среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

"We are due to the oil in Iraq"

The Australian Defense Minister Brendan Nelson has admitted that the security of the oil supply is the main reason for the presence of Australian troops in Iraq. He says the preservation of the "security of resources" in the Middle East was the priority. The strategic planning has our decisions on the region affected.

"It is clear that the entire Middle East, not just Iraq but the entire region is a major supplier of energy, mainly oil, for the rest of the world," says Nelson.

Australia, with 1,500 soldiers in Iraq since 2003. There are no such plans to bring home.

This is the first time that the Australian government has admitted that there is a connection between the use of troops in Iraq and securing of energy resources. (BBC)


Although the premium Australian Prime Minister Howard immediately this statement has weakened, by one of the best know it has confirmed what we have always known all, the wars in Iraq and also in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world, only because of oil in order to safeguard the resource, ie steal. The reason we were always told, it's about a threat to weapons of mass destruction to the removal of an evil dictator, to the spread of democracy is a lie. The same fairy tales, we need now because of the Iran listen, because those are the next turn.

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