среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

America is bankrupt

. That the United States are totally bankrupt, is a fact that everyone can expect the white. The U.S. government under Bush has made so many debts, it is not to grasp. Here is the proof, according to its own figures in the CIA data sheet with a list of the account balance of countries. Look who is in last place, with a drop of 862 billion dollars. This is much more than the sum of the debts of all other countries combined. It is interesting that the most indebted countries are the wars. Staatswirtschaft betreiben, bis diese zusammenbricht? How long can such a poor state economy operate until it collapses? The American people have a huge thanks to Bush mortgage on the neck, which many generations to pay. But Bush has in his career as an entrepreneur in the oil business bankruptcy after another lying. What he grasps goes bankrupt, not because he is incapable, but because the funds pillaging. Where is all the money of the American budget go? , Krankenversorgung, Infrastruktur oder für Forschung ausgegeben? Was it something meaningful, such as a good education, health care, infrastructure or for research output? in die Taschen der Spezies von Bush und Cheney , zur Rüstungsindustrie. No of course not, it went only into the pockets of Species by Bush and Cheney, the arms industry. War is the best and most profitable business it is and the people will pay the bill.

The American taxpayers, according to the latest findings need for an unimaginable amount of $ 59.1 billion outstanding state debt is just that are $ 516'348 per household. Here is the overview as it is composed:
But America is not just financially bankrupt, the whole gigantic debt of the country, the war has brought nothing, because the struggle of the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq is definitively lost. General John Batiste kritisiert mit einem Werbevideo die katastrophale Kriegsführung von Präsident Bush. The retired two-star Army General General John Batiste criticized a promotional video with the disastrous war leadership of President Bush. When a profile of the U.S. General fresh from the front, his Chief George W. Bush accused of incompetence and called a liar, then the situation must be very, very bad. , sind mit einem weiteren Werbevideo an die Öffentlichkeit gelangt, weil sie ihre Armee lieben und nicht mehr zusehen können wie sie durch die Politik kaputt gemacht wird, und um die Amerikaner über die wirkliche Situation zu informieren. Batiste and his colleague, Major General Paul Eaton, a more promotional video in the public domain because they love their army and no longer can watch how they broke through the policy is made, and the Americans about the real situation. als Teil einer Kampagne um die US-Truppen aus dem Irak zurückzuholen . Batiste speaks in this TV commercial as part of a campaign by the U.S. troops back from Iraq. The video begins with a quote from Bush, "I have always said I will be on the commander suburb hear." Then Batiste appears and says "Mr. President, they have not listened to us. They continue to pursue a strategy which failed our Army and Marines destroyed. I have asked the army to leave so under protest. Mr. President, you have our nation at risk. " Instead of diplomatic, political and economic means to solve the conflict, Bush is supported by the government only to the unilateral military, violence and war. This strategy is doomed to fail, because violence only generates more violence, and pain and suffering. Incidentally, the war may be from the perspective of the Americans lost, but for the arms industry has never lost a war, because they always win.

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