среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

The violence is staged at the G8

There is the strong suspicion that the perpetrators of violence which mums and black dressed all in Rostock beat short and small, are actually agent provocateurs and the "official" jobs. One only has to ask, who serves the violence at the G8 summit? Who has most of them, if the media about burning cars, shattered windows and brawling groups report? Certainly, it serves not the opponents of the G8 summit, which peacefully for a better world demonstrate. The only from the violence that some have is the ruling elite which the New Agenda Weltordnungs bears and their helpers, helpers, which is always more police state methods. It is not as if the disguised officers mums in the demos "joined" is not always there, as read here, which is even standard practice of the security forces. So, it looks very much that way, that most of the ringleader and the most violence in Rostock exercise actually used agent provocateurs. There are no real G8 opponents but in the protest movements incorporated a spy to stir up violence and to stupid to bystanders.

Only the sicherheitsgeilen lispelnden Accessibility serves this whole Yetisport violence so that the German Constitution and the rights guaranteed even more useless and destroy. It is clear what is manufactured here. One reason more police, more security, harassment, searches, preventive arrests, invasion of privacy, restricted areas, bans demo etc.. Then you can even louder for more police protection and scream and this justified. If everything would calm expired without insulting, then the public would indeed the whole hysterical and absurd security measures in question. If you ask, "Cui bono, who uses it?" You have the answer who is behind the violence. Therefore, I can only recommend peaceful demonstrators, picks out the black hooded figures in your series and tears them from the head hooded, photographed the faces and makes it onto the Internet. If it is "public servants" as agent provocateurs, then they are after their exposure never more can and this would be criminal conspiracy of rulers blossstellen. If it is "real" perpetrators of violence, then it is also good and the police can prosecute them.

New: As this report shows Spiegel TV, there are actually masked policemen provoke violence. One of the demonstrators was "captured" and then his colleagues.

And here even more confirmation that the violence Agent provocateurs have made. (Mirror) this has been the state as the real criminals entlarft, they provoke the violence and then justify their gigantic Polzeimassnahmen them. This is clearly the way to the police state!

New: As the SZ-Online reported to have attempted U.S. C4 plastic explosives in a suitcase in the G8 summit to smuggle, but are in control of a leaked out. The Americans would then have said, we just wanted to verify your security measures. Yes, we certainly believe this fairy tale, first of a terrorist attack to try it G8-Gegnern or even the "al-Qaeda" in the shoes to slide, and if we then simply say, it was only a test. What do the Americans have, in a foreign country, the safety test? That is the task of the German authorities. Furthermore, I use this great excuse nächstesmal when I was across the border and schmuggle caught. Hey guys, it was only a test. Very credible.

The greatest crimes are done by states themselves, and then any "enemy" is added, then you can pursue uninhibitedly.

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