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9 / 11-time foreknowledge

On the forthcoming 6th The 11th anniversary September, I had the most important events in the form of an era rail chronologically listed. Here you can see what in 2001 to the date X on 9 / 11 every happened.

- February 01 - There were dozens of warnings from friendly intelligence agencies, as proposed by the German, French, Russian and Israeli, which followed a terrorist attack recalled. It was from these services specifically pointed out that airplanes against prominent American symbols can be used. At least since March 2001, the CIA knew exactly decision.
- March 01 - The Russian envoy to the UN passes a detailed report to the UN Security Council on Bin Laden, through its network, where he is staying and what his connections with the secret services, such as Pakistan, are.
- April 01 - The former security expert to the White House Richard Clark, who is responsible for the anti-terror, repeated warnings about an imminent terrorist attack by Bin Laden. These were ignored by the government, they were known, were "not urgent."
- April 01-By September 2001 sent the FAA US-Flugaufsichtsbehörde total of 105 of the daily security reports, 52 of which mention the name of Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.
- April 01 - The leader of the Northern Alliance AllAhmed Shah Massoud, who fought against the Taliban, speaking before the European Parliament, and says it will soon be a major terrorist attack against the United States. During his visit to Europe, he has also met with CIA agents and the knowledge of his secret about Bin Laden to her party.
- May 01-Coaching the Tri-Service DiLorenzo Health Care Clinic and the Air Force Flight Medicine Clinic, both in the Pentagon einquartiert, an emergency scenario for a crash of a hijacked 757 passenger plane which crashes into the Pentagon.
- June 01-Changes security expert Richard Clark at his request, and because he totally frustrated by the lack of anti-terror measures, in a different department.
- June 01-Will the sole command authority for firing measures in the event of a hijacking by the military on the new Vice President Cheney.
- July 01 - If Bin Laden in the American Hospital in Dubai with life-saving measures and with a dialysis unit treated, and speaks with the local CIA-Chef.
- July 01-Were there more than 70 investigations against terror suspects in the USA in 2001 and FBI agents have headquarters in Washington reported that they had Arab flight students under observation, the only want to learn how to fly a jumbo, but not how to set up a landing . The FBI headquarters agents has all the command, and nothing to do with the suspect.
- July 01-Changes for the first time in the history of the ownership of the World Trade Center complex for an amount of 3.2 billion dollars from the Port Authority to business man Larry Silverstein. This insured the buildings against terrorist attacks specifically for 3.5 billion dollars.
- July 01-Due to a warning from the FBI headquarters flies the U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft will no longer be with liner machines, but only with government aircraft, because of possible terrorist threats.
- July 01 - The Foreign Ministers of the Taliban, Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil warns the United States it had received information that a "big attack" in America soon will happen.
- August 01-Two CIA anti-terrorist specialists rich their resignation because they are frustrated about the lack of action against an immediate of them feared terrorist attack.
- August 01 - The White House was kept secret reports of the danger of terrorist attacks that hijacked airplanes be that Bin Laden terrorists on reingeschmuggelt Canada has, indeed, a report even had the headline "Bin Laden determined to attack inside the U.S. "and" Something really spectacular is going to happen here, and it's going to happen soon. "
- August 01 - The FAA warns all airlines about possible hijackings within the United States.
- August 01 - The Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the United States of suicide pilots who train for an attack.
- August 01 - The Civil Protection Agency, FEMA warns of a terrorist attack in New York and requires counter-measures.
- August 01 - Hani Hanjour who allegedly Flight 77 flew into the Pentagon should have covered the driver's license test and is not allowed him a small plane to rent because of his skills trainers for a test flight doubts.
- August 01-President Bush says the CIA-Berichterstatter, thank you for the warning, "You've covered your ass, now" - "You have now saved your ass."
- August 01 - The Israeli secret service Mossad warned the United States before an imminent terrorist attack.
- August 01-Cofer Black, the chief of the CIA Anti Terrorism Center, said at a lecture in front of the Defense Ministry, "We are going to be struck soon, many Americans are going to die, and it could be in the US."
- August 01 - Zacarias Moussaoui attended a flight training center and flies in a 747-400 simulator. After he funny questions about how much fuel as a plane and how much damage it would cause, the staff notifies him when the FBI arrested him. But the FBI-Zentrale shows no interest and it is only because of illegal immigration held.
- August 01 - The military base at Fort Meade, between Baltimore and Washington, for the first time introduces strict security guidelines, and no one is more pure or without checking out. They are filled with anti-terrorist measures justified.
- August 01 - Anti-terror expert John O'Neill reaches his resignation from the FBI, because he is due to the non-permanent blocking his work. He moves to New York as head of security for the World Trade Center.
- August 01 - The first four hijackers buy air tickets with their real names, also appear on the "Watch List", but not prevented from flying.
- August 01 - The Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) in Washington will be partly evacuated, and a large operation to treat many injuries converted.
- August 01 - Mohamed Atta may buy his plane ticket, although it because without a license and for violation of the visa rules for arrest is issued.
- August 01 - The egyptische President Hosni Mubarak warned the United States against a well-advanced plan of attack for terrorists.
- August 01-2 / 3 of all interceptor from the Langley Air Force Base which protects Washington deducted and weeks of maneuvers called "Northern Guardian" in Iceland, Europe and the Middle East ordered.
- August 01 - The Ministry of Transport has maneuver from a simulated hijacking and counter-measures train.
- August 01-CIA Director George Tenet visited on 24.Augut President Bush in his Crawford ranch in Texas, and informed him about the threat of terrorist danger. Present at the meeting are Minister of Defense Rumsfeld, National Security Advisor Condi Rice and Chief of General Staff General Meyers and Pace.
- September 01-Robert Mueller took office as the new FBI director on 3 September, after his predecessor, Louis Freeh resigned suddenly and unexpectedly.
- September 01-One of the two Baustatik-Igenieure of the World Trade Center Leslie Robertson, at a conference in Frankfurt on 3 September asked what he was against a planned terror attack physically. He responded, "I have the towers designed so that the impact of a 707 can endure." In fact, the towers were the first civilian buildings were constructed specifically for one or several bumps Flugzeugeinschläge
- September 01 - The Mossad is again a warning on 4 Out September.
- September 01 - The moving company Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. moves its headquarters with 200 employees on 4 September the 16th WTC floor of the tower to Norfolk Virginia. The Israeli government includes 49% of this company.
- September 01-Three weeks before 11 September report tenants of the World Trade Center from a planned power shutdown in the towers, on the weekend before 11 September. It was at this weekend all safety systems disabled, all doors open, the surveillance cameras are not recorded, and all alarm systems. The work of technicians at the cable laying work to be seen and perform the whole building shake, with the renewal of Internet connections unfounded. So a complete shutdown of electricity is unique in the history of the towers.
- September 01 - The chief of the Pakistani secret service ISI Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed visited Washington. He will meet for talks in the Pentagon with the National Security Council, then CIA Director Tenet, with people from the White House and with Marc Grossman, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.
- September 01 - Some terrorists go on 5 September in Madeira Beach, Florida to a casino boat of SunCruz Casinos to play and to have fun.
- September 01 - The security measures at the World Trade Center will be greatly increased, explosives are used dogs and all vans searched. But after 6 September inexplicably stop all measures, and the dogs are deducted.
- September 01 - The writer Salman Rushdie may from 6 September, according to U.S. authorities no longer US-Inlandsflüge. It says that the FAA had told his publisher, "there was intelligence information, it would be something to happen."
- September 01-were unusually high amounts of 5-year U.S. Treasury notes traded, a transaction alone was worth five billion dollars. These securities are then especially well if a world crisis occurs and the stock market crash.
- September 01-In the weeks before 11 September, on all stock markets in the world unusually high amounts of put options traded, mainly for the shares of American Airlines, United Airlines, various insurance companies and banks, all of which will later damage to the attack came. A put option is a bet that the value of a share is falling. A total of 15 billion dollars were traded.
- September 01-An Iranian Ali S. in a German prison and the Ausschaffung waits phoned repeatedly with US-Polizeibehörden and warns them against an immediate terror attack. He calls it "An attack of the world will change."
- September 01 - Mohamed Atta received a week prior to 11.9. A payment of 100,000 dollars, the sender was an agent of the Pakistani secret service.
- September 01 - The terrorists were observed in Miami as alcohol in a Strip-Bar with money to be thrown and loudly boasted.
- September 01-In the Arab community and in the mosques of New York circulate rumors about an imminent attack on the town and that one of the streets remain far.
- September 01-A Pakistani student of New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn New York shows on the towers and says his fellow students "Look at this building, next week they will no longer stand." The teachers reported that the police, who informed the FBI, but nothing happens.
- September 01 - There are the shares of insurers Munich Re, Swiss Re and AXA heavily sold, so it is with falling prices is expected.
- September 01 - The trading of put options by the company head office in the WTC towers will have drastically. So from Morgan Stanley, where else put on average 27 per day traded this rises to 2.157. At Merrill Lynch similarly, from 252 per day to 12.215. Dylan Ratigan of Bloomberg Business News said: "This would be one of the most extraordinary coincidences in the history of mankind if it was a coincidence."
- September 01-General Ahmed Shah Massoud, the leader of the Afghan Northern Alliance, on 9 September by two Al-Qaeda agents murdered, as the Moroccan TV-Journalisten spend.
- September 01-American air defense command NORAD begins with the maneuver "Operation Northern Vigilance" from 9 September and publishes a largely of combat aircraft from the eastern United States to northern Alaska.
- September 01 - The mayor of San Francisco, Willy Brown, should fly to New York, but got on 10 September, a call with the warning not to fly the next day.
- September 01-Top-Generäle All of the military are on 10 September warned, not the next day to fly.
- September 01-FEMA comes on September 10 in New York for a disaster exercise on the next day in Manhattan to begin.
- September 01 - The Minister of Defense Donald Rumsfeld reported in a lecture on 10th September, the Defense Ministry 2.3 trillion dollars missing and can not locate. CBS expects later to that over the years about 25% of the defense budget is not what accounting records and quoting an expert with "Their numbers are pie in the sky. The books are cooked routinely year after year! . " Exactly what the office investigated the missing amounts, the total impact of the Pentagon destroyed and all documents destroyed.
- September 01-Silverstein Properties, Larry Silverstein's company which the WTC a few months ago, has said a long-planned meeting for the next day in 88th Floor of the North Tower. It would have with Port Authority officials will be discussing what to do during a terrorist attack.
- September 01 - Since 1993, after the attack on the WTC, the security company Securacom / Stratesec with the installation of a new security system for the towers have been instructed and for the overall security. Director of the company until 2000 was Marvin Bush, the brother of the U.S. president. Then over Wirt D. Walker III. , A relative of the Bush family until 2002, a high-ranking posts in the company. Securacom was not only at the World Trade Center is responsible for the security, but also at the Dulles Airport in Washington, which started flying in 1977, and at United Airlines.
- September 01-Bin Laden is on 10 September to a military hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan submitted to dialysis treatment for his kidney to get. Pakistani soldiers guarding Bin Laden and replace staff with the usual confidence.

Continued ...

In the next part of "9 / 11 time - the day of attack", I will list everything on the morning of the 11th September happened before the first turn.

The statement of the U.S. government, they knew of nothing that had not Vorwarnungen and therefore could not prevent the attack, is a smooth lie. You see, there were dozens of warnings in advance. This is the US government is guilty of at least they would have done it deliberately, and 3,000 deaths in purchasing taken, which in itself is already a impeachment proceedings against President Bush for high treason and mass murder is justified.

7-34 poll

Between 20 And 27 August 2007, I ask you:

Where do your information?

Answers Number %
Almost everything from the mass media 1 12
Most of the media, something from the Internet 8 4
Something from the media, the Most from the Internet 103 48.5
Only the Internet, the media can be forgotten 101 47.5
Total 213 100

Conclusion: According to collect almost all respondents have their information mainly from the Internet, with half of them exclusively from the Internet. The mass media play as a source of information virtually no role anymore.

Mortgage crisis in England

Another milestone on the journey to the total indebtedness

Who says the mortgage crisis is limited to the distant America limited wrong. In the nearby large EU country Britain, the situation is exactly the same. The Americans tremble because of the fear of an epidemic of forced auctions, the Englishman already experiencing one.

The auctions are forced never been as high as 8 years. In this year are already 14,000 property of the creditor banks has been withdrawn, 30% more than a year ago, as the Council of Mortgage Lenders reported. These are further 125'000 households have been lagging behind with their mortgage payments.

The private bankruptcies are on an unprecedented record high, mainly caused by the high mortgage debt.

The situation is so bad ... and the danger from the plight of homeowners so big ... that the government of the basic rules of the mortgage system will change.

Whether they can enforce it is still open, especially because the British are always happy to have their own house wanted, with flexible mortgages and personal debt. Television programs based on the real estate and debt counseling specialized, are the most popular in the country, because British consumers are the most indebted group within the G7 countries.

"We live in a society where we promote Make the debt and there is a high pressure to each his own four walls to acquire what for some was a good investment," says Frances Walker from the Consumer Credit Counseling Service, a debt counseling in London.

For others, though, it is a nightmare because the interest burden greatly increased.

Only 5% of British property buyers take a fixed-rate mortgage. But the Bank of England has the interest in record height driven five times in the last 12 months to 5.75%, the highest figure since 2001. And it could be even worse. The central bank has indicated it we have an increase this year. Moreover, inflation in the other important goods, such as food, electricity, gas, gasoline ... the British Home owners will from all sides eingequetscht.

Unlike America, there is a small ray of hope, because real estate prices are still rising, although they have tripled since 1997.

As long as the prices rise, the owners in distress to sell the houses and using the money to repay mortgages ... in theory. In reality, but it takes a sale several months, and until then is a forced auction to the house because the air.

Owning your own house is in the mentality of the British-rooted that most prefer to buy in higher debt than to rent apartments, even if they do not even afford. (IHT)

For the first time, the British private debt, more than the British GDP

The British have piled up so much debt that the total sum is greater than the total value generated by the country, as a new study shows. The financial advisers Grant Thornton predicts that the gross domestic product this year, Ł 1:33 trillion will reach less than Ł 1:35 trillion in debt from mortgages and personal loans with June.

These symbolic overhaul is the first time that the 60 million inhabitants of the country's banks owe more than the value of everything every office and every factory produces in the country. It is a warning signal for the debt of the people are totally out of control and they have the "financial cliff" triggers. The boom in the homes market is the main reason for the debt.

Grant Thornton, this debt amount to the "buy now, pay later" mentality and warns that an increase in interest rates a great burden to families and individuals will bring. "Fortunately, the majority of debt covered by collateral and can be repaid over a number of years, otherwise we would be technically bankrupt" says economist Stephen Gifford. (Independent)

Comment: This report on the situation in Britain Gross proves my statement in the article which I "Who benefits from the crash" made.

"The crash of the financial market is an asset transfer from the poor and the middle class to the ruling elite. So an asset redeployment happened not so easy, it is also not the result of incompetence and lack of foresight. Quite the contrary, it is made aware and well planned. In the center of the asset transfer is a criminal corruption at the highest level of economic and political system. "

The reduction, and then increase in interest rates is not a natural phenomenon, or higher power of God and it is certainly not the game of "market forces", but a conscious and gewolltes, by a small group of elite financial decision.

This handful of leaders, bankers and company bosses decide on round table, with the so-called "Bank Board meetings or in a glass of whiskey and a thick cigar in the men's club, the fate of millions of people. You alone decide whether the people by "cheap money" angeheizten consumption apparently goes well, or whether an interest rate increase by hundreds of thousands of their roof over their heads and lose on the road to fly, whether they work and have something to eat, or whether they are unemployed and starve, and even whether they live or die. This game will be repeated every few decades.

The financial elite behaves exactly like the drug mafia. First, with free samples or cheap fabric angefixed and if we depend on hoes and is addictive, the price increases and they make the big coal. Then it is on the drug and can not be more different. The people who approve the loans have to switch on, sit now in a debt trap and no longer come out. Both groups are all gangsters.

Now, of course, what the financial system's defense and the capitalist brainwashed are saying, well your own fault, no one is forcing people to raise loans and about their living conditions. This is of course a shameless justification, because how can we resist the consumption, if you by massive advertising, clever marketing, constant bombardment by the media for buying products is animated, with money to a nachgeschmissen? Who can to these temptations say no?

The whole is a abgekartetes game with the intention of the people to poverty, to enslave and always under control. They will and may never get out of Scheisse. Between them there through the illusion of relative prosperity to them even more with the head reinzudrücken.

I repeat my call: "There is only one solution which is sustainable, the privilege of the money supply to determine money out of nowhere to create interest and to require the banks must be removed. The perverse system whereby debt is equal to mean money and the interest versklavende system must be abolished. Then, the constraints of increasingly stopped and we can in symbiosis with our planet and to live in peace with each other. "

Putin "topless" is hot

If it is the diplomatic and military muscles Russia can play, it makes President Vladimir Putin always headlines. But few would have thought it would be a barrage of gossip and speculation, Putin after his shirt off in front of the cameras, during his holiday with Prince Albert II of Monaco in the mountains of Siberia last week. The photos with the muscles of Putin, openly and prominently on the website of the President showed, admiration, criticism and some increased pulse beats for the ladies causes.

The local media can not enough about that report.

The Komsomolskaya Pravda has a large color photo of a topless president showed, with the headline "Be like Putin." Among them, there was a guide with the exercises are necessary in order to build a torso.

In the meantime, the observers speculate the Kremlin and guess what a political message these pictures say, because Putin on his plans, at the end of his second term next year resign, as required by the Constitution.

Yevgenia Albats, a radio presenter said the pictures should be his personal popularity among the electorate increased, a possible strong signal he will but not the power. As Albats halbnackten suggested the photos would be inappropriate for a president of Russia, female listeners bombarded with e-mails and expressed their admiration over the body of Putin.

Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that the women visited their site, left comments on Putin's "great body" and said "we are delighted" and besiege him with compliments.

The Russian gay chat rooms and blogs are particularly intrigued by the photos. Some argued that because Putin's Oberköper nude shows, it would be a signal for more tolerance of homosexuality in Russia, where gays and lesbians are forced to remain in hiding.

A satirical photo which the rounds on the Internet made, compared to Putin's witty way with Albert mountain tour with the film "Brokeback Mountain," a love story about gay cowboys.

The 54 year Putin, who is married and has two daughters, has long cultivated a macho image and his masculinity. Known as skiers and karate fighter with a black belt, Putin has often on television as a truck driver, driver, captain of a submarine and as a co-pilot of a fighter jet has been seen.

All of these adventures have been published widely, thanks to the control of the major media by the Kremlin. In contrast to his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, for his silly drunkenness was known, Putin has an image of a serious, energetic, sober and intelligent politician. In a country which receives its world class athletes and Olympionieten admired, he made sure to stay fit. In interviews, he speaks enthusiastically about judo and football.

"Sport has helped me a special view of the world to shape, about people and how I fit with them," he said in an interview on the Kremlin web site. Observers believe it is all part of the mystery Putin. "He is cool. It is an image which runs through his entire presidency, cool, "says Sergei Markov, director of the Institute for Politwissenschaft in Moscow.

But Putin's trip to the wilderness has its male public person to a new level. The Prince and the President spent a few days during the holidays in the mountains of the Siberian region of Tuva. Attracted only with leisure clothes, a hat, gloves and send sun glasses, Putin has ridden a horse, with a raft driven, has fished in the streams and was with a jeep on ... everything from the state television.

During the whole recreational Image consultants have ensured that Putin looked as though he has everything under control. The holiday has been supported by the bomb attack on the Moscow-St. Petersburg train interrupted. The TV pictures showed how Putin on his cell phone instructions to the responsible minister gave.

Some political analysts argue that these images of a halbnackten a President Putin would show you not only can take longer and be prepared to his retirement. Others are of the opinion, so that he would exactly the opposite radiate, it would be healthy, dynamic, active and had his life and the destiny of the country fully under control.

Teflon-why should it be avoided

You are so grown up, and your mother has been the pancakes and fried eggs made for you until the pans were unsightly and abblätterten. You know you use it at home and you know the restaurants use it to get the food to cook. You have even ever heard it is bad for the health. But do you know why and how bad it really is?

Teflon is the registered trademark for Poly Tetra fluoro ethylene (PTFE). This plastic things which "is not sticky" in making its application should be considered "carcinogenic" classified, according to many experts in the health sector. One would think that would be sufficient for the health authorities to bring this substance in thousands of products should be banned. But no, they have just decided that the company must ensure it is not so easy to resolve. What? Yes, indeed everyone can continue to use Teflon, as long as they find a way so that it does not penetrate into everything with which it comes into contact ... such as food, clothing, packaging, etc. And the companies have until 2015 to get time to achieve this. I can not wait, what new material until then they invent to make it "safe" to make and what these chemicals do to our bodies.

It is so, within 2 to 5 minutes on the stove, frying pans coated with Teflon, temperatures can be achieved, with the layer dissolves and toxic particles and gases provenance, which for the death of domestic animals and for many diseases most people will be held responsible. (According ETH from 321C) Sounding but surely, is not it? According to a report by Environmental Working Group:

"In a new test conducted by a professor and health experts for food, reached normal frying pans with Teflon coating a temperature of 391C within 3 minutes and 20 seconds, while the temperature rose further when the test was terminated. DuPond own tests show that toxic substances make Teflon (ausgast) if there is a temperature of 230C. From there 360C Teflon six different toxic gases, including two Krebserregende, two by the atmosphere and damage the MFA, a chemical already in the deadly small doses. At temperatures of 538C, which in some baking pans will be achieved, confirm scientists from DuPont, decomposes in Teflon chemical substances known as PFIB, what are the same as the substance and the fight nerve phosgene. "

That sounds all very reassuring and safe, or not? I mean, who can have his frying pan under the temperature at which this "miracle material" poisonous?

A few years ago, I have been on stainless steel pans and converted since zurückgeschaut not. They need a little more time cleaning, but there is value there if I do, I do not cook additional chemicals into my food, plus another polluting gases in the atmosphere. If you still have Teflon-coated pans, then I would strongly recommend that you dispose of and stainless steel pans to buy or what made of cast iron. Even the cheap from Aldi are better than those with non-stick coating. Many studies have shown how poisonous the stuff is ... who is also one of you will already Polytetrafluoroethylene or Perfluorooctanoicsäure in his schnitzel or fried eggs? None? I Dachte's me.

Alec Baldwin-No more business people into the White House

We are all familiar with Alec Baldwin as a Hollywood actor in dozens of films, most recently in the Oscar winning "The Departed." But few know that he is very politically engaged and writes frequently comments on blogs. Here is the opinion of Alec about who is next to the White House is:

"If the election campaign by McCain will soon come to an end, then I am disappointed. At a certain point in time McCain was the Republican candidate as a Democrat, which I am most afraid. He was also the candidate the most widely accepted, I would have if he the elections for the White House could have won. McCain is a tough, brave and dedicated man, his career for the service to the public has abandoned. And, although I understand it, to an extent, the reason why his election campaign now eingeknickt. I am speechless about why the Republicans think they can this guy not get elected. Now Bob Dole and John McCain. The legacy of the "greatest generation" and now their sons and daughters, which is the failure to attract conservative voters. The party with which John Kerry sled threats and John McCain behind.

Romney is not as a rich Schnösel, an incredible part of his personal assets is spending to convince us what a great man he is. What a great leader he is. What a great American he is, as Bloomberg and Corzine and Schwarzenegger. Romney wants to teach us how the government of the United States as a group to be conducted. Romney wants his laserscharfen business practices be used to meet the cost of Regierungsapparats limit.

First off, what President, no matter what kind of track record and bring it no matter what party, and a majority in Congress he belonged, has ever managed the cost of public administration curb? There is no one. Why is it so? Because a government body is not as a business should be run and not to be. There should certainly be more geschäftsmässig. But it should never run like a business. At each election campaign period, it seems, is a conservative candidate like Romney and provides us with a diagnosis of obesity on the Treasury. The problem is not how much we spend. It is how much we verschwänden. Zerbröckelnde infrastructures. The soldiers in Iraq insufficiently equipped and understaffed. No serious investments in renewable energies by this gang of Ölhuren in the White House. All of them are businessmen.

We do not need a business man in the White House. We need a leadership personality. A great leadership personality. A man of the Americans the hope and courage are the tough decisions to come to meet us, in symbiosis with the planet. A man of the American priorities for the next 50 years redefined. And if there is no man ... that makes a woman. "

Comment: I do not agree with him in all agree, but it is interesting and I wanted to show how even one of the Democrats think.

U.S. missile defense is a provocation

The Austrian Defense Minister Norbert Darabos, the US-Pläne to build a missile defense system in Eastern Europe as a "provocation." In an interview with the Austrian newspaper "Die Presse" (Thursdays) of SPÖ-Politiker appealed to the government to abandon the project. The United States should work with those who rejected the project, a compromise.

"It has no sense, a missile defense system in Europe," said Darabos. This would only unnecessarily old debates of the Cold War fueled. "There are old ghosts to manage change adequately, we had actually already distributed."

The USA wants as part of its defense system in Poland Abfangraketen station and a radar station built in the Czech Republic. Russia has strongly protested against the plans and threatened with counter-measures. U.S. figures serves the planned defense system of possible missile attacks from so-called rogue states like Iran or North Korea. It is not directed against Russia. (Yahoo)

Comment: Finally logs from a Western politicians and the opinion says Bush and truth on this subject. Where to stay because the Germans and the other politicians of the "big" countries that represent the security interests of Europe and also say something? But they kuschen yes, as always, was when Washington wants.

Good questions to reinforce your life

One of the most effective ways to have personal success are the right questions to themselves. If you have a question, then you always get an answer. Ask you, "Why does this happen only to me?" And you get an answer. But if you ask, "How do I live a good day today?" Then you get an answer. What response is motivational and better? Therefore, why not provide it to you the right questions, which you happy, self-assured and successful?

The world turns quickly, and many of our interests are continuously through television, advertising and marketing seduced. Here are some questions you can use to establish a successful life to stay on course.

I commend the 5-10 favorite questions from the following list to take it down and off the screen, bathroom mirrors and otherwise readily visible laptop. Pretty soon we will know by heart the questions and soon will be the questions to use the chaff from wheat to be separated.

Another way is that it takes only a matter per day or week before, and she writes on some list, which can be easily visible everywhere. Try it and you will see how the wonderful effect!

  • What I want to achieve now?
  • What is the most important thing I do today?
  • How I spend my time on the best right now?
  • What I want to achieve now?
  • What can I delete from my list, by deleting or delegating?
  • What can I do now to make a leap, not a step forward?
  • From whom can I learn today what?
  • Who can I thank today?
  • What am I thankful?
  • Can I eliminate distractions right now?
  • What are my three main objectives?
  • What is my most important in life?
  • If I die in a year, what would I do now?
  • What can I do today to the three main objectives?
  • What can I do now instead of me worry?
  • Who needs my love today?
  • How can I become a man liebenswürdigerer today?
  • How can I become a compassionate man?
  • What can I do now to negative energy going to be positive and in reality?
  • What can I do about my anger going to be?
  • How can I get my concern now stop?
  • How can I Glücksweg now?
  • What can I do to be quiet?
  • What can I learn right now?
  • What I can see today, experience and find out where I can learn?
  • Whom can I join me today, so that 1 + 1 = 3 result?
  • What can I celebrate today?
  • Where I have a feeling of happiness experienced?
  • How do I make this day great?
  • What can I do to let go to be free?
  • How can I let go in peace?
  • Whom can I help today?
  • How can I now peace in the world?
  • What is the best thing I can do now for me to bring forward?
  • What I have so far ignored what I can do today?

What are your favorite questions to you?
These tips are from K. Stone and Life Learning Today.

How to destroy capitalism

Everywhere in the residential quarters of the world now curse the rich to the cleaners, chauffeurs and gardeners. The poor who otherwise tactful invisible to the class of multimillionaires remain are suddenly in the limelight kicked and smashed the global financial system. Now, the money Adel its newly acquired yachts, planes and vacation homes to sell, because the bubble burst. It may sound unbelievable, but perhaps this is the first time in history that the oppressed and the poor the capitalist system will collapse, without a real revolution begin.

How have they done it? Quite simply, they have ceased their mortgages to pay, which is not only they but also the middle class überdehnte made. There were so anyway getürkte mortgages, which conceptually designed in order after two years no longer be paid at once. There were so-called "NINJA" credits, awarded to people without income, employment and assets, "No Income, No Job, or assets."

Now there are actually financial experts in the media occur, what the low level of financial knowledge of these people and how to draw on the table, complaining. Yes they want even where the blame for the crisis because of their stupidity. They are totally remote issues, such as why did these people with low incomes is not a lawyer speaking for the fine print to read? And have no financial advisers? Eh! ! ?

Then, in a diabolical clever move, the poor ... the coincidence with the working class match ... stopped shopping. The retail trade, the major Warenhaus- and supermarket chains, such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot announced disappointing quarterly figures, which the market crash even more lies. The head of Wal-Mart, H. Lee Scott, whose empire on low-wage workers is built, gave a very touching sensitivity to "It's no secret that many customers have at the end of the month no more money."

It would be nice if this attack on capitalism a planned strategy of the poor would be that there are secret meetings in back rooms and parking places around the country, where the ringleader would distribute their commands, such as "Fred ... You do not mortgage payment this month ... and you Helen, forget shopping in the supermarket, OK? "But unfortunately, shows the current crisis, the financial sharks, they have themselves eingebrockt.

If, for example, the largest private employer in America, Wal-Mart, one begins to decline zahlungsfähigen customers to know, it was probably a look in the mirror and self-regard. A hundred years ago, Henry Ford already realizes that his company can be successful only if its own workers to earn enough to buy a Ford. Wal-Mart does exactly the opposite. They have not suddenly realized that their fatal wage dumping their own policies would hurt business, even when the alleged low prices they offer.

The sad truth is the people who must live with McJobs and to Wal-Mart standards, attract more fashion, which lumps them in the bar and in the second-hand shop. They will also no need for the products, which in the electronics, construction and hobby, or in the furniture department will be offered.

It will be even worse. While the 1 million earners H. Lee Scott as the workers with one hand and push the wages with the threat of outsourcing to foreign countries that are enforced, the other hand tempting and easy loans. They are a "substitute" for decent wages and rising.

There was once a time where one of his wages for work done, we now should pay. Previously it was possible with a job as a father alone verdienender his entire family to feed and with a certain standard of living care. Now mother and father need three jobs just to food on the table. But the hyenas in the financial industry have said ... he, he, we have loans and mortgages for you!

Buy now pay later ... 0% interest for six months ... installment sales for everything, furniture, TV, cars and even holidays ... and so much credit you want ... with exorbitant interest rates. There were loans to people who least can afford them, and not even the interest, let alone make the repayment. Buy your dream house or your dream car! Even if your Schufa-information is miserable, with us you are creditworthy.

The financial gangsters knew exactly these poor people will never repay the loans which are merely pushed them everywhere. But who is interested in it? The main thing we deserve us now stupid and silly with commissions, commissions, fees, brokerage fees ... and after us the deluge!

Personally, I would be a genuine and non-violent revolution, with protests, strikes, boycotts, which this corrupt, abusive and unjust system wegfegt prefer. A system which is misanthropic, only wars, violence, death and suffering, and brings the planet destroyed. But, as we see, it is also the easiest way to buy nothing more and nothing to pay! Then breaks capitalism like a house of cards.

Unfortunately, the global capitalism that credit crisis, at least short term, survive because the governments insane sums in the markets for these pumps to maintain, and the ailing banks and hedge funds with taxpayers' money to save. But in the long term, which has a system that is every penny from the poor to take away in order to give the rich, no future.

Who would have thought that forced auctions in the suburbs of the typical America, the financial markets in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Shanghai in turmoil and brings a worldwide crisis triggers? The poor are, and have spoken up, it is not only loud protest of anger, but a quiet begging in front of pain.

According to AP, the forced auction in July in the United States by 93% over the previous year. Nearly 180,000 property owners have in the last month alone the mortgage terminated. In the state of Nevada, the rate is the highest, there is every 199 budget of a forced sale involved.

According to Washington Post, the consumer comfort index (CCI), which is a barometer to assess the economic situation by the public measures, this week crashed by 9 points, the largest case since the beginning of the survey in 1985!

The United States again betrayed a partner

The United States, the Kurdish PKK since its invasion of Iraq and as allies. Now that the threat to Turkey, Iraq einzumarschieren to combat the PKK to leave the United States and the Kurds are with the Turks make common cause to eliminate PKK leadership. Again, a "partner" of the United States betrayed, depending on how it politically and strategically opportune.

In recent years, there has been increased evidence that the CIA and the Israelis PKK fighters supported, equipped and trained, to Iran in the terrorist attacks carried out to the government to destabilize it. Now President Bush has completely crazy the approved plan, together with Turkey, a secret war, the leader of the Kurdish rebel group in northern Iraq to murder. A former assistant to Dick Cheney has the Congress in Washington informed.

Within a few days after the visit by Under Secretary of State for Defense Policy Eric Edelman in the Capitol, the journalist Robert Novak wind by the plan, and get this published. It came out that Edelman boasted so, the plan involviere U.S. special forces which the Turks to help the leadership of the Kurdish PKK in the mountains on the border between Iraq and Turkey to "behead".

When the legislature the madness of the U.S. operation questioned, even join a guerrilla war, Edelman assured it would be a success. The role of the United States would run and hidden in a publication categorically denied. Some members of Congress said this strategy would be risky, especially if the United States is already in the mire of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan stuck.

Edelman replied that the plan is a "fool-proof thing" and that there would not be much time for implementation. Some parliamentarians have expressed Bendenken about it when the dirty work of the Turks, there were unforeseen consequences and the United States would be even more isolated in the world.

The Turks have long argued that the PKK which the independence of the Kurds in Turkey will, by the Iraqi Kurds supported, which close allies of the United States. They would certainly not pleased watch if the U.S. campaign against its Kurdish compatriots.

A few months ago, Turkey, the EU and the United States with the threat alert, in which a massive troop deployment on the border completed. Turkish generals spoke of the 200,000 troops in Iraq could einmarschieren.

The reaction of the Iraqi Parliament and the Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq was very fast. They warned that an invasion by Turkey would be a breach of sovereignty and mean resistance. It looks as if the USA as Turkey has convinced by the invasion clear if they become a common US-Türkischen dirty war against the PKK, using the U.S. air power and high-tech reconnaissance, together.

The U.S. involvement in a secret war from the viewpoint of parliamentarians a dangerous game. In addition, Turkey has never been the close relationship between the United States and the Kurds like to have seen what the U.S. troops have helped to overthrow Saddam. They are even more concerned that the Kurds in Kirkuk in a huge Ölreservoir sit. If the civil war in Iraq to fully unfold, it might Kurdistan in northern Iraq, a rich, self-contained unit, just off Turkey.

The problem is even more complicated. Israel supported the Iraqi Kurds and does everything to train militiamen there. Israel sees the Kurds as a bulwark against Iran and against Turkey, which may in the future will be governed by Islamists.

No wonder the parliamentarians in Washington rather uneasy about the tendency of the Cheney-Bush government, the foreign policy happy with Geheimoperationen and bloody military actions.

No swift end of the mortgage crisis

Swiss National Bank President Jean-Pierre Roth reckons not with a rapid end to the crisis in the American mortgage market. Despite the turbulence in the financial markets, he has for the Swiss economy, a positive image.

"Incredible" happened in the United States, the President of the Board of the Swiss National Bank in an interview with the NZZ am Sonntag. He expect because even with a quick end to the crisis in the local mortgage market. What the consequences of the crisis for the Swiss economy is concerned, Jean-Pierre Roth, but rather optimistically: "The information we have at this moment, showing a pleasing positive image. The Swiss economy is dynamic and broadly supported, "even if we in the second half of a somewhat slower pace expected, "says the central bank chief, and expressed warned that it could be" that the financial sector is a smaller contribution. "

Roth regrets that the crisis in the credit markets not already happened a year ago, because: "The sooner the correct mistakes, the easier is the reorganization." At least in the United States was "incredible happens. As people got loans that neither income nor assets. " It was then passed on these lazy loans, structured products and converted with a seal. "And now we see that it is no such securities market. Now, the reality. This leads to massive losses and also calls for sacrifice, " National Bank says the President. For it is clear that the central banks are not hedge funds and institutions save, but must ensure that the system of liquidity supply works.

In Germany, for the second time within a few weeks for a bank as a result of the crisis with mortgage loan guarantees in the amount of € 17.3 billion in reliance thereon. Concerns Bank is the country's Saxony, as its obligations under a US-Fonds able, as she announced.

Comment: Where they live really Mr. Roth? As the top bankers in Switzerland, they certainly have long known, or it must know what is happening in the United States for a number of beaten air. That this bubble will burst has ever known.

7-33 poll

Between 13 And 20 August 2007, I ask you:

What is on 11 September 2001?

Answers Number %
It was Bin Laden's terrorists in 1919 4 2
The U.S. government has been known to happen and 21 12
Certain elements of the U.S. government have made it 133 78
No idea 13 8
Total 171 100

Conclusion: 90% of you believe the official presentation of the U.S. government, and not more than 3 / 4 of you even think of the 11th September 2001, selbstinszeniert. Virtually no one believes it was Bin Laden.

Sex to survive

The U.S. invasion of Iraq has thousands of women widows. In order to be able to survive and to their children through, they sell themselves as prostitutes. (Al Jazeera)

As Rana Jalil, 38, her husband in an explosion in Baghdad last year lost, she never imagined that she would be a prostitute for their children with food supply. As a mother of four children, has Jalil sought employment, but the opportunities for women since the U.S. invasion has become scarce. They begged store owners, office workers and firms to them to be, but it was, as she says, chauvinistischer discrimination dismissed.

Within a few weeks after the death of her husband, a doctor at the children malnutrition. With tears in her eyes, she described her despair, which they gave to the oldest profession: "In the beginning was the worst day of my life. My husband was the first that I know and with whom I have slept, but I had no other choice ... my children were starving. "

They left the house completely dopey, as they said, and went to the nearest market place in order to find someone to pay for sex. She said: "I am a beautiful woman and it was not difficult to find a customer. When we went to bed, I wanted to run away ... I could not do it, but he beat and raped me. When he paid me afterwards, it was made for me. When I came home with food, which I bought with the money and had looked like my children before progressing louder joy, I discovered that honor is insignificant compared to the hunger of my children. "

The Iraqi widows are desperate

Before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, were widows, especially that which their husbands through the Iraq-Iran war have lost compensation and free education for their children. In some cases, they even got a free house. Now there is no safety net for them and the widows are few opportunities available.

According to the governmental organization Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), 15% of Iraqi women widowed by the war and händeringend in search of temporary marriage or prostitution, either for financial support or protection in the midst of war events.

Nuha Salim, a spokeswoman of OWFI, told Al-Jazeera: "widows are one of our priorities, but their situation worsens and we feel incapable of this problem to be completed. Hundreds of women are looking for a simple solution to their beloved support, while employers refuse to them, for fear of extremist retaliation. "

She said they have the disappearance of 4,000 women documented, 20% of whom are under 18 years, since the March 2003 invasion. The OWFI believes most missing women were abducted and as a prostitute outside Iraq.

Although there are few statistics about secure, the total number of widows in Iraq, the Ministry of Frauenahngelegenheiten says there are at least 350,000 in Baghdad alone, more than 8 million throughout the country.

Bitter trade

Just as families in Iraq increasingly hard times fall, had forced some of the masses schmerzvollsten decisions ... to sell their daughters. Abu Ahmed, a disabled father of five of the widower himself, his daughter Lina sold to a Iraqi man in Iraq came to sex workers to "buy." Abu Ahmed said he could no food for his children. It said Al-Jazeera: "I am sure that whatever it is, at least, it was about food. I have three other daughters and a son, and what they have paid me enough to overcome other grosszuziehen. "

Abu Ahmed said he was initially driven by a woman tripped Shada, a cover name for a woman to live in Baghdad, which young women searching for Iraqi gangs, prostitution operations in neighboring Arab countries. She told Al Jazeera that their role would be young women from impoverished families to convince a better life would be outside waiting for her. She said: "Families do not want it and we help the girls to survive. We give them food and a roof over their heads and about $ 10 per day if they had at least two customers. Our priority are virgins, they can lead to high prices of Arab millionaires are sold. "Shada says she sleeps in different houses every night, because they armed gangs for a trial and execution.

Escape from Jordan

OWFIs Salim says cases like Linas often become just as the poverty in Iraq is increasing and desperate families their daughters for less than $ 500 to dealers sell. But increasingly find young women who arrive in neighboring countries, prostitution has a high price.

Suha Muhammad, 17, was by her mother to an Iraqi ties sold, which itself is a prostitute after her father was killed. When they arrived in Jordan on, she was raped by four men who told her she would her the tricks of the industry. She told Al-Jazeera, it was sold to a gang which operated from Syria VIPs and it was often to Amman, the capital Jordanischen, superscript customers.

After six months, she was able to escape: "I am one of them ran and Iraqi family has helped me and the Immigration Office, where they me a pass for the return to Iraq provided. My aunt now cares for me in Baghdad. "You could never imagine that their mother would sell them, but unfortunately, women in Iraq are not important and respected.


Mayada Zuhair, a spokesperson for the Baghdad-based Women's Rights Association (WRA), said Iraqi and Arab NGOs are trying to trade in young women from the war in Iraq to neighboring countries. She told Al-Jazeera: "We are trying the fate of many widows and the teenagers were acted out. Unfortunately, this is not easy and without international support, money and resources, we fear, be more young women abducted abroad in the sex industry in order to work. "

In the meantime, prostitution is the only way for Nirmeen Lattif, a 27 year widow whose husband during an attack on Shia pilgrims south of Baghdad has lost. As to her husband's family for financial support back, they could not help her. She says she tried not to the consequences, about what she is doing or Unehrenhaftigkeit it in the Muslim society would bring to think. "I think of my children, but to my children, without money they starve in the streets."

Comment: This story is incredible and shows what the Americans with their illegal war served. The feminists, left and Green in Germany should look at the finger from the nose, pull their fat asses in gear and bring along their Geschlechtsgenossinnen care in Iraq. Where is the opposition that has so alone, about this war from the women's corner? The politicians, such as Merkel, fly to Greenland prefer to deal with the much more important "global warming". What hypocrites inside!

Incidentally, the same is happening, and much worse with the way children. The CIA is specialized children from war zones in "children's homes" and they collected all over the world as sex slaves for sale. Disgust arrest and highly criminal!

How about if we, the readers of this blog, the OWFI in Baghdad financially?

Americans do not believe their media

According to a survey recently released, say more than half of Americans, the US news media are biased, inaccurate, are not interested in the people on the report and they can not admit mistakes.

The toughest criticism comes from the people who use the Internet as their main source of messages, about einviertel all Americans. The survey conducted by the Pew Research Center reported:

More than two-thirds of Internet users said that the news organizations are not for the people they are interested in the report, 59% said the reporting is inaccurate, and 64% said they were politically biased.

More than half, 53% of Internet users criticize the news organizations because it is "not just for America." That probably meant that it can be that the government systematically the rights in the Constitution and destroyed the original American values such as freedom, justice and tolerance, not defend.

Among those which their news from newspapers and television, is the criticism of the news media to 20% lower than those of Internet news users, which tend to younger and better educated than the whole of the public, according to Pew.

The survey shows a general decline in public opinion about the news media since 1985, when a similar study of Times Mirror, Pew Research made.

"It is 20 years, the attitude of the public about how the news organizations make their work less critical. The majority of people believed that the news media for American values are heavily represented ... a majority believed the news media told the truth. "Pew said in its report.

The Washington Pew Research Center describes itself as an impartial "facts - tank" which information on issues, attitudes and trends which America and the world delivers shape.

Here in Europe, it is not much different. At best, the TV off, the newspaper and cancel the information from independent sources that are only responsible for their audience. See my article "The media are our enemy."

Scholl siblings and freedom of expression today

(For our English speaking friends, a translation at the end of this article)

I have a report of a student from a school in Duisburg, I like to show you want. It is known that in America the Anzweifeln and expressing a different opinion, which is the official story about the 11th September, already too harsh consequences, as reprimand from the school, the loss of their jobs and even the threat and intimidation by the FBI, up to the arrest. Who the expiration of 9 / 11 different looks and even the government in connection brings, as a madman, and even as a terrorist. " We think it was in America can only happen by Bush, but we can also see it in Germany. Here is the report of student Dominic, 18, 13 Class in Duisburg:

"It was a beautiful Monday morning, and with the usual motivation, I went to school for my first two classes, social sciences (advanced course), too. Our teachers received us on course room and asked us einzufinden in the video room, where we watch a movie. Currently, we have the theme "Globalization" and have already used by all kinds of angles lit up to the point of national security. On this issue, we looked then as a documentation of mirror TV with the title "The day shocked the world." This documentation shows most of the "history" on 11.9.2001, it gives an impression in the lives of the bombers and illuminated their career by studying up 11 September 2001. Much has been said about the perpetrators reported and described how they are prepared and what motives they had and how they relate to the day of days - prepared, from martial arts training to flight hours. While I have little of the film rather insignificant discrepancies noticed that the whole credibility took part. At the end of this documentation, the teacher asked us how we had seen the day and how the act seemed to us, and in our opinion about the movie. I reported myself with a broad grin, as I mentioned a lot of research on the subject and have made me happy in my errungenes knowledge among the people and to ensure a good grade to get. So I started at the small abnormalities of the documentation after (there were four to five pieces) only once to make a presence and then to explain. Then my teacher looked at me (which I normally a very good relationship, as a spokesman course, and also as a friend) skeptical and pointed me in that that this is merely for "conspiracy theories" and do not belong on the topic have to do. Then I replied that this was just my opinion on the film and on the subject and with the addition of "tell us just shit eh ... 'I ended quietly my teaching post. The teacher asked me if I could repeat again and I repeated my slightly higher rate in German. Now the teacher leaned back and asked me to explain, then I began most of my knowledge about 9 / 11 show. As I repeatedly said, what bullshit the official story is that the ordinary people on the mass media to hear / got, I was in the middle of my talk to leave the class, because the teacher was I would criticize him, I will be teaching materials bad made. Towards the end of the hour, the teacher out to me and asked me whether I wrote this "tosh" I have a few minutes ago told since my seriously. Woraufhin I affirmed and declared that America only verarscht us and said also that my lecture no attack on his person should be. He looked at me a little confused, and then sent me with the words "na times what women look .... This says "to my school. Total surprised why I now had to school, so I ran into her office. She asked me also express my view on the topic to explain what I did then. With a mixture of horror and amazement, they sent me for a short time from their office. So I stood outside and thought to myself in the 5 minutes my goodness, what's going on here, because willste times nen pfundigen contribution to make, and what comes with rum? The take up almost in detention here ... "She asked me again and I was allowed inside then told me that I have a school for 2 days, would, because I teaching of the teacher in question, and anti-American Hetzparolen would spread, the partially right wing. At that moment I thought I pretty much something like "WTF ????" And went home. "

Thanks for the report. It is frightening what a setting for the teachers at German schools, because I can imagine Duisburg is not an exception. With this punishment and defamation of a student's only his opinion says that these so-called educators show what they really are, only disseminators of disinformation, lies and propaganda, a U.S. fascist regime. It is not anti-American anyway when this criminal Bush administration criticized those war criminals must be criticized because they do not represent the virtues of peace, freedom and tolerance which the founding fathers of the United States stated in the Constitution.

When Dominik because of his expression convicted, then yes, the Scholl siblings, but where so many schools in their names, even to condemn it because the official propaganda of the Nazis in the University of Munich with their handouts were questioned.

In Wikipedia says: "Both were known as members of the White Rose, a student group in Munich, during the Second World War in the resistance against National Socialism was active, especially in the dissemination of leaflets against the war and dictatorship under Adolf Hitler.

This sibling pair Scholl was on 18 In February 1943 utilizes the
Leaflets at the University of Munich whose caretaker Jacob Schmid surprised and denounced to the Gestapo. Already, 22 In February 1943, by the People's Court under the direction of Roland Freisler to death by the guillotine and sentenced the same day in Munich-Stadelheim executed. My grave is located in the local cemetery at Perlacher Forest (No. 73-1-18/19 tomb).

Hans and Sophie Scholl force in the post-war era to the present as a significant symbol to create a humanistic values-oriented resistance to the totalitarian Nazi regime in Germany. "

On the one side, the Scholl siblings as role models for the pupils resistance and freedom of expression be made, but if a pupil of the law guaranteed by the Basic Law exerts then, it will be disciplined by the school. What a hypocrisy!

Then we look at but the questioning over 9 / 11 that I have made here. 90% of you have been of the opinion that 9 / 11 is not expired us how the US government tells it. This is a clear statement. The student Dominik has also right when he TV-Bericht and the 9 / 11 story with a different view of doubts. So think but the most intelligent people in the world.

As you studied as a teacher and allegedly selbstdenkender the lies entirely uncritical of the U.S. government, a regime faschistisches is still weiterbreiten may, but is bloodcurdling. As a good teacher if he or she is a debate with facts and not by Dominik as a right-wing slander.

I am of the opinion that these teachers and headmistress of the school immediately removed, because they obviously as teachers and as a representative of a democratic State, especially with this past, totally inappropriate and do not educate students and no longer allowed to serve as a model . What do you think?
Here the English translation of Dominik's expirience:

"It was a nice motivated Monday morning and as usual I went to school for my first two hour lesson in social sciences (advanced classes). Out teacher met us in the class room and asked us to go to the video room, where we were to view a film. At the moment we are working on the subject of globalization and we have looked at it from all points of view, except for national security. For this part we watched a documentary from Spiegel TV with the title "The day that the world shook. " This documentary shows mostly the "run" to September 11, 2001, and it gives an impression of the lives of the perpetrators and shines a light on it from starting their studies up till September 11, 2001. There much talk was how the attackers prepared themselves, what motives they had, and how they trained in martial arts and by taking flying lessons. During the film I noticed a few minor discrepancies, which took the credibility out of the whole thing. At the end the documentary of our teacher asked us how we experienced that day and how the attack made an impression on us, plus what we thought of the film. I responded with a wide grin, because I had researched the subject a lot and I was happy to pass my knowledge on to my class mates, hoping to get good grades. I started by presenting the 4 or 5 oddities of the documentary one after the other to make them present again and elaborated on them. After that my teacher (with whom I normally have a good relationship as class speaker and as a friend) looked at me sceptically and he rebuffed me, that just where all these "conspiracy theories" and they do not belong here. I responded, that this was my opinion regarding the film and the subject and with an undertone I said "they are only telling us bullshit anyway" with which I quietly closed my contribution to the lesson. The teacher asked me if I could repeat that again and I spoke my sentence in somewhat higher German. The teacher leaned back and asked me to explain, then I started to illustrate most part of my knowledge about 9 / 11. Because I emphasized what bullshit is the official story, which the normal folks are hearing via the mass media, I was asked to leave the class room, because the teacher thought I was criticizing him, by making his teaching material look bad. At the end of the lesson the teacher came out of the room and asked me, if I was serious about this "garbage" I was talking about a few minutes ago. I responded with yes and explained that America is only pulling our leg and I explained that my talk was not intended as an attack on his person. He looked at me confused and then he sent me to the headmistress with the words "let's have a look what Mrs.… says about this." Completely wondering why I had to go to the head of the school I entered her office. She asked me to explain my opinion on the subject, which I did. With a mixture of shock and astonishment, she sent me out of the office for a few minutes. I stood outside and thought in those five minutes "my goodness, what is going on, I just wanted to make a good contribution and what is the result ? They are just about to arrest me ... "She asked me to come back in and I had to hear, that I will be suspended from the school for two days, because I asked questions about the teaching methods of the teacher, plus because I what spreading anti-American slogans, which partially where neo-Nazi. At this moment I thought something like "what the f ...? ? ? "and went home."

The motives of the Kennedy assassination

As I mentioned in this article have been reported, the CIA agent E. Howard Hunt shortly before his death, the details behind the Kennedy assassination gebeichtet. He said that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson, in a sprawling, complex and brilliant lunatic planned conspiracy, in which the Federal Bureau of Investigations led by J. Edgar Hoover, the Central Intelligence Agency led by David Atlee Phillips, the Secret Service, the United States Navy, General Curtis LeMay of the General Staff, the police of Dallas, the Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell, the oil companies from Texas, the caste politician from Texas, the Mafia and the anti-Castro Cubans ... all as Mitbeteiligte included ERMORDET.

This incredible crimes have the course of history changed completely. The last 43 years would be very different otherwise expired. It would have been no Vietnam War, in which 57,000 Americans killed, 300,000 wounded and 2 million Vietnamese died. There would be no President Nixon, and given no Watergate scandal. And it would also have no two of Bush's, and thus no two wars in Iraq, with nearly 1 million dead.

Why did the New York Times in its issue dated 25 November 1963, the day Jack Ruby as a .38 caliber bullet in the abdomen by Lee Harvey Oswald fired, the following headline printed? "The murderer of the President was in the corridor of the prison by a citizen of Dallas shot." They wrote "The murderer of the president ..." and not the presumed murderer or accused murderers. Finally, only the courts condemn him as a murderer and until then would be the presumption of innocence is valid. But only 72 hours after Kennedy was killed, was at the New York Times have sure who the murderer was. This is evidence of complicity of this newspaper or involvement in the formation of the lonely legend offender Oswald, because there was nothing at that time. Oswald had until his assassination by its perpetrator Ruby knits and denied repeatedly said that he would only be a scapegoat at the crime scene and placed browned.

Who are the people behind the assassination and what are their motives?

LBJ has initiated the plan, oversaw the process and has most benefited. It ran counter to that time numerous corruption investigations because he was so incredibly corrupt and has delayed the hand over. He knew when the next elections would not Kennedy him more than vice-up. His political career and power would be at the end. He saw only one way out of the whole mess to come out, he had by the assassination of President Kennedy as a successor, and so would solve all problems. His totally sick Ergeiz was the main engine for the deed.

J. Edgar Hoover has joined Kennedy because he no longer wanted as FBI chief. As "Mister FBI and police America's mightiest of all escapades and women's stories of the Kennedys gave detailed dossiers, he wanted his post by such a" young Schnösel "not lose, and he has therefore supported the action.

The CIA leadership was out of the house on Kennedy's secret plans to disband, as proposed by Harry Truman. They had to protect their own existence, because no one can dare to destroy the CIA. This state is unassailable in the state and has developed resistance. They have, therefore, the whole action with the help of foreign contract killers.

The oil companies from Texas were angry over Kennedy's request to reduce Öl-Erschöpfungs-Subventionen lucrative. With their Ölmann LBJ would be at the helm again.

The mafia which helped JFK, the elections of 1960 to win, was beside himself because his brother Robert as justice minister did everything to destroy organized crime. The existence of a threat had ended.

The exiled Cubans were mad at JFK because of the "Bay of Pigs" fiasco, in which it accused them in the invasion of abandoned, and because they thought he had it to the Soviets sold to the Cuban missile crisis to defuse.

The mayor of Dallas Earle Cabell was also angry because his brother, Charles Kennedy, was forced by a CIA Deputy Director for the "Bay of Pigs" fiasco resign. He ordered a change in the route for the President's column in the last minute to JFK in the direct line of them.

The leadership of the Secret Service were also involved. They ordered the accompanying and for the protection parked agent shortly before the Daily Plaza where the shots came from the president limousine Refuge and the car to go alone. It was Kennedy above the many powerful enemies and their paid killers defenseless.

Thereafter, the Ford Motor Company commissioned the secretly shot holes in the limousine to mend and cover, which had proved it was the shots were fired from the front.

The chief of the Air Force Curtis LeMay, who with Kennedy because of the Cuban missile crisis had created, was there, laughed and smoked a cigar as at the autopsy carried out quickly in Maryland Bethesda Naval Hospital of the brain by another Kennedy was exchanged . This has destroyed the evidence that his brain by shots from the front has been destroyed and the Autopsiefotos according fake.

The whole Militärisch-Industrielle-Komplex was also involved, because war always means a lot of money. They wanted to be the war in Vietnam, but Kennedy would not, and this had in October 1963 signed a directive that the withdrawal of the 14,000 U.S. advisers from Vietnam said. Only Johnson could guarantee a war, so they did.

Lee Harvey Oswald was clearly the designated scapegoat for this murder. He worked for the FBI and the CIA for $ 200 a month. Only 10 days before the murder, he has his FBI Leitoffizier James Hosty before the forthcoming conspiracy warned, but the authorities did nothing. Oswald knew well that he is somehow conspiracy in a subordinate role involved, but he did not believe in a dream that his task is that of the "offender".

Oswald got the job in the book bearing (Texas School Book Depository) zugeschanzt and was in the right place at the right time, the victim lamb. His innocence alone is already proved by the fact that immediately after the first shots are alarmed by assault police to the house from which they had heard the bang and after only 90 seconds when Oswald calmly drinking a Coke detected in the cafeteria. In that short time it was impossible for Oswald alone fired the shots, the gun wegzulegen through the entire warehouse to run four floors in the stairwell down to run where other employees had seen him, coins out to look for them in the machines to plug, pick out a cola, they open to drink and then when the policemen were in completely calm and not to be out of breath before them with a questioning glance. The police have also why it is not for a perpetrator and kept it running.

As you can see in this photo, Oswald stood at the entrance of the building at Dealey Plaza as a spectator, at the moment where the Autokollone vorbeifuhr of President Kennedy. He is therefore the best alibi and the offender is impossible.

This perpetrators of these fake works were placed evidence and anonymous comments to the police on Oswald noted. The organizers of the assassination were so keen nor a "confession" by Oswald to get in, according to the testimony of Dr. Charles Crenshaw, Lyndon B. Johnson personally to the operating room in Parkland Hospital rang, where Oswald was fatally hit by the employees demanded they should have a deathbed confession from him to get out, but not succeeded.

The most important point to a covert operation is the right zuzuspielen history of the media so that the "real end" in the minds of the public as the first impressed. This is a fairy tale, as the conspirators want us to believe, in the world. The media are prepared text and photos fed and publish them one on one, without review. It runs from a prepared script, in order to deceive the public. This expiration of a media controller sees most clearly when you look at the front page of the Christchurch Star, 23 November 1963 allegations. The assassination of President Kennedy happened at 7:30 pm New Zealand time. To 8:50 pm Oswald was arrested, but only because of the murder of a policeman J D Tippit, and at 10:00 pm, the media informed. There were at that time no link between the Kennedy assassination and Oswald. That was until many hours later in the afternoon as the accused perpetrator.

How was it possible that the newspaper in far-off New Zealand at 12:00 noon in a detailed extra sheet issued, so only 120 minutes after the announcement of the arrest of Oswald because Tippit, where no one had accused him to have Kennedy killed? How could man in this short time it create a complete front page, including biography and photos of Oswald, with all the information about this unknown person, they first find out and put together, to write, in the lead sentence of machines to tap into the print shop to give the Newspapers print, shipped ready to make, and then extradite the readers of selling everything in such a short time? How could a newspaper in New Zealand already know everything about Oswald and that he was the murderer, if it's not even the police and the local media in Dallas knew? And how could it without a computer, without the Internet and without modern communication technology in the year 1963, this huge distance halfway around the world in such a short time bridged?

So something was possible only because the men behind the assassination of the media from around the world about the news agencies are already prepared with all the information supplied, with the exact details, photos, background information, and of course with the assertion that the lone assassin Oswald was it, and that even too fast and too soon! See more here.

The media are either without their knowledge or abused as the Times and the Post are also involved, through its silence, because they know the whole truth. But they still have after more than 43 years of terrible fear apparently, the American people the facts about the murder to present. To do this they conceal guilt.

When President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, sat his younger brother, Robert, the Minister of Justice of the United States, even at home in Maryland at lunch. J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI chief called him and said in a monotone voice: "I have a message for them. The President has been shot. "Hoover had been a long time since the invasion of the 37-year-old justice minister in his spot him evil. Although both of his superiors, he has the Kennedy brothers as a pair again as smugglers, which he is a dossier create a permanent monitoring and order should be considered. Twenty minutes later, Hoover called again and sent the crushing message: "The President is dead." And put simply. The tone of this message showed Robert, his political power was also dahingeschieden in one of the operating rooms of the Parkland hospital.

On this November afternoon, between shock, grief and anger, has constantly phoned Bobby Kennedy. He spoke with Roy Kellerman, the Secret Service Agent who in the limousine with the president sat. He spoke with Dave Powers and Kenneth O'Donnell, the political assistant of the President in the next car behind it sat, as the column in the Dealey Plaza einbog. All use the words "ambush" or "a number of shots" to describe what had happened. O'Donnell and several Secret Service agents told Bobby on that same day. "We were in a crossfire caught. It was a conspiracy. "

On this evening met Bobby Air Force One on the flight back from Dallas. He accompanied the corpse of his brother and his widow to the Bethesda Naval Hospital, where the controversial autopsy of American history took place. Even before the doctors had found out whether the President from the front or from behind was shot, said Bobby is not a "he" of his brother murdered, but there they were! " Thus, the U.S. Justice ministers from the first of the notes to a conspiracy believed.

To be clear, Robert Kennedy has never made any of the events Verschwörungstheorethiker visited. He sent his own investigators to go, including the capable Walter Sheridan, within 48 hours reported that Jack Ruby a "bunch of money" by the gangsters from Chicago had received, the connections to Jimmy Hoffa had the Mafia boss Bobby who have for years tried to bring into the prison. The widow Jacqueline and brother Bobby both believed that JFK with a "big political conspiracy" was assassinated. They have never as perpetrators Castro or the Russians suspected.

Bobby knew that more than three shots in Dallas on the president were fired and that he was the victim of a conspiracy, and public services such as the CIA and FBI is involved, but self-protection from the history of the individual offender Lee Oswald widespread. According to the observations of the two assistants to the President, both World War II veterans, they have certainly two shots from the Grassy Knoll from the motorcade. Although the FBI asked her narration in the name of national interest to change to the country not to be hurt, they have passed on their statement. Powers told the Warren Commission: "My first impression was that the shots came from the front and Köpfhöhe about, but I also had the feeling the noises came from the front of the bridge. I knew we are in an ambushed. "It is even the case that few, if any witness, the conclusions of the Warren Commission have confirmed.

Bobby knew that he and the other government members Robert McNamara, Ted Sorensen, Richard Goodwin, Dave Powers, Ken O'Donnell, Walt Sheridan of a "dark force" and surrounding it were "enemies within the system" were a coup d'did at Dallas. He could also not against the Vertuschungs- Weisswaschaktion and the Warren Commission. His aim was to wait and himself as a candidate for president, then by all means, the power and uncover the conspiracy behind to account. Unfortunately, he had no opportunity to do so because he was himself in promising position for the presidency on 6 In June 1968, in Los Angeles murdered.

At least by this coup, America has lost its innocence. Since governed höchstkriminelle a shadow government of this country. They have not only the power but they all know it will be a signal sent her looks, we can even the President of the United States kill us ... and nothing happens, we are so powerful!

The world has been through this horrendous crime. The good thing was destroyed and evil won.

Here are some of the film explains, and two super lectures by Dr. Michael Parenti (1) + (2)