четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Porsche nearly done

A proof of the decline of the American economy and the value of the dollar is the comparison of the prices of German luxury cars here and over there.

A Porsche Carrera 4S Cabrio is in the United States nearly a gift compared to the horrors the Germans prices declined. If the net compares prices excluding taxes, it will cost the United States in the car € 73'000, in Germany it kostest € 90,000 so lush € 17,000 more. At least enough for a Porsche in the USA to buy, take a nice holiday and then spend the QE 2 with the car on board stylish home schippern. And the difference between the USA and Switzerland, even more starkly, on average, can be a Porsche approximately 40,000 francs for an import savings!

On the big price difference tripped said Porsche boss Wendelin Wiedeking, that the U.S. market would not easily. All German car manufacturers sell in the United States by approximately 40% below the prices in Germany. The reason for this pricing policy is the high value of the dollar. This makes it visible. As Amis the dollar prices in the head, they can not increase the rate of the euro in recent years "expect."

The Europeans subsidize the US-Käufer order to enable them to approve a Porsche and Mercedes drive. That makes many export nations in the United States. If the foreign firms adjust their prices are real and that the Amis of the same price we would pay demand, then there is a huge inflation in the United States. Yes, the could no longer afford. But that would be the reality. How long should we maintain that the "American Way of Life" by the whole world continue? The United States is bankrupt and is only through such a Beschiss alive.

Small commercial break .... At this price difference is a friend of my attention. It has 10 brand new Porsches imported from the USA and can therefore significantly cheaper than the dealer. If someone wants to benefit and interest, then please give me know ... so now it's more ;-)

One remembers a time when the United States was the largest industrial nation in the world. Not quite 30 years, the productivity and the performance of the business leaders in the world. What happened? In only one generation, the whole collapses, as for example The steel industry, the auto industry and agriculture. What was the reason for this decline? Quite simply, the neoliberal economic policy has scooped the tomb itself. You have Reingeniert, Restructured, Liberalisiert, Globalisiert and destroyed and their production is exported to China. Now, only Spekuliert and Finanzmanipuliert. As Karl Marx said "Capitalism will sell us the knitting, in which we will hang him."

I see it, the US economy is in a coma and attached to an artificial life-saving device, as severe wheezing patient, and this is wrong, and yet he is in the psychiatric hospital. The psychiatric hospital is the world financial system, which prior to the collapse. The doctors are the World and central bankers, together with the large and small Finanzjongleuren. Only they are still crazier than the patients. The fact is that the world economy is on a steep descent, which the financiers can not stop, because the problem is systemic.

The problem is not just limited to the United States, although there are now visible on the day occurs. Everywhere, the debt extreme, the infrastructures break together and prices for raw materials will increase. In such an atmosphere the flourishing crime, war, terrorism and other forms of violence. Only a complete idiot selfish blind can this situation as a siege of the "freedom-loving, democratic" west by the "evil" out there describe. The blame on others to push and therefore lead to wars, changes in the disease nothing.

What happened shows the failure of the western global financial system, which is corrupt through and through. That's why many financial experts warn of an imminent major financial crisis in the coming months. The warnings are now even believers system, as the Bank of International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund.

The land on which its future can least cope, the United States, where the government on passivsten the economic decline has accelerated. It has done everything contrary to the financiers most from the deregulation, privatization and Spekulierung benefits. If these worshipers mammon to do anything to save the situation? No, they are on the verge of collapse again benefit and the whole values that the people must sell, property, shares and other assets quite cheaply buying. The value destruction, as always, carry the stupid normal citizens. To find another redeployment of the assets of the poor to the rich, like all decades.

As Napoleon said, "The hand there is the obvious about the notes. Money knows no loyalty. Financiers are without patriotism, without decency. Their only goal is profit. "

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