четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Cosmetic surgery with Photoshop

Here is an example of how the media women vorgaukeln an ideal image that in reality does not exist. On the front page of the U.S. women's magazine, the REDBOOK Country singer Faith Hill pictured, wonderful, unapproachable, perfect. "Wow, beautiful!" Can I just say. But now we look at the original image at times, which served as a template. What do we see? A normal 39 year old woman, the mother of three children, as the nature they just made, with wrinkles, fixed arms, wide neck, ausdünnenden hair, thick Po, freckles, etc. And on the front page of the magazine, because everything was so with the help of Photoshop on the computer corrected, the arms, the back, neck, hair, nose, eyes, lips, the skin, everything changed and embellished. " What a Beschiss to a hinzukriegen perfection!

Here is a link to animation, the difference shows even more clearly.

Although the Magazine advertises with the slogan "love your life-love your life", the intention is exactly the opposite. It will be done through the fake models with himself dissatisfied, frustrated, unhappy and hate. This bad feeling, the readers, but offset, in which the products they buy, which the magazine business. That is the whole intent of this medium, the women to encourage consumption.

My message is to hear an ideal nachzurennen which you the magazines with fake pictures fool. The so-called stars are just as "imperfect" like her. Since happy and satisfied with what you have given nature, because it has beautiful.

The established media with lies build an illusory world, which we believe to be!

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