среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Press conferences are a farce

On Monday 21 August 2006, George W. Bush held a press conference. They had a photographer the opportunity the lectern on the shoulders of Bush to photograph. The exact analysis of the photographs can detect notes of Bush and decipher. It is the confirmed what we always suspected. The press conference is a play staged between politicians and journalists, a abgekartetes game, as if the end of the press conference with the notes, compares, it is the exact script.
It is not by chance called journalists and the president. The two journalists from the NBC and CBS were apparent collusion first questioned. The game runs so, the president shows journalists who previously agreed issues, which the President with previously recorded answers replies. And so it goes back and forth. The whole is a rehearsed and choreographed show between the President and the media. No spontaneity, no unexpected questions to the man from the head to respond, not critical journalists. No, everything is carefully planned and staged, and the President will not be surprised. He can choose the issues before it will discuss and has the answers. The population as a spectator but vorgegaukelt, here the president must be tough questions, they answer from the head and here plays the control of politicians by the critical press. We will, in fact, all that was fully haai and lied. It is not about journalists from any province sheet which expires this farce, but the biggest news media and television stations in the world, NBC and CBS, with millions of viewers. Interesting if you behind the scenes look times.
It is exactly as it is feared. The big media are only Hofberichterstatter the powerful of this world. They are helpers and assistants propaganda instruments of the governments around us without consequences lie, cheat and lead to wars. Every press conference (especially by Bush and Blair), I will in the future with a big smile and mild skepticism watch, because this is anyway just a grease theater.

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