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Chavez on the foreign policy of Venezuela

In the past, Venezuela had no control over its own foreign policy, this was dictated by Washington. We were a colony of the United States.

In an interview with the Iranian TV in Tehran, the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on the foreign policy of his country and spoken about Iran. Here is the text of the interview:

Reporter: In his commentary on the website Globo vision, the former Venezuelan ambassador to South Korea, Julio Cesar Pineda for the development of relations with Russia, Belarus and Iran criticized. He urged them to relations with the United States and the EU to develop. What do they need?

Chavez: You refer to our approach with imperialism. Close relations with the West was part of the foreign policy before the revolution. In the past, Venezuela had no control over its own foreign policy, this was dictated by Washington. We were a colony of the United States. Today we are independent and have an independent policy, fully sovereign. We believe that the relations with Russia, Belarus and Iran for fundamental and important.

Reporter: What kind of impact will they think the relationship of Venezuela to Iran to the independent states?

Chavez: It will be a model for other countries. This year, we have 164 co-operation agreements on energy, industry, politics, culture, science, education, health signed. All these agreements aim to solidarity, spirituality and cooperation. In this way, the results we get from these relationships have a strong influence on other countries, for example in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Iranian technology, and industry is now in Venezuela, Venezuelan technicians will be trained in Iran and Iranian experts will be trained in Venezuela. We were poor people, mostly illiterate. Now we have progress. The links with Iran are quite different as the relationships we have with capitalist countries. Our revolutionary economy serves the people. Now Iran and Bolivia talk about the same relationship. The same happened in the case of Nicaragua. The relations have a strong moral, political and economic influence on other countries. The relations between Iran and Venezuela have an influence on the whole world. That is why the imperialists are so concerned about it.

Reporter: I have heard the broadcast license for the private TV channel RCTV, which the vein Zola niche opposition heard by their government was not renewed. Do they not, it would be a violation of freedom of expression in their country?

Chavez: The private sector is a part of the western capitalism. Through this channel, they have sent poison, which through the eyes of the audience into the soul of the people and seriousness of a very bad influence on the individual and the whole population has caused. The loneliness, the loss of human values, individualism, selfishness, everything is against human nature. The capitalists have these TV stations operated by the nature of the masses to pervert. In the West can be seen as the Middle East, Arabs and Muslims as violent people. The people in the West believe everything you told them. They believe the United States and Europe, the criterion for modernization and civilization, the media are there to Iran and the Middle East as the worst terrorists dar.

We know, however, that the ancient civilizations of this region, when there were no United States.

If a deep spirituality someone wants to learn, then you should go to Persia, but some TV stations try a barbaric image to paint over the people in this region.

The really barbaric region is the land of Bush. The barbaric imperialism sits in the United States and never listens to intimidate Iran. Today, the United States destroyed Iraq and divide Palestine, as part of its imperialist plot. The war between Iraq and Iran was also in Washington planned and staged.

The operations against Palestine are also controlled by Washington and the atrocities against the Palestinian population have their roots in the politics of Washington.

The United States also threaten Cuba and Venezuela, and therefore it is obvious that the United States is the true barbarian.

The North American imperialism, a media dictatorship, but thanks to the newly launched social TV Venezuela has survived.

Last evening, I have a football match between teams from watching Venezuela and Peru to social TV, but the weather was bad and the signal was not good. In the end, I have the game on the Iranian TV channel place, which it has transmitted.

Reporter: A few days ago, they have spoken a global revolution. Can you say more about it.

Chavez: I have always said that we are in a transitional period. Two days ago I discussed this fact with a group of deputies. A new international order will be formed and the Islamic revolution and the Venezuelan revolution play a key role in this process.

Iran has a very important strategic geopolitical situation, and Venezuela is seen as the most important country in Latin America. We can say that the two revolutions to a dynamic transition.

I think new participants will be linked to the movement of a global revolution to come, which consist of the nations in Arabia, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe and even North America is expected to develop.

I believe this movement is the world of the threat from the North American imperialism is saved.

Reporter: And, Mr. President, why have they decided to speak in Russia, if they know Russia has its own relations with the United States, particularly in view of the fact that both countries are members of the G8?

Chavez: I have not chosen Russia. The foreign policy of Venezuela is developing in all directions and we respect the international policies of all countries.

Yesterday, the Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia's relations with the United States, but the United States has friendly relations with the Russian Federation to respect Venezuela.

Russia is viewed as a world power. But not only President Putin, but also other Russian Official as the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov to speak loudly against U.S. imperialism. We also had a meeting with Mr. Primakov, now president of the Commerce and Industry Chamber. I heard his speech against imperialism. That is very positive.

Reporter: Why try the USA and Europe to Iran from abusing the use of a peaceful nuclear program to develop and Venezuela on a nuclear cooperation with Iran?

Chavez: That is a pretext by the North American imperialism used to the pressure on Iran. We both have the right to develop nuclear energy, as the oil resources will soon be consumed. Venezuela could in the future to work. At this stage it is too early for us. I am honored that this interview almost coincides with the launch of TV.

Reporter: Thank you your Excellency

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