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Alec Baldwin-No more business people into the White House

We are all familiar with Alec Baldwin as a Hollywood actor in dozens of films, most recently in the Oscar winning "The Departed." But few know that he is very politically engaged and writes frequently comments on blogs. Here is the opinion of Alec about who is next to the White House is:

"If the election campaign by McCain will soon come to an end, then I am disappointed. At a certain point in time McCain was the Republican candidate as a Democrat, which I am most afraid. He was also the candidate the most widely accepted, I would have if he the elections for the White House could have won. McCain is a tough, brave and dedicated man, his career for the service to the public has abandoned. And, although I understand it, to an extent, the reason why his election campaign now eingeknickt. I am speechless about why the Republicans think they can this guy not get elected. Now Bob Dole and John McCain. The legacy of the "greatest generation" and now their sons and daughters, which is the failure to attract conservative voters. The party with which John Kerry sled threats and John McCain behind.

Romney is not as a rich Schnösel, an incredible part of his personal assets is spending to convince us what a great man he is. What a great leader he is. What a great American he is, as Bloomberg and Corzine and Schwarzenegger. Romney wants to teach us how the government of the United States as a group to be conducted. Romney wants his laserscharfen business practices be used to meet the cost of Regierungsapparats limit.

First off, what President, no matter what kind of track record and bring it no matter what party, and a majority in Congress he belonged, has ever managed the cost of public administration curb? There is no one. Why is it so? Because a government body is not as a business should be run and not to be. There should certainly be more geschäftsmässig. But it should never run like a business. At each election campaign period, it seems, is a conservative candidate like Romney and provides us with a diagnosis of obesity on the Treasury. The problem is not how much we spend. It is how much we verschwänden. Zerbröckelnde infrastructures. The soldiers in Iraq insufficiently equipped and understaffed. No serious investments in renewable energies by this gang of Ölhuren in the White House. All of them are businessmen.

We do not need a business man in the White House. We need a leadership personality. A great leadership personality. A man of the Americans the hope and courage are the tough decisions to come to meet us, in symbiosis with the planet. A man of the American priorities for the next 50 years redefined. And if there is no man ... that makes a woman. "

Comment: I do not agree with him in all agree, but it is interesting and I wanted to show how even one of the Democrats think.

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