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China sells U.S. government bonds

China has more U.S. government bonds sold in April than ever before in the last 7 years, a signal that the country into other world currencies diversified, said the Shanghai Securities News, 19 June 2007.

Statistics of the U.S. Treasury Department show that China U.S. government bonds with a value of $ 5.8 billion, has sold the first decline in the stock since October 2005. Japan remains the largest holder of U.S. securities, with holdings of $ 614.8 billion through April, according to statistics. China is the second largest owner of U.S. securities with $ 414 billion. Overall, the United States $ 4.4 trillion of tradable government securities in circulation.

In order to diversify its investment, China has a new on the foreign exchange trading specialist firm founded, the State Investment Company which focuses in hocherträgliche securities, stock, real estate and in the money market to invest. Analysts estimate the company will start with a capital of $ 200 billion equipped.

"China's newly added foreign exchange reserves through trade surpluses are good enough to return and to enable China needs not the $ 1.2 trillion in foreign exchange reserves in favor of it yet," said Sun Ming Chun an economist of Lehman Brothers Bank. Marc Chandler, chief currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co said that there is no clear signal, the Chinese investors are now U.S. securities on the market and catch quoted the Chinese official said they had no interest in the value of their U.S. dollars to devalue .

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke have repeated the threat of a large out of U.S. securities by foreign investors who kept runtergespielt. Paulson said this week again, the stock of China is only the trading volume of a day.

Greg Anderson, director of currency strategy at ABN Amro Bank NV said he would not be concerned about China's reduction of U.S. securities, since China is still a lot of other values in the United States buys and thus the dollar based.

For more investment in U.S. values attract, Deputy Treasury Secretary Robert Kimmitt announced plans China and Russia continue to ask U.S. securities to buy. He said he plans similar visits to Japan, South Korea and the Middle East.

These are but only PR-Sprüche, panic is actually announced as this report shows:

UN calls for the dollar to support a global recession be avoided.

Thus the growth rate in the world continues, it is important to the dollar from a free event at the same time to maintain to avoid a recession, says a report by the UN at 30 May was published. See here and here. "We call for a coordinated strategy on the global imbalances to adjust, so that a tendency to slowdown of the world economy is avoided." In other words, all want out of the dollar, the central banks of the world but dare not call themselves that " coordinate ", the UN must therefore intervene.

The German said that the shit on steam, the Americans have great fear of the Chinese, Russians and many other countries rise from the dollar, and now even the UN should help out to control this. The countries where these giant stocks and bonds to U.S. dollars, are obviously planned this outing not announce big or sell everything at once. Then would the dollar fall into the loose soil and they lose everything. They do it secretly and beautiful step by step. Only all of this means the following: First, the United States is head over heels in debt and totally dependent on foreign donors. Secondly, the debt of the states like China and Russia, but in silence as enemies of the US. Thirdly, if these countries stop U.S. securities to buy or sell, and even process, then comes the great crash of the U.S. currency. America is clearly only a paper tiger of the great sounds and spits like a bat on the playground behaves, in fact, the country is totally broke and the "enemies" can be completed immediately purely financial. See here and here. What the Americans can still is a state to declare bankruptcy, a revelation Seid, in order to get rid of all the debt. Then, the lender probably worthless paper in the hand and would have to write off the loss, but the United States it would be for a very long time completely and would not kreditunwürdig cents more. Either way, "Goodby American Way of Life!"

I wonder why China and Russia not finally play their muscles and more in the world joined politics instead of the field to continue the americans who are so aggressive and warlike? A presumption perhaps waiting only that the United States itself destroyed. Indian saying: "If you calmly and patiently waiting on the river bank, the corpse of your enemy, one day."

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