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Live Earth: The biggest show in the world, the human cold

The organizers of Live Earth have claimed two million people were reached with this event. But the global interest in the "Live Earth Save the Planet" Concerts was much lower than expected.

The show in Johannesburg was not sold out, only 3,000 spectators were in Shanghai and the Australians looked prefer Wimbledon on TV. Wembley was only half full, and the hamburgers were by heavy rains zugeschüttet. Only in Rio were really many spectators at the show.

How weak the figures were spectators when one sees this event compares with similar. The BBC reported that in the afternoon, only 900,000 live on Earth, until the appearance of the evening came Mandonna 4.5 million. Three times as many were there but a week earlier when Diana concert. Two years earlier, there were 9.6 million in Live 8 and Live Aid in 1985 10 million.

Madonna, the star-studded station in Wembley, where the admission tickets 55 pounds, 81 euros, 134 francs cost and the fans are tactlessly observations and primitive jokes had to listen.

What the whole audience, ears and world saver should know is that this event is just a big business, and nothing else. Guess how much of the 81 Euro entry at the end in the foundation "Save Our Selves" by Al Gore? Half? One third? ... No, there are less than 1 euro! Yes, but this is a joke and I think a fraud. Little is the only way for the "climate Rescue" at the conclusion remain. For what will be because the other 80 euros per ticket?

For the attention heischenden stars as occurred this show is just another way to sell more plates. The climate and the reduction of CO2 they are not interested. With bad example preach to the world, it should change its behavior, but is it all just a lip service. They are equipped with jets in and Stretchlimos rumkutschiert.

Journalists have the so-called footprint CO2 (Carbon Footprint), how much CO2 is produced by superstar Madonna gether. It came out through her life change, along with their family and their entire entourage, with the many travel in private jets, the transportation of 100 dancers and technicians for its 2006 World Tour, their cars, a Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, and an Audi A8 a Mini Cooper S, the energy consumption in its five stores in England and so they produced 1'018 tons of CO2 per year. In Massage, the average Briton is 10 tons per year, or Madonna produced as much as 19,000 people in Somalia, a country from which they adopted a child. And this aunt is on the scene and will be a model for us and tells us how we should behave?

How to read here, were at the Earth Live concerts by the 150 Stars with a total of 222,000 miles Jets back what 31'500 tons of CO2 means, and in addition were Abfahl 1'025 tons produced by the spectators. According to a commentator Live Earth is a big hypocritical vertigo!

The same is true of "climate liar" Al Gore. He has a swankily 20 rooms villa with a pool and a tennis court and consumes electricity and gas to operate for everything to 30,000 dollars per year, more than the average American earns in the year. Furthermore, as a lawyer, he has the coal and Öl-Lobby represented. How credible is he?

Yes What I am most moved to the head shaking is the fact that the whole event on an error, or rather is based on a lie. The people, especially the children and young people will tell the people of CO2 is the climate killer, and therefore we all have to change our behavior in order to save the earth. It was not true. It is not the CO2 but it is the sun of our climate warms, and because we can do nothing. The violence is higher. That means, of course not, that is why we are not sure about the planet and not environmentally friendly life. Only the blame on the people to push to spread fear and anxiety with this really a gigantic business to make a rascality!

I come before this claim that the CO2 climate change and the refusal of a natural cause, and all to accept the note as a weirdo and deniers stamped, it was just like in the 15th Century claimed was where the earth was flat and the sun revolves around the Earth. That was the "politically correct" way of thinking. All the scientists who have said, this is not true, and according to our measurements, the earth is round and the earth revolves around the sun were insulted, as heretics marginalized, as Anzweifler's, and as the authority on the pyres burned. Just as it is today.

The fanatical followers of this CO2 climate lie behave like members of a sect and Al Gore is their guru. No matter what contrary evidence or, as many scientists claim the contrary, they believe stubbornly to their doctrine and in their Messiah. They are just like most cults only by the guru out, haai, gutted and the whole is a money and a gigantic business.

Al Gores Foundation called "Save Our Selves-Save ourselves," Who is the "us"?

An interesting Kuriosiät on the verge shows how absurd the security measures and stereotypes, singer James Hetfield of the famous U.S. band Metallica was arrested at Luton Airport and questioned, as he for the live concert in Earth came. Only when the police learned who he is and why he came to England, they have him released with red faces. Accompanying friends said afterwards that it was his "bearded Taliban" what it aims for the Schickane made.

So people, if you have a beard bears, then you automatically terrorist. Well that is not the terrorists know, otherwise they shave the beards, and they do not recognize it.

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