среда, 24 октября 2007 г.

Germany's own Guantanamo

Is it hot, now you no longer with the CIA Jet a long flight to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Germany now has its own Guantanamo prison, where the G8 will be kept in cages. Because so animals are treated better, because the animal protection law prohibits caging. Yes from the Amis is a lot about freedom and human rights learning. Missing only the orange and Kaputzen Overal. Betting that the sicherheitsgeile crazy lispelnde wheelchair Dr. Strange Love also still heterosexual. See mirror. This fits the latest report of the special for the Council of Europe Dick Marty, in which he claimed that there was evidence that the CIA operated secret in Europe, and all the countries in Europe are aware of them, at least tolerated and Germany have even actively hinders education . What does this with a rule of law to do if you without doing anything to have on the street by CIA agents can be kidnapped, a hood over his head gets put over with a Jet CIA a free flight in a Secret (Black Site) gets and then there tortured and humiliated for years, without ever to be indicted, or a lawyer to have? See Kurnaz case. All governments know exactly what the CIA does and damned hypocritical European politicians make it happen, or even with help. See mirror. The special investigator Dick Marty has dozens of witnesses (Mirror)

First came the Muslims get, because I was not, I kept silent. Then came the dissidents fetched, because I was not, I did not protest ..... And when they came to get me, no one was there to protest! (Vacant after Martin Niemüller)

Auf Wiedersehen democracy, welcome police state!

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