четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

NASA climate data were wrong

Blogger finds errors in 2000, NASA climate data, 1998 is no longer wärmstes year!

The blogger Steve McKintyre, which operates the climateaudit.org side, the historical climate data from the NASA examined and a strange leap from January 2000 in the graphic curve discovered.

These prints are from Reto Ruedy and James Hansen of NASA created. As Hansen on request has refused to publish the logs McIntyre, as the plot curves were made, these rückgerechnet McKintyre. As a result, he discovered the Millennium errors in the raw data.

The couple has McKintyre pointed informed about the error and Ruedy said that they had identified the problem and it would be only a "vision" was what remedied.

NASA has still secretly and the corrected figures and this change is amazing. The warmest year of record is now 1934. The year 1998 which is always by the media as a record year has been declared in second place. In 1921, in third. In fact, five of the 10 warmest years in all of the records before 2 World War II. Anthony Watts, the new data as a graphic created, together with a detailed summary of the events.

The effect of the correction to the global temperatures is minimal, between 1 and 2% less warming than originally thought, but the propaganda machine for the climate warming may affect larger. Or not, because I suspect that this story does not fit into the climate hysteria which the mass media disseminate and therefore they will ignore it.

You have to know the temperature table for NASA is a key argument for the assertion of global warming and James Hansen is the "guru" of Klimahysteriker.

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