среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Goebbels would be proud

How did it happen? How will it go? Yes, the global corporations do the show on the world stage and the guarantees fascism. So it comes to fascism. Yes, the politicians are all in the pockets of donors. It is not elected without much money. Presidencies be purchased in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Yes these people as the puppets come to power are not very intelligent, as has been, but that does not say much. Yes, with a lot of money and fitted with glitter and light effects and corresponding matching bombastic Untermahlung sees any intelligent monkey. But what is the real problem?

The real problem is this hydraköpfige Medienhure. The real problem is who controls the appearance, content and the flow of information and thus the perception of reality. Goebbels was master in it and would actually very proud about what goes on today.

There are now 900,000 Iraqis dead, but what we hear is that there are only 30,000 to 100,000. How is this possible? Why is this discrepancy in the figures is not even discussed? Why is there no headline, "What are the real numbers of dead Iraqis?" . On the contrary, what the exact numbers will be determined and published by the media and censored region. Due to the illegal war in Iraq are dying every day 600 people and 4 million are refugees. The situation in Iraq is an apocalyptic hell, and what are the media? Reports as a distraction and permanently in detail all about Paris Hilton. Yes Goebbels would be proud.

If today "arabic" looks like it is automatically Stigmatisiert. The media stir a racism and spread the impression that these are the only evil and they hate us because of our freedom. This lie is constantly told, and not that of the west with the whole world wars covers and occupied countries, to the resources companies, and therefore there is an opposite reaction. As Muslims, there is a longstanding threat of kidnapped off the street and with a bag over his head in the CIA Jet in any Secret to be delayed. There will be no indictment and legal protection for years tortured, humiliated and even killed. The President has broken all international agreements, even its own constitution and its own naked torture. And there are concentration camps where people like animals kept in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, but the media describe all this as a necessary evil. Goebbels would be proud.

Last summer, the entire Lebanon destroyed simply because the two soldiers on foreign territory were captured. Eye witnesses, journalists, residents confirm that the army was on the border, and has only been waiting for a provocation to invade them. The whole was planned. 1.2 million were bombs on the country heruntergeregnet, most after a "peace" was, a half of which 1 million are now unexplodiert around and continue to kill civilians, men, women and children. And what is happening in the Palestinian territories and in Gaza happens is simply obscene. But where are the reports about it? Goebbels would be proud.

Try an experiment and sometimes hears exactly the mass media on the radio and on TV for a few days in which to get a sense of what we hear. What you hear? We get a constant stream of reports of alleged bugbears in London and Glasgow things in the air blow wanted. But there was no history in the story, just a bunch of air and scare tactics. Why this? And in Germany announce the media every second day a terror alert after another of this wheelchair mobile err, will be what happens to his perverse police state can implement nightmares. The fear is poked, anxiety and paranoia about people totally ready to make in order to enhance the surveillance, so that the custodial restrictions swallow. Goebbels would be proud.

Since meet the 150 most powerful people in the world Bilderberg conference in Istanbul to discuss the plans and how the world is governed and divided, and you hear nothing, absolutely NOTHING in the media about it. Although known and to hand the actual Ages this meeting as a "king-maker" of the global elite expires, is not a single journalist of the mass media locally and reported it. Otherwise, if just ONE of these kings, queens, presidents, ministers premium, military leaders, ministers, party leaders, group leaders, the media, etc. prince some day, hundreds would Paparazzi, cameramen and journalists to rush out and report. But we hear not a word. Goebbels would be proud.

After the media in Iraq and Afghanistan war with lies to the people sold, it is now with the propaganda for the coming war against Iran. Exactly the same horrific images and untruths to be disseminated to a villain. There will be speeches by Ahmanedijad incorrectly translated and quoted out of context. It is then the lie of a threat designed, which are not true. The media produce the next enemy to return a regime change and conquest to justify war. Goebbels would be proud.

Those who control the media and the information in it, control the perception of the public about what is happening in the world. It's like a big black cloth over the heads of people put over. It is safe and warm under the blanket even though it scared. But it is much worse and it has even more anxiety about the ceiling, under the bed, in the closet, behind the trees outside in the garden. The message to us sl. the media is everywhere, the enemy lurking, only the state can protect you, but you must give up your freedoms so that he can protect you. The media pave the way to fascism. Goebbels would be proud.

I look at the news on TV and know without a doubt I will lie to. Recent history shows that everything we hear and see on the official news channels, on the war in Iraq and everything else where and what to do with the "war on terror" is a FALSITY reported. We have daily evidence of the many, many lies. And the lies are repeated the next day, as if they were new. Ironically, the mass media will be forced to lie to uncover evidence arise when, but somehow, the Ok. Has halt Bush admitted that he has lied about the reasons for war, what should's, forget it. The lies are not really lies. Goebbels would be proud.

The official figures of the fallen American soldiers and wounded are not the real numbers. With creative manipulation are faked. Only the soldiers who are in the field. Those who later died, while transportation, in the hospital, and then in Germany during military operations in the hospital or in the home are not. There are no pictures of dead, on the serious injuries, amputations, disfigured faces and the many coffins with American flag or forget about the funeral ceremonies. The media mention the dead and the people may not see. Can not see what consequences these criminals in power cause. Goebbels would be proud.

If you actively searching for the truth, then you can find them too. The uncensored information is there and available. But how many of us go on a search? How many of the interested anyway? Most people are passive consumers of news and believe every Scheiss of them through the media is presented. So does the power. Only when something "you" happen when the events and the consequences are not far away somewhere in the world, but you yourself very close to happen, then it is suddenly different. Then it starts to lie on your own body experience, it wakes you up and wondered, what about us? Only then it is too late. Wrong information can be fatal. It has been too long into the lie network of propaganda spin. Goebbels would be proud.

What is with all of discrepancies in the official 9 / 11 story? How can a 47-storey skyscraper WTC7, which is not a plane was hit, seven hours later and perfectly symmetrical as with a blast targeted coincide? How can the hundreds of testimonies by people who worked in the towers, one of the firemen, the policemen and rescue workers who ignore all about bombs, and explosions shake BEFORE the reported fall together? How can the many reports of warning about the insider trading weeks earlier, on the financing of the assassin by the Pakistani secret service, the letter with military anthrax attack against the two politicians who act against the Patriot Act resistance, the many In, destruction of evidence that many many lies all the books would fill, how can we keep silent about these tracks and as a journalist not pursue? The lie there were 19 Arabs is constantly repeated and maintain an enemy image. It is proved that 9 / 11 of the Reichstag fire in Bush / Cheney. But the media do nothing. Goebbels would be proud.

Is it my job excavate the truth and disseminate? No. It is their job. Everywhere lies. A towering wave of lies, a tsunami of bullshit is washing over us, day in day. Smiling androids on TV with hair geleckten you tell lies and then turn away for a commercial, then you have to tell more lies. Lies are a reality. Maybe yes, it was always so, only now it's extreme. Each group is lying yes somehow. Those who adore the Mammon lie, sexually warped their lies that alcoholics, religious fanatics, the elderly and the young, historians, academics and the priest just what the life is not clear, they all lie. At the most they are lying to themselves. They live a lie, they die for a lie and down in the darkness marching them. The truth, the man at the end of darkness discovered is not simple truth. It is not a welcome by a loving family and friends. It is hard.

Somehow we think it is good, it is already open. The sad reality is, the lie robs you more than just the body and the freedom, it steals you the wonderful opportunities that life offers. It takes possession of your heart and soul. Lies kill what you would be. Therefore, my advice to you, listen to your head to nod and everything at face value too. I suggest you look deeper. It depends on whether you care or whether you for your fellow man and the world do you worry. It depends on how much truth lies in you own.

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