четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

So you spelled democracy in Iraq

After its lies about the reasons for war have openly admitted that Saddam with 9 / 11 had nothing to do, he is not a threat to us or its neighbors, and no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, the Bush and Blair governments then tells us that their main motive for the war in Iraq, it was an evil dictator and to eliminate democracy to the people. But the fact is, this war was only because of the oil, and it is the Iraqi people have never been as bad as now by the crew of the alleged lucky.

Under Saddam Hussein, the people were quite good. Iraq had the best health care and education system in the whole Arab world. There was a good infrastructure, the state and the administration worked, and the life was sure that the electricity supply, water, food, medicine, etc. everything was available. There was freedom of religion, Christians and Muslims their faith could pursue undisturbed side by side, the liberal Islam has been lived, there was no extremism and has no terrorism.

The economy flourished, the entrepreneurs, industry, the middle class and small businesses, all were back in business. Agriculture provided the people and there was always enough to eat, the markets were full of goods. As long as they behave themselves politically correct, and the leadership of Saddam Hussein has accepted, it was an economically healthy and good.

I beschönige to nothing. Yes Saddam, the opposition is suppressed. Yes, he has killed people. That was of course totally unacceptable, but Saddam was "their" dictator, he has worked for the CIA, he was her child and the Americans have wanted his dictatorship for decades, tolerated and encouraged. As long as he has danced its whistle, he could do whatever he wanted to suppress, to lock up, torture, gasify ... everything ok in the eyes of the Americans. Only when he no longer has a role and he said, the oil revenues for himself and his people, not the oil companies give raffgierigen, then they shot him to the "Evil."

And when he received threats and extortion still not given, then they shot him flat, murdered, hanged. And what did the Iraqi people now? The situation is so bad that wish at the time under Saddam eagerly. Overall, nearly 1 million Iraqis in the four years of war have been killed, 4 million are refugees, nothing works, everything is broken, only hourly electricity, no water, no health care, no functioning state system, no job, no prospects, no security .... Only death and destruction.

For the Iraqis, democracy as spelled:

D as theft of oil resources
E as kidnappings and extortion
M as murder and mass exodus
Oh, occupation and powerlessness
K as corruption and killer commandos
As repression and R resignation
A like Abo Ghraib, car bombs and fear
As Tot T and terror
I like invasion and imperialism
E as humiliation and interference

A great democracy, the west of Iraq. Then we can be mighty proud. And do not believe so, we have nothing to do, there are other means which have made the war, Bush and Blair, the United States and England, which have made it alone responsibility, and we can use our hands in the wash. No, with these crimes, we have to do the same. Why? Because we do not have prevented because our "partner" is not stopped, because for four years we stand watch, even the Americans allow their bases in Germany for the war, and because we do not do anything so he stopped.

Where are the mass protests? Where is the peace movement, where are the enemy? Where are the left-wing, pacifist Greens and the Party, according to its programs should be against it? Why mention all religions about these sins against all the commandments? Why does the media not to report about this scandal, and finally make their job? Why do we choose the pro-war politicians? What do because our governments are supposed to human rights and democracy? NOTHING! Yes even actively assist them with, so that this crime by the Americans and British on the Iraqi people can happen. Yes, we / they even go forth and let the coming war against Iran, with the same lies and propaganda of the same.

We celebrate our good life in safety and prosperity under the slogan "is nothing to us ... is so far away ... and furthermore, it is the only Arabs!" Vergiessen crocodile tears over stranded whales, seals and polar bears babies, while an entire country destroyed and a million people killed. What we are only hypocrites! Each of us should think about what he later generations as the answer to the question is: "You have seen it and know what you have done at that time in order to prevent these crimes?"

For me it is completely cured if someone dabs it and I feel the feelings of a mimosa injured. Much more important are the emotions, the sadness and the pain of hundreds of thousands of mothers in Iraq, their children, men, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters have lost by an illegal war of conquest in our names.

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