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Why Hillary makes me scared

Here is a statement of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Mike Gravel of his students, which is remarkable. (HP)

During one of our debates, I said, my Democratic Mitkandidaten make me afraid. Hillarys speech last week at the Take Back America conference gives me another reason to be afraid.

With an indignant voice, it has the behavior of the Bush government denounced "A secrecy and corruption, nepotism out of the control ... It is everything that our founding fathers were afraid of everything for which our Constitution was actually designed to prevent." In fact, our Constitution to the Congress the power to prevent this scourge, but Hillary and her colleagues are not.

The legacy of the founding fathers Hillary has not held for the Patriot Act (like Hitler's Empowerment Act), and also to vote for its extension in 2006, although known as the government uses this to the very limit freedom rights, which our founding fathers have held so high . Where was their commitment as the founding fathers as they are for the removal of the protection of habeas corpus (judicial review of liberty) agreed?

And what nepotism concerns ... Hillary has repeatedly agreed that billion by the Pentagon to ausschreibungslose contracts were awarded to Halliburton. Although the months since Democrats regained control of Congress, they have not Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and the many other suspects who disappeared for millions in reconstruction funds (Iraq) responsible are preloaded.

When I think of the nepotism and corruption which makes Bush think that reminds me of the lines from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar:

Why would Caesar a tyrant?
The poor man! I know he would not Wolf,
If he does not säh, the Romans are just sheep;
He would not Leu, if they would not deer.

In the same speech, fear Hillary give the Iraqis the blame for the mess in their country. "The American military is successful. It is the Iraqi government which has failed and the hard decisions are important to her people. "

Let me clarify what Hillary says that the disaster in Iraq is not the fault of the Neo living in delusion, the oil companies rip, or the gullible and cowardly warmongers in Congress. (Most senators, including Clinton, have not made the effort to 90seitigen National secret report to read). According to Hillary is the true culprit, the Iraqi government, but what we have created overnight alone to a fragmented, impoverished society to govern. A legendary, the victim is the perpetrator!

Hillary, as an active supporter of the war, are you one of the many in America are guilty. And now all Americans are responsible, regardless of whether they are for or against the war. If we look back in our hands is the blood of tens of thousands of American victims, and hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis stick. The Iraqi government has not started, we were there.

Of course we can further from the truth off, the military forces and the Iraqis pile of rubble in the shoes slide. We can continue to believe in the imagination, we have only good intentions and the intentions were heroic by the cowardice and incompetence of the other diminished. But if that is what we experience than from Iraq take, we will never learn the true lesson and we will be doomed to repeat these mistakes.

The inability errors and to assume the responsibility is not only a morally bankrupt nature to go through life, but also a dangerous and deadly kind of a country to lead. If I am President, I will be all open secret files which the war in Iraq and all concerned officials blossstellen which lie to the public to have this support. (Yes Dick, your files too!) My Justice Department will pursue all who have lied under oath or what the American taxpayers have the guile taking advantage of the reconstruction program in Iraq. And I will not pardon.

Finally, says times of the truth about these doppelzünginge Giftschlang! The two, Mike Gravel among Democrats and Ron Paul at the Republicans, are one of the few presidential candidates in the first, have the courage to tell the truth and secondly, not in the pockets of large corporations. Unfortunately, they have no chance and are not chosen because the media censor it completely and it is not enough campaign money have to the voters about their honest and good program. The presidency in the United States and also government elections here in Europe are only bought and manipulated, nothing else. It will again be the totally corrupt, hypocritical and corrupt candidates win, no matter on which side, as this piece of crap Hillary Clinton, the most money from their sponsors, and then get to where the government only this. We live in a dictatorship Group, a form of society only by, with and for the large corporations made. Only they have the final say and the power. The elections are just a show, so that one feels one has a choice. Indeed, becoming the candidate who had already predetermined by the elite, and if it is by choice forgery and media manipulation is done.

The behavior of the "left" and Hillary Clinton as the "right" Bush / Cheney criminals supports proves my theory that the left really are the worst, they are the holder of the stirrup fascists. Instead of this war criminals the red card to show the task as opposition and to the people's will with the mandate to stop the war, with which they were elected to perform, make it fully with the crimes, give criminals the green light to do and commit so betrayal of the Constitution, the people and the country. Has the United States attacked Iraq? NO. Has anything with the Iraq 11 September? NO. Was the security of the United States threatened by Iraq? NO. Why they then war there?

Oh yes, it was yes to the basic nachgeschobenen an "evil" dictator said Monday. First, he was so YOUR dictator of the 30 years she has worked for, and secondly, they have now eliminated him yes and hanged, himself Asked mission is fulfilled, so why are they still in Iraq? Oh yes, there is now such a nachgeschobener reason, we can not Iraqis in the chaos of civil war. This is again a lie, first, because the Americans so stoke civil war in which they own the Shiites against the Sunnis, and to spur on mosques in the air blast and secondly, the Iraqis need anyone as big brother who shows them how they should lead their country. The Americans also had their civil war and have this out themselves. Iraq is the former Mesopotamia, which is the birthplace of civilization. They were already civilized and had cities, water systems, palaces and a culture as we in Europe still lived in caves, long before the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. How arrogant it is for us to tell them what they want to do and how they have to live. It is only by conquest, slavery and the plundering of the wealth of the large corporations, to give her the left, support the fascists and completely betrayed its principles.

Just as it happened in Germany. What federal government has for the first time German soldiers in a war sent to the Constitution and violated the people's will be ignored? It was a Red / Green government, the Left and not the CDU. There were the parties which pacifism in the party program. Unbelievable. Since when has defended Germany in Afghanistan, or in Lebanon or in the Horn of Africa? Grabbing these countries Germany? NO. The German governments commit a breach of constitutional and treason, they can kill German soldiers, in which they are created by the illegal foreign missions the American fascist world empire to help build. They serve a foreign power. It is only the conquest of countries and the stealing of resources, for the benefit of selfish America. As an excuse will be the "fight against terrorism" is used, a complete lie.

As the comedian Rich Mathias Ling says: "Morality always came from the left, as long as they are not governed. Since they govern, there is no more. "

This left / right thinking is absolute nonsense and just a eyewash. There is no difference in the party's spectrum if they come to power. Parties are an invention of the elite as a distraction to the people that again against each other and manipulate them. As the Romans said, divide and govern. Therefore forgets parties, listens in on the left right to think. Crucial is only right or wrong. Either you are a patriot, no matter how politically oriented, or it is a national traitor.

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