четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

How to destroy capitalism

Everywhere in the residential quarters of the world now curse the rich to the cleaners, chauffeurs and gardeners. The poor who otherwise tactful invisible to the class of multimillionaires remain are suddenly in the limelight kicked and smashed the global financial system. Now, the money Adel its newly acquired yachts, planes and vacation homes to sell, because the bubble burst. It may sound unbelievable, but perhaps this is the first time in history that the oppressed and the poor the capitalist system will collapse, without a real revolution begin.

How have they done it? Quite simply, they have ceased their mortgages to pay, which is not only they but also the middle class überdehnte made. There were so anyway getürkte mortgages, which conceptually designed in order after two years no longer be paid at once. There were so-called "NINJA" credits, awarded to people without income, employment and assets, "No Income, No Job, or assets."

Now there are actually financial experts in the media occur, what the low level of financial knowledge of these people and how to draw on the table, complaining. Yes they want even where the blame for the crisis because of their stupidity. They are totally remote issues, such as why did these people with low incomes is not a lawyer speaking for the fine print to read? And have no financial advisers? Eh! ! ?

Then, in a diabolical clever move, the poor ... the coincidence with the working class match ... stopped shopping. The retail trade, the major Warenhaus- and supermarket chains, such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot announced disappointing quarterly figures, which the market crash even more lies. The head of Wal-Mart, H. Lee Scott, whose empire on low-wage workers is built, gave a very touching sensitivity to "It's no secret that many customers have at the end of the month no more money."

It would be nice if this attack on capitalism a planned strategy of the poor would be that there are secret meetings in back rooms and parking places around the country, where the ringleader would distribute their commands, such as "Fred ... You do not mortgage payment this month ... and you Helen, forget shopping in the supermarket, OK? "But unfortunately, shows the current crisis, the financial sharks, they have themselves eingebrockt.

If, for example, the largest private employer in America, Wal-Mart, one begins to decline zahlungsfähigen customers to know, it was probably a look in the mirror and self-regard. A hundred years ago, Henry Ford already realizes that his company can be successful only if its own workers to earn enough to buy a Ford. Wal-Mart does exactly the opposite. They have not suddenly realized that their fatal wage dumping their own policies would hurt business, even when the alleged low prices they offer.

The sad truth is the people who must live with McJobs and to Wal-Mart standards, attract more fashion, which lumps them in the bar and in the second-hand shop. They will also no need for the products, which in the electronics, construction and hobby, or in the furniture department will be offered.

It will be even worse. While the 1 million earners H. Lee Scott as the workers with one hand and push the wages with the threat of outsourcing to foreign countries that are enforced, the other hand tempting and easy loans. They are a "substitute" for decent wages and rising.

There was once a time where one of his wages for work done, we now should pay. Previously it was possible with a job as a father alone verdienender his entire family to feed and with a certain standard of living care. Now mother and father need three jobs just to food on the table. But the hyenas in the financial industry have said ... he, he, we have loans and mortgages for you!

Buy now pay later ... 0% interest for six months ... installment sales for everything, furniture, TV, cars and even holidays ... and so much credit you want ... with exorbitant interest rates. There were loans to people who least can afford them, and not even the interest, let alone make the repayment. Buy your dream house or your dream car! Even if your Schufa-information is miserable, with us you are creditworthy.

The financial gangsters knew exactly these poor people will never repay the loans which are merely pushed them everywhere. But who is interested in it? The main thing we deserve us now stupid and silly with commissions, commissions, fees, brokerage fees ... and after us the deluge!

Personally, I would be a genuine and non-violent revolution, with protests, strikes, boycotts, which this corrupt, abusive and unjust system wegfegt prefer. A system which is misanthropic, only wars, violence, death and suffering, and brings the planet destroyed. But, as we see, it is also the easiest way to buy nothing more and nothing to pay! Then breaks capitalism like a house of cards.

Unfortunately, the global capitalism that credit crisis, at least short term, survive because the governments insane sums in the markets for these pumps to maintain, and the ailing banks and hedge funds with taxpayers' money to save. But in the long term, which has a system that is every penny from the poor to take away in order to give the rich, no future.

Who would have thought that forced auctions in the suburbs of the typical America, the financial markets in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Shanghai in turmoil and brings a worldwide crisis triggers? The poor are, and have spoken up, it is not only loud protest of anger, but a quiet begging in front of pain.

According to AP, the forced auction in July in the United States by 93% over the previous year. Nearly 180,000 property owners have in the last month alone the mortgage terminated. In the state of Nevada, the rate is the highest, there is every 199 budget of a forced sale involved.

According to Washington Post, the consumer comfort index (CCI), which is a barometer to assess the economic situation by the public measures, this week crashed by 9 points, the largest case since the beginning of the survey in 1985!

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