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Kissinger secret meetings with Putin

If a political heavyweight like Henry Kissinger on a secret mission somewhere in the world düst, it is almost never reported. That's what happened at the Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul in June (see here), and now again with his latest visit to Moscow. The media ignore or better censor said that Kissinger in Russia with Vladimir Putin has taken. Apart from a few lines in the Moscow Times and a mickriger article in the Guardian has no big news agency reported on this story. And certainly not any European and American newspapers.

If you look at the Entourage the Kissinger has taken look, this is the creme de la creme ", the shadow government of the United States. These are what really call the shots in America. The former Foreign Minister George Schultz (Oberfadenzieher and presidential Analyzer), the Russian Federation and disarmament expert and Präsidendentenberater Thomas Graham, then the former Finance Minister Robert Rubin, former Senator Sam Nunn and Ölmulti Chevron Chairman and CEO David O'Reilly, the Texaco and Caltex also include .

Wow, that is an "impressive" troupe.

The number of specialists in the delegation suggested that the United States and Russia sensitive, high-level discussions on topics such as disarmament, missile defense, oil resources, the Iranian nuclear program, to the separation of Kosovo from Serbia and the price of the dollar with the giant Foreign trade deficit. The United States and Russia are in dispute over these issues and the relations between the two countries deteriorate rapidly.

Of course, no one knows exactly what was discussed, but if the parting words of Kissinger assessed, then it was not harmonious. He told a reporter: "We appreciate the time President Putin has given us and the open way he has explained his position." In diplomatic language means "open nature," there were very many different opinions. The main difference of opinion is certainly Putin's insistence on a multi-polare world, in which the sovereign rights of each country guaranteed by international laws. So no regime change, and "I do what I want" politics of Bush. Putin is a strong patriot, and he will not compromise the independence of Russian, in Kissinger crazy idea of a new world order a la Bilderberg join.

Only 48 hours after this "US-Russischen look in the future", the meeting British Foreign Minister David Miliband announced that they would identify four Russian diplomats, in response to the refusal of Russia Andrei K. extradite Lugovoi, the British authorities accuse of polonium 210 the former FSB-Agenten Alexander Litvinenko to have poisoned. The expulsion of diplomats is a clear sign that Gordon Brown, the new "Cats" and Washington was instructed Russia in the calves to bite.

The British action is totally absurd. The Russian Foreign Minister was somewhat disturbed by this maneuver. Finally, the 1921 British requests for the extradition of Russians in the country, such as the upper and gangster oligarchs Boris Berezovsky and the Czech niche terrorist leader Akhmed Zakayev has not been met. As Vice Foreign Minister Alexander V. Grushko said: "If Russia the same formula would apply, then we would have the whole British embassy heimschicken 80 people." This hypocrisy is typical of the West.

Besides, who will believe the British government has a genuine interest in the death of a single unimportant ex-FSB-Agenten unaccounted for? First, they are stuck behind the murder itself and, secondly, the British kill more Iraqis in Basra in one day than any of the Kremlin throughout the year. The whole stinks for political opportunism, as well as the investigation of the death of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri premium.

The Russians will counter Mass behalf superior, but the results from this conflict are clear. The United States and Britain have Russia on the "enemies list" and are a guerrilla war with harassment, libel and Geheimoperationen run to the division between Europe and Russia to achieve. Of course, Putin is controlled by the Western media as in the past as a "threat to democracy" demonized. The goal of the Americans, Europe aufzuhetzen against Russia, in order to calm the oil and gas reserves in Central Asia and the Caspian Sea under the nail reissen. That is their strategy and Kissinger and Putin know that

Until now, Putin has the upper hand in this thing, because it is based on clever way of alliances with its regional allies has strengthened and deepened. Furthermore, the natural gas pipelines from these regions on Russia. We must not forget that Russia is what resources the strongest country in the world. It has 6.6% of the world, 26% of Weltgasreserven, it sponsors the 12% of world oil and 21% of world natural gas. In May 2007 Russia was the world's largest oil producer. See more here.

In addition to the whole reorganization and recovery of national sovereignty over the oil industry in the interests of Russia, Putin has a lot of anticipatory and strategically important contracts with Europe. So with the Austrian government to have a Gasdepot gas to southern Europe to deliver, then the underwater pipeline with German partners from the Baltic Sea by 80% of Germans Ergasbedarfs to cover, then the agreement with France's Total to continue with Gazprom, the huge Shtokman gas field to open up, and he is preparing the corridor for the gas pipeline to Turkey and the Balkans. Putin spread evenly so that its influence over Europe, with the aim of the transatlantic alliance to separate, and the suffocating embrace of the continent by America to solve.

They tried Putin foreign investors into the country and has attracted a new "model of cooperation" in the energy sector launches, which business partners can benefit from the profits, joint management and allows the industrial, commercial and financial risks can be shared. All of these measures should be the relationship between Europe and Russia strengthen and make more difficult for Bush to exclude Moscow.

Last week, Russia has decided the CFE (Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty) to suspend as a response to Bush's plan, the missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. In contrast to Russia, which the troops vereinbarungsgemäss behind the Urals has relocated, the United States has never to this contract. Russia is now free to the troops and heavy weapons back to the western border. That is certainly the former Eastern bloc countries and they have expressed their friendly U.S. policy thinking. This maneuver improves the security of Russia is not necessarily, but it makes the European states to draw attention, as they by the selfish U.S. policy crossfire come. The missile defense system is a great nonsense, and nobody wins, it's only a greater uncertainty and even conflicts mean.

The problem is that the US government, under the influence of the Neocons necessarily NATO will expand to the declining resources for the world to conquer. America and the world fascists see only one way to survive if the remaining sources of energy, no matter what it costs, are taking. Therefore, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and soon against Iran. We can therefore expect increased tensions, if both parties their strategic games. Russia and China, and other countries will be dynamic not fallen.

The sudden visit by Kissinger, Schulz, Graham, Rubin and Nunn in Moscow shows that architects of the new world order and a world empire are very concerned and that is why they are now personally from the dark shadow underfoot. They have abandoned the ridiculous delusion that the puppet figure of a president in any way what to say and foreign policy.

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