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... Then we bomb Mecca and Medina!

The radical Islamists have to be scared of a nuclear attack on U.S. soil, said members of Congress and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo on Tuesday, and as President he would take drastic measures so as to prevent an attack.

"If it were me, we will announce that an attack on the homeland in this kind of an assault on the holy sites in Mecca and Median would entail." Said the Republican presidential candidate. "That is the only thing I am thinking of, someone to hold them to do so. If I am wrong then tell me and I will be glad to do something else. But we need to find an effective deterrent or we will be attacked. There is no other option. It must be negative consequences if they give it an action. This is the worst that I mind. "

You listen to how he talks about.

This tough approach is vital to a worldwide collapse to prevent Tancredo said about 30 people in the breakfast restaurant Family Table.

"After the loss of life and destruction, it would be a global economic collapse cause." Tancredo said over a Nuklearangriff on U.S. soil. "If we suddenly no longer the consumer machine of the world, then the production countries also collapse. The fact that they want to achieve, that is their goal, to destroy Western civilization as we know it. "

Tancredo said there was currently no deterrent.

"The President and this country need to think about exactly what you can do to deter, I stress off, or I can assure you we will suffer. The extent of course, I know not. I know they are planning something and I know what they want. I do not know whether tomorrow they are in a position to do it, or the day after tomorrow or in a month. I know only now at this moment, there is nothing that they discouraged. "

The Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff said last month that he had a "gut feeling" the United States will soon be attacked. Tancredo said it would be possible that potential terrorists already in the country.

Tancredo told the audience, official agencies had an illegal Schleuserring excavated and discovered while people from the Middle East, the $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 paid to have come into the country.

"One has to ask, why would someone $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 in order to pay for smuggled to the United States?" Tancredo asked. "It is not in a fast food shop like Quick Stop or 7 to 11 to work. If you are prepared to pay $ 50,000 in order to come to the United States, or someone pays it for you, then it is for a different purpose, not just a job to make that no American is willing to do. "

What does the other side?

Obama would attack Pakistan!

The presidential candidate of the Democrats, Barack Obama has a pointed warning to the Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf expressed, in which he said, as President, he would be ready U.S. troops in this country to send if it would fail, the Islamists in the country to fight.

In his comprehensive statement on terrorism said the senator from Illinois, that the war in Iraq the United States has made less safe than before 11 September 2001, and if he is elected, he would deduct troops from there and the focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"If I am President, we will lead a war we win." He told the audience in the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, as in this video to be seen. He added "The first step would be the wrong battlefield to go and the fight to the terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan."

My comment ... it is by politicians during the election campaign much as what they used force sayings of yourself, but what these candidates to the highest office of the United States vocalize almost a hat. One wants to Mecca and Medina as a deterrent and destroy the others are still attacking a Muslim country. These are but the most provocative one can imagine and effect exactly the opposite. This indicates where the Islamists just more arguments for a recruit and then they can say, look her disbelievers are even prepared our holy place of bomb and another brother to kill people, a greater sacrilege is not conceivable. Thus, we are all 1.2 billion Muslims against not only the radical.

The statements by Tancredo and Obama, in the context of what Chertoff said show me that the Americans are completely in panic and to all crazy and irrational actions. This is dangerous for all of us!

Here is a great cartoon by Tom Toles of the US policy.

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