANTA and the bird flu, a very different light. Is it not highly suspicious that these viruses suddenly come from nowhere, the virus never before has? It is obvious that the killer virus is not quite so simple coincidence of nature came, but perhaps from a secret lab and come from the above-mentioned reasons, the people have been released. And is it not disturbing that the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health recently before shaking hands warns, because it feared a flu pandemic and therefore recommends a stock each of 50 masks protect them. As a reminder, the Spanish flu of 1918-1920, probably up to 70 million people go. This elite can you really trust anything, because the death is their symbol.

Or what about Al Gore, the new darling of the environmentalists? He has a big 20 rooms villa with a pool and a tennis court and consumes electricity and gas to operate everything for about 30,000 dollars a year, more than the average American earns in the year. Furthermore, as a lawyer, he has the coal and Öl-Lobby represented. How credible is he? The well-gooder everywhere, especially this world saver, air-conditioning and conservationist, Greens and Left not remember how it from the elite haai and abused. Like sheep paddocks are now in good faith their new guru Al Gore behind, but he clearly belongs to the elite, and so his film "An uncomfortable truth" is based on lies and propaganda is worst. The gains are so saublöd in this climate where they believe lie. It they are in fact the stirrup holder of the elite and unwittingly helping the Nazi ideology to spread. They carry themselves, and all of us into disaster. It is time to wake up, because most of the misfortune in this world is done by those who are only good my.

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