четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

EU wants to ban sports cars

According to the report, the EU wants all sports cars by 2013 ban. The Englishman Chris Davis, a member of the European Parliament, proposes extreme measures ... the prohibition of all cars on the 161 Km / H drive, a speed each car actually. He scoffs fast cars as a "boy toy".

"It focuses only on cars, although they are only 15 to 20% of energy consumed," says Csaba Csere, editor of Car & Driver magazine. If the politicians are really interested in the atmosphere would then have to be first on the power stations and industry.

That is because almost every car this pace, we will soon be a "mini-cars" may drive a lawnmower engine, or why not re-horse carriages? Although, this is also not because the horses yes "exhaust" produce. Then halt to the bike. The CO2 climate lie is now really absurd and restrict our lives properly. This is only the beginning of the hysterical actions which introduce environmental fascists want to send us back into the Stone Age to bring CO2 is not a climate killer!

It's funny, our politicians want us from the car back onto the bike and descend in China and India, it is just the reverse, the rise from the bicycle onto the car. We will become a Third World country. Maybe you should think about emigrating to Asia ;-)

The politicians have given us soon everything was forbidden fun. We can no longer drink, smoke, eat, play, have sex, and now they want us driving even limit. What can we then? Oh yes, pay taxes, sit in front of the tube and keep his mouth. And in wars, and for the oil companies are dying, it is also still!

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