четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Bush has declared himself dictator

With the signing on 9 In May 2007 of the NSPD-51 and HSPD-20 National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directives, national security and homeland security directives of the President, Bush has a "disaster" itself a power that have only than those of a dictator can describe.

These directives, which completely ignored by the media and the Congress were not checked, enter the White House proverbial dictatorial power over the government, state institutions and the whole country, to the Parliament passed and thus to govern without external control and separation of state powers to be able to make what he wants. These directives also have the Office of Homeland Security-Department of Homeland Security (comparable to the Reich Gestapo and SS) made responsible for security at home. This term Homeland = homeland is only by the fascist Bush government has been introduced, as the Americans have this word never previously known.

This means that, should a 9 / 11 similar incident happen again, the Bush emergency callout, the martial law in force and as the sole ruler everything. The Constitution has no more validity and Parliament and the judiciary have nothing more to say. He can all the people he described as "enemies" and declared arrest in the already prepared 800 concentration camps with a capacity of 16 million passengers stuck.

These "secret" introduction of a comprehensive executive power, strongly recalls the enabling laws of Hitler, Germany, which brought the NAZI dictatorship. Just like Hitler, Bush is now in a position to the people before the internal and external "enemies" to "protect". At that time, it was the Communists as enemies which had to be pursued because the Reichstag was set on fire and now it is the Islamic terrorists of 9 / 11. Only two events are the rulers themselves staged and the scapegoats have been attached, just for the purpose of themselves or for the sole guide to the Decider (decision) will be determined and the police state.

Just as Hitler's lies about the attack from "regular Polish troops" on the radio stations to use in Gliwice in Poland einzumarschieren, has Bush with 11 September and the lies about weapons of mass destruction and "fight against terror" attack, the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq justified. This is in both cases the long-planned campaigns for the conquest of countries for a "credible" trigger searched.

The logical conclusion is that the risk is very big and it is very tempting for Bush, in a terrorist attack against their own country carried out in order to become dictator. See my article here. We all should be vigilant and know when a "event" happens soon, it is not the "evil terrorists", Iran or Syria, but the criminal Bush government itself.

There is only one solution for this horrific scenario to prevent the Congress must immediately and as long as it is yet Bush and Cheney dismiss him and the two criminals for high treason, lead by attacking wars and mass murder before a court.

I would like to remind you that according to the UN Charter and international laws first, a preventive war never ever be allowed, and secondly, if a war only with the consent of the UN Security Council. Bush has attacked Iraq without a UN mandate, because the Security Council has never said YES, as I have written here. Thus, Bush and his whole gangster, and Blair guilty of crimes against humanity and must be seen as war criminals locked up.

Cheney is way behind this destruction of democracy, after 9 / 11, the wars and all the evil that goes on. He is now president and the secret, the shadow government, Bush is just his puppet.

It would be really the main task of the established media about the introduction of a creeping dictatorship and erosion of democracy to report. You have the alarm bells people and enlighten the people. Instead, we hear nothing from them and they tell us only banal rubbish, as the arrival of Beckham in Hollywood, and spread lies to distraction. This will be the first journalists what the consequences of a brutal dictatorship felt, in which all people have the potential for a different opinion can disseminate arrested. Others remain only the writers, who sell and the gleichgeschaltete help disseminate propaganda ... but they do so now.

Here is a video which clearly explains that danger.

In this TV-Interview is also the EU-US Treaty of the Union mentioned, about which I have written here.

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