среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Why was Saddam hanged?

Well, what we did with the other mass murderers and dictators before Saddam Hussein? Nothing! As with Pol Pot, kill millions of lies, except for his seat in the UN to allow as legitimate representative of Cambodia. We did nothing with Idi Amin, and he was allowed to Saudi Arabia into exile, where he spent the evening of life. What was with Pinochet or where is Baby Doc? Amused at the Riviera as far as I know. Where are the dictator of Zaire, and all the other despots African countries, which murdered hundreds of thousands of their people? Interested anyone. They were the normal way of a deposed dictator. Saddam could not be hanged. He would go into exile, like everyone else.

Saddam was a good, until he turned to evil. As long as he for the USA against Iran fought, it was everything, even the Kurds gasify for Iran, the gas is supplied free by the CIA. It was "our" dictator at the time. Looking at his life and his actions, he is not too different from the leaders of all other Arab countries. He reigned as all powerful there. They have various amplification of their people and to "pacify", in accordance with our scale unclean methods. That's how it's done. There is no other way. So, it has always been. It is "business as usual". But unlike the other "colleagues", Saddam was too naughty. Too cheeky for the international gang of criminals. He did not bow to their dictates and his country as a result of oil exploitation. Actually, if you think about it, it was a murder among gangsters, a gang murder. The Bush crime syndicate-it could not bring to the table, so they made him an offer he could not refuse. "

So they have him hanged. To silence so that he did not have to divulge their joint operations. They have condemned him for something, what the gangsters themselves every day all over the world, people kill. But you have to admit that he was like a man Imagine that George would Doubleyou the execution place, surely the whole body trembling, wailing, and pleaded with fully geschissenen pants. As the whole gang of mass murderers, which represents the US administration, the Bush criminals and their family helper, the helper Con. Can you imagine all of these would be only half as steadfast to its well-deserved fate as Saddam go? Hardly.

I am against the death penalty for reasons to enumerate them would take too long. I am also against wars, because they are always the real owners of this world staged and promoted by the two sides. And war is a gigantic business, the largest in the world. The warmongers are sitting in Washington, London and other capitals, where the real decisions are made. War has never been with the reasons given something to be done. It is always a matter of business. Sometimes it is also about the destruction of peoples, but always remains the business in the foreground.

Actually, it goes to the stupidity of the people. The process of the public has in the last 20 years working perfectly. This resulted in a huge pool of cannon fodder and supporters for any adventure, no matter how idiotic, cynical and criminal. It is the simplest in the world. Take the entertainment industry and let them totally senseless hate scrap produce. At the same time, it presents quite unimportant and other pop show as role models and sizes to be mixing a cocktail of drugs and alcohol. They reduce the language and understand the criticism ability and promotes materialism and consumption. Then the whole with a religious fundamentalism as a counterweight to the superficiality of youth accompanied by the fear of parents to make even greater and you get what you want. Will Lose and the all taxable sheep believe what the powerful and their Hofberichterstatter the media to spread lies.

If you can hang Saddam, then they can all depend, even you! They do what they want and when they want it. You have the barn full of whores in the governments of the world, and thousands einsatzbereite racket with guns and truncheons. These are further publicized the terrorist attacks spread fear and horror. It was a good trick 9 / 11 itself and to stage it the "usual suspects" to the Arabs to it. To say the powerful, the enemy lurks everywhere, maybe even under your bed, and only we can protect you. Because fear can reach all the people, even the self-abandonment of all rights and freedoms, so that they can carry out their wars and stupid and silly to merit. That is their goal. The people should be pretty good work, consume, entertain and enslave and otherwise keep his mouth. Just bread and games.

Those who see it as a powerful and the merely represent criminals, as a danger for the state, and prosecuted. Public protest is hushed and suppressed ensure alone with the media self-censorship. Power someone really loudly at the mouth, is a three-step process. First, those with money trying to buy, then Tau it with dirt and slandered him, and if all that does not work and has not yet destroyed, it will be easily liquidated, shot down, murdered basta. Is standard procedure for gangsters. Applied to the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rabin ... .. And many others are against the powerful, against the war and for peace. And? What do we do?

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