четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

The sun drives the climate

As this report shows, the Sonnenaustrahlung the main reason for the increase in temperatures on the earth, which I have already described in this article. A new study shows that solar radiation has since 1970 to 0.05% per decade increased. "This trend is important because if it persists over many decades, it may be a key cause of climate change," says Richard Willson scientists from Columbia University with the cooperation of NASA.

This change of the sun's energy is a process that all 11 years in the cycle. The high point was reached in mid-2000 with a second summit in 2002. Since taking the energy radiation and then again at the lowest point in three years. Is it clear when the sun loses more energy then rising temperatures on Earth, when the sun is then cools down the temperature again.

This link between sun Erdtemperatur and many scientists have already noticed, which is also a logical explanation. This gigantic energy source in the sky is the sole cause of what is changing our climate, a very natural process. To claim that CO2 is the climate killer and the person is to blame is simply wrong and an excuse certain circles, it stops a change in behavior upon us and we earn so much money. See also this article.

Here is a chart that shows how the energy radiation of the sun almost exactly with the temperature change on Earth match.

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