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9 / 11-time foreknowledge

On the forthcoming 6th The 11th anniversary September, I had the most important events in the form of an era rail chronologically listed. Here you can see what in 2001 to the date X on 9 / 11 every happened.

- February 01 - There were dozens of warnings from friendly intelligence agencies, as proposed by the German, French, Russian and Israeli, which followed a terrorist attack recalled. It was from these services specifically pointed out that airplanes against prominent American symbols can be used. At least since March 2001, the CIA knew exactly decision.
- March 01 - The Russian envoy to the UN passes a detailed report to the UN Security Council on Bin Laden, through its network, where he is staying and what his connections with the secret services, such as Pakistan, are.
- April 01 - The former security expert to the White House Richard Clark, who is responsible for the anti-terror, repeated warnings about an imminent terrorist attack by Bin Laden. These were ignored by the government, they were known, were "not urgent."
- April 01-By September 2001 sent the FAA US-Flugaufsichtsbehörde total of 105 of the daily security reports, 52 of which mention the name of Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.
- April 01 - The leader of the Northern Alliance AllAhmed Shah Massoud, who fought against the Taliban, speaking before the European Parliament, and says it will soon be a major terrorist attack against the United States. During his visit to Europe, he has also met with CIA agents and the knowledge of his secret about Bin Laden to her party.
- May 01-Coaching the Tri-Service DiLorenzo Health Care Clinic and the Air Force Flight Medicine Clinic, both in the Pentagon einquartiert, an emergency scenario for a crash of a hijacked 757 passenger plane which crashes into the Pentagon.
- June 01-Changes security expert Richard Clark at his request, and because he totally frustrated by the lack of anti-terror measures, in a different department.
- June 01-Will the sole command authority for firing measures in the event of a hijacking by the military on the new Vice President Cheney.
- July 01 - If Bin Laden in the American Hospital in Dubai with life-saving measures and with a dialysis unit treated, and speaks with the local CIA-Chef.
- July 01-Were there more than 70 investigations against terror suspects in the USA in 2001 and FBI agents have headquarters in Washington reported that they had Arab flight students under observation, the only want to learn how to fly a jumbo, but not how to set up a landing . The FBI headquarters agents has all the command, and nothing to do with the suspect.
- July 01-Changes for the first time in the history of the ownership of the World Trade Center complex for an amount of 3.2 billion dollars from the Port Authority to business man Larry Silverstein. This insured the buildings against terrorist attacks specifically for 3.5 billion dollars.
- July 01-Due to a warning from the FBI headquarters flies the U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft will no longer be with liner machines, but only with government aircraft, because of possible terrorist threats.
- July 01 - The Foreign Ministers of the Taliban, Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil warns the United States it had received information that a "big attack" in America soon will happen.
- August 01-Two CIA anti-terrorist specialists rich their resignation because they are frustrated about the lack of action against an immediate of them feared terrorist attack.
- August 01 - The White House was kept secret reports of the danger of terrorist attacks that hijacked airplanes be that Bin Laden terrorists on reingeschmuggelt Canada has, indeed, a report even had the headline "Bin Laden determined to attack inside the U.S. "and" Something really spectacular is going to happen here, and it's going to happen soon. "
- August 01 - The FAA warns all airlines about possible hijackings within the United States.
- August 01 - The Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the United States of suicide pilots who train for an attack.
- August 01 - The Civil Protection Agency, FEMA warns of a terrorist attack in New York and requires counter-measures.
- August 01 - Hani Hanjour who allegedly Flight 77 flew into the Pentagon should have covered the driver's license test and is not allowed him a small plane to rent because of his skills trainers for a test flight doubts.
- August 01-President Bush says the CIA-Berichterstatter, thank you for the warning, "You've covered your ass, now" - "You have now saved your ass."
- August 01 - The Israeli secret service Mossad warned the United States before an imminent terrorist attack.
- August 01-Cofer Black, the chief of the CIA Anti Terrorism Center, said at a lecture in front of the Defense Ministry, "We are going to be struck soon, many Americans are going to die, and it could be in the US."
- August 01 - Zacarias Moussaoui attended a flight training center and flies in a 747-400 simulator. After he funny questions about how much fuel as a plane and how much damage it would cause, the staff notifies him when the FBI arrested him. But the FBI-Zentrale shows no interest and it is only because of illegal immigration held.
- August 01 - The military base at Fort Meade, between Baltimore and Washington, for the first time introduces strict security guidelines, and no one is more pure or without checking out. They are filled with anti-terrorist measures justified.
- August 01 - Anti-terror expert John O'Neill reaches his resignation from the FBI, because he is due to the non-permanent blocking his work. He moves to New York as head of security for the World Trade Center.
- August 01 - The first four hijackers buy air tickets with their real names, also appear on the "Watch List", but not prevented from flying.
- August 01 - The Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) in Washington will be partly evacuated, and a large operation to treat many injuries converted.
- August 01 - Mohamed Atta may buy his plane ticket, although it because without a license and for violation of the visa rules for arrest is issued.
- August 01 - The egyptische President Hosni Mubarak warned the United States against a well-advanced plan of attack for terrorists.
- August 01-2 / 3 of all interceptor from the Langley Air Force Base which protects Washington deducted and weeks of maneuvers called "Northern Guardian" in Iceland, Europe and the Middle East ordered.
- August 01 - The Ministry of Transport has maneuver from a simulated hijacking and counter-measures train.
- August 01-CIA Director George Tenet visited on 24.Augut President Bush in his Crawford ranch in Texas, and informed him about the threat of terrorist danger. Present at the meeting are Minister of Defense Rumsfeld, National Security Advisor Condi Rice and Chief of General Staff General Meyers and Pace.
- September 01-Robert Mueller took office as the new FBI director on 3 September, after his predecessor, Louis Freeh resigned suddenly and unexpectedly.
- September 01-One of the two Baustatik-Igenieure of the World Trade Center Leslie Robertson, at a conference in Frankfurt on 3 September asked what he was against a planned terror attack physically. He responded, "I have the towers designed so that the impact of a 707 can endure." In fact, the towers were the first civilian buildings were constructed specifically for one or several bumps Flugzeugeinschläge
- September 01 - The Mossad is again a warning on 4 Out September.
- September 01 - The moving company Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. moves its headquarters with 200 employees on 4 September the 16th WTC floor of the tower to Norfolk Virginia. The Israeli government includes 49% of this company.
- September 01-Three weeks before 11 September report tenants of the World Trade Center from a planned power shutdown in the towers, on the weekend before 11 September. It was at this weekend all safety systems disabled, all doors open, the surveillance cameras are not recorded, and all alarm systems. The work of technicians at the cable laying work to be seen and perform the whole building shake, with the renewal of Internet connections unfounded. So a complete shutdown of electricity is unique in the history of the towers.
- September 01 - The chief of the Pakistani secret service ISI Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed visited Washington. He will meet for talks in the Pentagon with the National Security Council, then CIA Director Tenet, with people from the White House and with Marc Grossman, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.
- September 01 - Some terrorists go on 5 September in Madeira Beach, Florida to a casino boat of SunCruz Casinos to play and to have fun.
- September 01 - The security measures at the World Trade Center will be greatly increased, explosives are used dogs and all vans searched. But after 6 September inexplicably stop all measures, and the dogs are deducted.
- September 01 - The writer Salman Rushdie may from 6 September, according to U.S. authorities no longer US-Inlandsflüge. It says that the FAA had told his publisher, "there was intelligence information, it would be something to happen."
- September 01-were unusually high amounts of 5-year U.S. Treasury notes traded, a transaction alone was worth five billion dollars. These securities are then especially well if a world crisis occurs and the stock market crash.
- September 01-In the weeks before 11 September, on all stock markets in the world unusually high amounts of put options traded, mainly for the shares of American Airlines, United Airlines, various insurance companies and banks, all of which will later damage to the attack came. A put option is a bet that the value of a share is falling. A total of 15 billion dollars were traded.
- September 01-An Iranian Ali S. in a German prison and the Ausschaffung waits phoned repeatedly with US-Polizeibehörden and warns them against an immediate terror attack. He calls it "An attack of the world will change."
- September 01 - Mohamed Atta received a week prior to 11.9. A payment of 100,000 dollars, the sender was an agent of the Pakistani secret service.
- September 01 - The terrorists were observed in Miami as alcohol in a Strip-Bar with money to be thrown and loudly boasted.
- September 01-In the Arab community and in the mosques of New York circulate rumors about an imminent attack on the town and that one of the streets remain far.
- September 01-A Pakistani student of New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn New York shows on the towers and says his fellow students "Look at this building, next week they will no longer stand." The teachers reported that the police, who informed the FBI, but nothing happens.
- September 01 - There are the shares of insurers Munich Re, Swiss Re and AXA heavily sold, so it is with falling prices is expected.
- September 01 - The trading of put options by the company head office in the WTC towers will have drastically. So from Morgan Stanley, where else put on average 27 per day traded this rises to 2.157. At Merrill Lynch similarly, from 252 per day to 12.215. Dylan Ratigan of Bloomberg Business News said: "This would be one of the most extraordinary coincidences in the history of mankind if it was a coincidence."
- September 01-General Ahmed Shah Massoud, the leader of the Afghan Northern Alliance, on 9 September by two Al-Qaeda agents murdered, as the Moroccan TV-Journalisten spend.
- September 01-American air defense command NORAD begins with the maneuver "Operation Northern Vigilance" from 9 September and publishes a largely of combat aircraft from the eastern United States to northern Alaska.
- September 01 - The mayor of San Francisco, Willy Brown, should fly to New York, but got on 10 September, a call with the warning not to fly the next day.
- September 01-Top-Generäle All of the military are on 10 September warned, not the next day to fly.
- September 01-FEMA comes on September 10 in New York for a disaster exercise on the next day in Manhattan to begin.
- September 01 - The Minister of Defense Donald Rumsfeld reported in a lecture on 10th September, the Defense Ministry 2.3 trillion dollars missing and can not locate. CBS expects later to that over the years about 25% of the defense budget is not what accounting records and quoting an expert with "Their numbers are pie in the sky. The books are cooked routinely year after year! . " Exactly what the office investigated the missing amounts, the total impact of the Pentagon destroyed and all documents destroyed.
- September 01-Silverstein Properties, Larry Silverstein's company which the WTC a few months ago, has said a long-planned meeting for the next day in 88th Floor of the North Tower. It would have with Port Authority officials will be discussing what to do during a terrorist attack.
- September 01 - Since 1993, after the attack on the WTC, the security company Securacom / Stratesec with the installation of a new security system for the towers have been instructed and for the overall security. Director of the company until 2000 was Marvin Bush, the brother of the U.S. president. Then over Wirt D. Walker III. , A relative of the Bush family until 2002, a high-ranking posts in the company. Securacom was not only at the World Trade Center is responsible for the security, but also at the Dulles Airport in Washington, which started flying in 1977, and at United Airlines.
- September 01-Bin Laden is on 10 September to a military hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan submitted to dialysis treatment for his kidney to get. Pakistani soldiers guarding Bin Laden and replace staff with the usual confidence.

Continued ...

In the next part of "9 / 11 time - the day of attack", I will list everything on the morning of the 11th September happened before the first turn.

The statement of the U.S. government, they knew of nothing that had not Vorwarnungen and therefore could not prevent the attack, is a smooth lie. You see, there were dozens of warnings in advance. This is the US government is guilty of at least they would have done it deliberately, and 3,000 deaths in purchasing taken, which in itself is already a impeachment proceedings against President Bush for high treason and mass murder is justified.

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