четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

One dead is risen again

Matching the start of the war against Iran, the media showing Bin Laden with a message in a video, although he actually been dead for a long time, as you can here. The "new" video in which Bin Laden for 30 seconds to see, consists of old recordings in the year 2001 or previously made. Wow, the warmongers and fascists desperate world, if they can resurrect the dead. This cut is very old and shows a Bin Laden as he was in 2001, shortly before his death ausgesehen.

"The images of Bin Laden look old," says Octavia Nasr senior editor for the Arab issues on CNN. A U.S. government official said that he would believe that the contents of the tape would be nothing new. There are other resistance leaders who are dead and at the tape showed, as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of "Al-Qaeda" in Iraq, which during a U.S. air raid on 7 Killed in June 2006.

"If you look at the background, then this looks exactly like it was in the video which is before 11 September 2001 was made," says Nasr. Some of the backgrounds look like the videos which briefly after 9 / 11 attack at the U.S. troops against the Taliban appeared. Why must the ancient images more than six years old are taken for a "new" video? If he is still alive, it would be but the latest recordings. Another proof Bin Laden is long dead and the whole thing is propaganda.

In reality, these images already published for the third time. The recordings, which in October 2001 has been published first in 2002 and then again in 2003 to be shown, and now again.

The question is therefore justified, why give the media willingly as disseminators of propaganda and disinformation? All the people for preparing a terrorist attack in fear and terror to meet? This is the video fabriziertes product of the Pentagon and the related Militärisch-Industriellen-Komplex Intel Center institution, which is known for false information to the media to distribute.

The established media, such as The Associated Press bring this counterfeiting as Top-Story with the headline "Bin Laden is on the new al-Qaeda video." Just as the report Euro News and ABC News about this "new" video. On the other hand, says Al-Jazeera, they know this video since October 2001 and have therefore not been sent because it is not new. What is with the Western media actually happening? What can we still believe?

There is an interest on both sides the dead Bin Laden alive. One of the Islamic resistance requires an integration figure and a spiritual leader of the masses for the "jihad" motivated. However, the West a "villain" to us for the "war on terror" continues to motivate. A dead Bin Laden was no good. Therefore there any truth to that Bin Laden since December 2001 already dead. It is a phantom of the two sides maintained because he uses them the better.

Only we should know that this new video is part of the psychological preparation and propaganda campaign to the next selbstinszinierten terrorist attack, followed by the war against Iran. Once again, the governments and the media at work by forgeries and lies and by the resurgence can be a Popanz, the people in fear and terror, to enable them to use the forthcoming getürkten attacks and wars easier to swallow.

And yet another reason why such a video now will be recorded in order to divert from its own scandals and attention in a different direction to conduct. The current misdeeds in the hole of oblivion will disappear from the Libby pardon by the President, Plame revelation by the White House, the dismissal of the eight prosecutors for political reasons, and the lies of Alberto Gonzales, the disastrous course of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the very low poll values of Bush.

We know it better and understand the miese game!

And yet here this thought: In addition to his duties as top terrorist, Osama Bin Laden in his spare time in the caves of Afghanistan, a new secret miracle drug invented. This genius has a means which the aging process staying discovered. Yes this fountain of youth has been in the last six years, not age. We have only the pictures from the latest video with six years ago. Incredibly, the time is a trace of him gone. If we compare the times with Bush and Blair, not to have the privilege of Bin Laden's miracle elixir ran to come. Both are old, have a lot more wrinkles, less hair and are Ergraut. I wonder, when is a clever cosmetics group in the Afghan mountains close to Bin Laden with a licensing contract, so that we can all benefit from this miracle cure?

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