среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

CNN will not Afghanistan

In the CNN news program Aderson Cooper is the latest Afghanistan ....

... In Syria!

This complete idiots not even know where the country is in the six years since the war. And that is THE news stations in the world from which all the world politicians, CEOs and all other TV stations inform and as a model? Another proof of shows how crudely inaccurate and the media. What we can tell you and report generally regarded as waste. No wonder the American foreign policy a complete disaster, even if their media not even know how the world looks. And that is the leading country in the world, which carries as world policeman and thinks it knows everything better? There must still be glad if they do not go forth from Iran and instead of ignorance and goofiness bomb Italy, the countries because they do not differ. If it does not matter, I catch with both. "Sorry her spaghetti, Rome no longer there? Did we stop in the target wrong. The garbage heap had time off anyway. You can pick yes to the UN complaining, ha, ha, ha ... "

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