четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Richard Gere says Bush is a liar

Actor Richard Gere is known for its open words about injustices in this world. He has been since 1993 by the Oscar awards ceremony banished after he is on stage against the Chinese government had on the persecution in Tibet.

Währende the promotional tour for his latest film "The Hoax" has Richard Gere very open about what he words of the American government has said. The film describes the story of Clifford Irving, who in 1971 jointly with Mr Richard Susskind invented interviews with Howard Hughes written and published. They will be a biography of Hughes published; A publisher Irving pays for the rights of one million dollars. Irving was later convicted of fraud and to a prison sentence.

The New York Times has the power of Gere in the film as "brilliant" and "one of his best." The role of the fraudsters Irving so well over to bring was already a great achievement. He said "For an actor, which mostly lies anyway, is something great. Clifford Irving had its own tasks, as we all have, but they were eingebetet in a larger universe, Nixon, Watergate, bigger things. I thought it would be very interesting. "

In addition to his advertisement for the film Gere has recently very much and vehemently about George W. Bush is pronounced. "We have a president of clearly a liar. The Vice President is lying lasting. We have a Foreign Minister, the lying, a defense minister of lying, and a justice minister is lying. That is crazy. The secret government which they have collected everything is worse than it ever was in the Soviet Union. It is unthinkable. "

He can make those statements on behalf of the publicity for the movie, because there are obvious parallels between "The Hoax - Fake" of a background of the scandals of former President Richard Nixon used and the government today. "There are many parallels between then and the time is now. Let us only Vietnam and the war in Iraq. They have us in the Vietnam war and lied just as in Iraq. "

If only there were more well-known personalities have the courage to tell the truth, like Richard Gere and colleagues Charley Sheen, Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.

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