среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

The Tale of the Climate Protection

Currently Skip the politicians with actions to our climate to "save". There is a real climate hysteria. This is the drastic reduction of CO2 required, as now with the People's Initiative of the left is a reduction by the year 2020 by 30%. When all but sober and scientific perspective, it must be noted that this debate and the actions based on a totally false assumption. There is no relation between CO2 and climate, at least not as the Klima-Hysteriker. This is a fairy tale and a false allegation. The earth's atmosphere heats up not because of the rising CO2, but ungekehrt, by the rising heat rises over time the CO2 content of the air. This is scientifically by the historical climate research proved. If you look at the facts and not consider scare tactics and pseudoscience argues, we find that the CO2 in the air only a tiny percentage of 0.035%. Of this percentage, he is the man who in turn produced only a fraction. Most CO2 is about 80% of nature itself produced by volcanoes, plants, and most of the oceans. The whole climate and CO2 reduction discussion also be based on something that only 0.001% of the total atmosphere, and this will be whatever it costs reduced by 30%? This is the largest and public Verhältnisblödsinn all time.

The fact is, the main engine of global warming is the sun, not the little people of CO2. Our sun goes through fluctuations in the times they more or less energy on the earth radiates. This heat is caused by the water absorbed in the atmosphere and is the Hauptklimabeinflusser. Result of phase change between gaseous, liquid and solid is water in the energy transformations, and hence on the weather development significantly. Based on the adsorption properties in the infrared range is water for the warming of the Earth's atmosphere of utmost importance. This cycle of warmer and colder periods on Earth is therefore quite natural. Then, we have no influence and humanity and the animal world are in the thousands of years gone prima zurrecht come. So if global warming actually takes place on the CO2 produced by man pushes, either has no idea of what he is talking about or is aware of misinformation and scaremongering. It is the sun, this huge heat up there, and not insignificant CO2 which our climate warms. We can have as much CO2 on the earth reduced so that cools the sun to no degree.

The victims of this pseudoscience based on activism are not the rich nations of the earth, but the third world, precisely the order which the Left yes oh so take care. Yes, the poor countries are in fact more and more forced, but no CO2-producing reasonable for them to use energy sources, but priceless alternative energies, which they further into poverty drives. As if you like propellers with collectors and the energy consumption of a country could cover. Ridiculous. The most absurd example of what is currently with the corn in Mexico is happening. Because the United States to pressure from environmental activists suddenly bethinks share of the gasoline to 30%, the whole corn in the world bought up and the prices have tripled. Now the poor in Mexico corn bread is no longer afford their main food, because priceless. The Irr-Logik the Klima-Hysteriker is fully materialized. The rich in America soothe their consciences with gasoline in the tank, but the poor in the Third World no longer eating and starve.

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