среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

The trial of Tony Blair

To exit from the premium office as Minister of Great Britain and was replaced by Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, I would like to say, "Go away you criminals and hopefully get the fair punishment for your criminal acts." Passent time, the German TV station Channel 4 made a TV movie in which Tony Blair for war crimes before the court. Unfortunately, the film is only a fiction. Maybe it still happens that he and Bush also in the reality in The Hague for their attack hunderttausendfachen wars and the mass murder of the Iraqi people must be held responsible. They should forever in prison. The film is very funny and worth seeing. "Are they Anthony, Charles, Linton Blair? The accusation against them is, in March 2003, in fraudulent agreement with the President of the United States of America willfully and knowingly an aggressive war against the sovereign country Iraq ordered a violation of Articles 2, 42 and 51 of the UN Charter. I hereby beschliesse, they will be the war crimes tribunal in The Hague. "

I hope this war criminals actually hear these words from a judge who sits in prison and experienced nightmares, as in this film about the dead children, women, men and soldiers that he has on his conscience. Simply click on the image to the 70 minute movie to start.

What a rat left Tony Blair against his party colleagues, it looks at the latest report by the newspaper The Independent, where it says he would have had a secret, his successor, Gordon Brown, post as finance minister after the elections in 2005 to topple. This is the Labor Party but very beautiful "shocking" that the remark by Blair Brown he would "support every imaginable type" is a lie, because he actually wanted to destroy his career. But not Tony means nothing with nicknames BLIAR, the biggest liar this time.

As the Daily Mail reports, Michael Howard, the former leader of the Conservative Party and of political counterparty Blair said premium Minister Blair was once a good man, but he has his soul to the devil. This pact has Great Britain for 10 years lies, betrayal and the destruction of a decent government and administration beschährt, a poisoning of public life.

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