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Sex to survive

The U.S. invasion of Iraq has thousands of women widows. In order to be able to survive and to their children through, they sell themselves as prostitutes. (Al Jazeera)

As Rana Jalil, 38, her husband in an explosion in Baghdad last year lost, she never imagined that she would be a prostitute for their children with food supply. As a mother of four children, has Jalil sought employment, but the opportunities for women since the U.S. invasion has become scarce. They begged store owners, office workers and firms to them to be, but it was, as she says, chauvinistischer discrimination dismissed.

Within a few weeks after the death of her husband, a doctor at the children malnutrition. With tears in her eyes, she described her despair, which they gave to the oldest profession: "In the beginning was the worst day of my life. My husband was the first that I know and with whom I have slept, but I had no other choice ... my children were starving. "

They left the house completely dopey, as they said, and went to the nearest market place in order to find someone to pay for sex. She said: "I am a beautiful woman and it was not difficult to find a customer. When we went to bed, I wanted to run away ... I could not do it, but he beat and raped me. When he paid me afterwards, it was made for me. When I came home with food, which I bought with the money and had looked like my children before progressing louder joy, I discovered that honor is insignificant compared to the hunger of my children. "

The Iraqi widows are desperate

Before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, were widows, especially that which their husbands through the Iraq-Iran war have lost compensation and free education for their children. In some cases, they even got a free house. Now there is no safety net for them and the widows are few opportunities available.

According to the governmental organization Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), 15% of Iraqi women widowed by the war and händeringend in search of temporary marriage or prostitution, either for financial support or protection in the midst of war events.

Nuha Salim, a spokeswoman of OWFI, told Al-Jazeera: "widows are one of our priorities, but their situation worsens and we feel incapable of this problem to be completed. Hundreds of women are looking for a simple solution to their beloved support, while employers refuse to them, for fear of extremist retaliation. "

She said they have the disappearance of 4,000 women documented, 20% of whom are under 18 years, since the March 2003 invasion. The OWFI believes most missing women were abducted and as a prostitute outside Iraq.

Although there are few statistics about secure, the total number of widows in Iraq, the Ministry of Frauenahngelegenheiten says there are at least 350,000 in Baghdad alone, more than 8 million throughout the country.

Bitter trade

Just as families in Iraq increasingly hard times fall, had forced some of the masses schmerzvollsten decisions ... to sell their daughters. Abu Ahmed, a disabled father of five of the widower himself, his daughter Lina sold to a Iraqi man in Iraq came to sex workers to "buy." Abu Ahmed said he could no food for his children. It said Al-Jazeera: "I am sure that whatever it is, at least, it was about food. I have three other daughters and a son, and what they have paid me enough to overcome other grosszuziehen. "

Abu Ahmed said he was initially driven by a woman tripped Shada, a cover name for a woman to live in Baghdad, which young women searching for Iraqi gangs, prostitution operations in neighboring Arab countries. She told Al Jazeera that their role would be young women from impoverished families to convince a better life would be outside waiting for her. She said: "Families do not want it and we help the girls to survive. We give them food and a roof over their heads and about $ 10 per day if they had at least two customers. Our priority are virgins, they can lead to high prices of Arab millionaires are sold. "Shada says she sleeps in different houses every night, because they armed gangs for a trial and execution.

Escape from Jordan

OWFIs Salim says cases like Linas often become just as the poverty in Iraq is increasing and desperate families their daughters for less than $ 500 to dealers sell. But increasingly find young women who arrive in neighboring countries, prostitution has a high price.

Suha Muhammad, 17, was by her mother to an Iraqi ties sold, which itself is a prostitute after her father was killed. When they arrived in Jordan on, she was raped by four men who told her she would her the tricks of the industry. She told Al-Jazeera, it was sold to a gang which operated from Syria VIPs and it was often to Amman, the capital Jordanischen, superscript customers.

After six months, she was able to escape: "I am one of them ran and Iraqi family has helped me and the Immigration Office, where they me a pass for the return to Iraq provided. My aunt now cares for me in Baghdad. "You could never imagine that their mother would sell them, but unfortunately, women in Iraq are not important and respected.


Mayada Zuhair, a spokesperson for the Baghdad-based Women's Rights Association (WRA), said Iraqi and Arab NGOs are trying to trade in young women from the war in Iraq to neighboring countries. She told Al-Jazeera: "We are trying the fate of many widows and the teenagers were acted out. Unfortunately, this is not easy and without international support, money and resources, we fear, be more young women abducted abroad in the sex industry in order to work. "

In the meantime, prostitution is the only way for Nirmeen Lattif, a 27 year widow whose husband during an attack on Shia pilgrims south of Baghdad has lost. As to her husband's family for financial support back, they could not help her. She says she tried not to the consequences, about what she is doing or Unehrenhaftigkeit it in the Muslim society would bring to think. "I think of my children, but to my children, without money they starve in the streets."

Comment: This story is incredible and shows what the Americans with their illegal war served. The feminists, left and Green in Germany should look at the finger from the nose, pull their fat asses in gear and bring along their Geschlechtsgenossinnen care in Iraq. Where is the opposition that has so alone, about this war from the women's corner? The politicians, such as Merkel, fly to Greenland prefer to deal with the much more important "global warming". What hypocrites inside!

Incidentally, the same is happening, and much worse with the way children. The CIA is specialized children from war zones in "children's homes" and they collected all over the world as sex slaves for sale. Disgust arrest and highly criminal!

How about if we, the readers of this blog, the OWFI in Baghdad financially?

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