четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

General strike in America!

A general strike is for 11 September 2007 in the Americas have been proposed. Everything must rest on this day. No work, school or shopping. Even if few attend, this event will shake up the powerful. It must be what happens, because everything has gone so far has not used. Better if millions go to the streets to their views and demands, according to express. When all the wheels stand still, it must mean something. Only if we understand it in their purse taken, then listen to.

Endless wars, hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, torture, surveillance, destruction of freedom and the rights of presumption of innocence, Diktatorische power without accountability.

The outstanding issues of the 11th September, mass media, consolidated dictatorship, tyranny, fascism and the many lies.

The time is ripe for the no to all to say, so long as we can have it.

We demand from office and court proceedings, the end of wars and restoration of constitutional rights.

Out on the streets!

You start to organize locally, look at the forums on TruthMove.org and TruthAction.org for help and ideas, find your group in the vicinity or Meetup.com to begin. This action is in every city we pass if the message spread far and wide ... it is our duty. Here the poster:

Here is the link to the new page www.strike911.org strike

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