четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

"We have no U.S. troops"

The Iraqi Minister Nouri al-Maliki premium scattered all concerns of the United States over the military and political progress of his government. On Saturday he said, the Iraqi armed forces are in a position itself to provide for security and the American troops could go "wherever they want."

One of his senior advisers accused the United States it would be an Iraqi government in embarrassment, because of the violation of human rights and because the country as an "experiment in a laboratory U.S." treat.

Al-Maliki wanted with this statement demonstrate self-confidence, at a time when the pressure from the U.S. Congress troops from the constantly increasing. On Thursday, Congress adopted the decision the troops until spring 2008 to bring home, just hours after the White House over a mixed progress of the Iraqi government of the 18 targets set to achieve reported.

During the press conference, al-Maliki this progress report and said the difficulties of implementing the reforms would "of course" in the turmoil in Iraq.
"We are not talking about a government in a stable environment acts, but from the shadow of a great challenges," al-Maliki said. "If we expect some negative points in the political process talk, then that's quite natural. We need more time and effort, especially since the political process with pressure for more security, the economy and services, as well as regional and international interference address. "But he said if necessary, could the Iraqi police and soldiers fill the gap, a withdrawal of the coalition forces would stay behind.

"We say with full conviction that we are in a position, if God wants it, the responsibility of security to completely take over if the international forces pull off," he says. He told more about differences with the US commander Petraeus and his "American vision" for Iraq. More here.

Every day that the U.S. troops have to stay longer in Iraq proves it is not a question of democracy and self-determination for the Iraqi people, but an occupation of the country forever.

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