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The media are our enemy

In the old Soviet Union, the government and the Communist Party controls the media. Not a word of substance could be published without prior consent of Politkommissare. Today, in the United States and also in many Western countries, the situation is equally frightened. But most people do not realize.

In today's world, there are a handful of super-rich and a closely related group of financial interests, the plutokratische elite, which the major media have, and what the views of the general public. All the major media are by these powerful, interconnected structures controlled.

Whether ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, and even regional sizes as the The New Orleans Times-Picayune, The Miami Herald, The San Diego Herald-Tribune ... the list is endless. This in turn controlled media houses thousands of other newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations in America and across the planet.

In order to strengthen their influence reward these masters of the media obedient journalists with money, position and power. They may also be members of the elite secret, as in the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission, where she then with the Fadenziehern and policy makers to share their thoughts. A handful will be chosen and in the higher ranks of the most secret of all clubs promoted in the Bilderberg Group.

The so-called mass media are a closed society, and only the willing which are the commands of the power elite are out there, a career opportunity. The familiar faces as announcer and commentators on TV, and the chief editors of newspapers and magazines are only puppets and signboards and figures that the people can see.

Honest journalists, the neutral and independent reporting, or dare to criticize, be immediately dismissed. Career today only editors, editors, filmmakers, writers and journalists, the blind, deaf and synchronized work.

Behind the scenes are the invisible owners and inspectors the power to dictate what we see and can not see in our newspapers and the evening news. The man on the street has no idea that the extremely wealthy hyenas as the Rockefeller, Rothschild, Bronfman, Newhouse, Murdoch and Redstone, Berlusconi, Burda and Springer make huge profits and have immense power through their total stranglehold on the media in America, in Europe and around the world.

These media inspectors decide which politicians "in" and what "out." You have Bill Clinton from a totally unknown Nobody elected president, Nixon, or be forced to resign. Just as it happened with Bush, Blair and many others who promoted by the media. Blair has even admitted every step of its policy with Murdoch previously denied having.

The media owners initially build careers in politics, business, sports and entertainment, and the heroes hieven high, in order then to want to drop and destroy.

The master of the media to decide what issues should be debated and which are totally taboo. So we will certainly never know what 11 September 2001 is really happening and who is behind it.

The media moguls decide how the story expired and who evil and who was good. You write the history books as to how they want it and they falsify the story in the version of what we believe to be, what with what really took place nothing, but absolutely nothing to do with it.

The media owners propagate the perverse ideologies such as globalization, the lifting of the sovereignty of the countries in the merger unions and the abolition of the rights of individual states.

They want to rebuild the society and thus the destruction of family and friends, is a lonely, isolated, dissatisfied with egoists.

They tell us money, buying and consumption make happy.

Again and again hears the message of revenge and retaliation is right, instead of forgiveness and love.

The master of the media to decide what a "good war" is the imperative to be led and what not.

The master of the media decide who is a "hero" and who is a "Nasty."

If the major media decide, you are now a scapegoat, and have gone, then it will happen.

The media work no longer as a fourth power in the state, which have the task of the people of the governments, the economy, corporations and the powerful to control. How because they are all sleeping in the same bed with each other and are purchased whores, and only corrupts the Public Relations Division of the elite.

The media lie us all day, gauckeln us an illusory world to hide the truth, to twist, manipulate and censor what really happened, protect the evil in the world and destroy the good.

The media are our enemy!

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