четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Americans do not believe their media

According to a survey recently released, say more than half of Americans, the US news media are biased, inaccurate, are not interested in the people on the report and they can not admit mistakes.

The toughest criticism comes from the people who use the Internet as their main source of messages, about einviertel all Americans. The survey conducted by the Pew Research Center reported:

More than two-thirds of Internet users said that the news organizations are not for the people they are interested in the report, 59% said the reporting is inaccurate, and 64% said they were politically biased.

More than half, 53% of Internet users criticize the news organizations because it is "not just for America." That probably meant that it can be that the government systematically the rights in the Constitution and destroyed the original American values such as freedom, justice and tolerance, not defend.

Among those which their news from newspapers and television, is the criticism of the news media to 20% lower than those of Internet news users, which tend to younger and better educated than the whole of the public, according to Pew.

The survey shows a general decline in public opinion about the news media since 1985, when a similar study of Times Mirror, Pew Research made.

"It is 20 years, the attitude of the public about how the news organizations make their work less critical. The majority of people believed that the news media for American values are heavily represented ... a majority believed the news media told the truth. "Pew said in its report.

The Washington Pew Research Center describes itself as an impartial "facts - tank" which information on issues, attitudes and trends which America and the world delivers shape.

Here in Europe, it is not much different. At best, the TV off, the newspaper and cancel the information from independent sources that are only responsible for their audience. See my article "The media are our enemy."

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