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The Arab woman Layla Anwar asks:

Yes why? For what? What it says about you? What it says about your country? What it says about your institutions? What it says about your governments, your culture, your civilization, your history, your "progress", your values, your society ...?

Have you ever stopped and thought about these questions? Have you ever stopped and asked you, how did it come about? Why are we so advanced, why are we so democratic, why are we so big, why are we so freely ... and ... Why are we so much murder, oppression, abuse unpunished happen?

Have you never thought about this question?

I have just listened to BBC World Radio. A report by Oxfam, and in your eyes is the credible, over 70% of us Iraqis no longer have access to clean drinking water. I say "no more" because I remember it was not long ago that one could only slacken the tap and drink. So easy was that the report goes further and says that over 50% of Iraqis are malnourished and one in three is at starve. And that 50% are living in total poverty. 50%! ! !

Again, I would remind me of times, even among the "civilized" sanctions which your countries have imposed on us because everyone had what to eat. Not much, but there was food. The Iraqi government had a system of rationing, which your Top UN Representative great respect zollen.Wenn I mention in my blog, I will be accused of a disinformation war, brainwashing and operate a paid agent to be.

Now listen to me carefully and move your asses and reads, informs you, people of the West. A few years ago, it's not even knew where Iraq is on the world map to find it. Now you all the experts on this country.

Before your liberation, there was no famine in Iraq. Before your liberation, there was no poverty, as we experience it today. Before your liberation of the children have not suffered under fear. Before your liberation, they went into the schools, have learned, are large and have become adults, with Uni-Abschlüssen, diplomas and knowledge. No, we had no Lernschwäche before your liberation. Today suffer 92% of the children in Iraq below. Today, 99% of children traumatized in Iraq for their whole life.

Therefore, I ask you again ... why?

What have you done to Iraqis? Have they attacked you? Have they taken your hometown? You have they locked up? Have they tortured you? Did they rape you? Have they filled your country?

Of course, now some of you me a list of herablassenden, paternal, patronizing present political theories to try to explain the Unerklärliche. Saves you your time and energy. I know all your theories. I know all your theories of imperialism, Neocons, Zionism ... I know all your statements about griffbereiten oil monopolies, globalization ... None of this makes me happy. I need to know why?

Why us? Why Iraq? Why this? Why now?

If you give me these questions can not be answered, then you have nothing, but nothing about yourselves learned. And I say "yourselves, because your governments are a snapshot of what their own since, your aspirations, your attitude, your way of thinking, your illusions ... it since a portion of them and there is a part of you.

And everything I see now is nothing more than murderous thoughts ... YOUR idea!

A few days ago I read an article about a French filmmaker, Alain Tasma, who is a film about the genocide in Rwanda completed. During "Operation Turquoise" killed between 700,000 and 900,000 people in Rwanda. None of you, not one, which would have opposed it as genocide to describe. It is clear, it is accepted, it is a fact. And rightly so, because it is genocide. But when it comes to Iraq, then appear on all sorts of figures. All kinds of statistics are presented in order to say: "Yes, but ..."

Again I ask you, why? Why accept it without doubt when it comes to Rwanda is why when it comes to other peoples and to the Holocaust, accepted it without question, why when it comes to Arabs, and especially to Arab Muslims, it will be a subject for debate and quibbling ? Why is it not genocide?

Can you answer me this question?

Why does the things over 60 years happened in your country, you are still full of guilt feelings, and you ask for forgiveness, but when it comes to us, you have all sorts of excuses? Eure phrases are always mitigated with the "Yes, but ..."

What this tells me about you? It tells me exactly as I have described above, you and your government are one and the same.

And then you will tell me: "Yes, but I have not chosen ... yes, but I have written an e-mail ... yes, but ..., yes, but ..., yes, but ..." Your "Yes, but" interested not me. And this applies to all of you. My all the governments in the Iraqi cake stuck their fingers in it.

If it had wanted it, then it would have easily into crowds on the street can go in front of the government headquarters ... if only 5 million of you, no more, only 5 million would have done and your passports had thrown into the fire in front of the White House in Washington or before 10 Downing Street in London, or wherever damned her again, then I am sure we would not experience what we are seeing now. There are still mass demonstrations, road blockades, general strikes ... there are many ways to do that would prevent. You have only your creativity run. Or, since you only creative when it comes to our death?

Your views and comments are not interested in me anymore. Actually, they are to me no matter scheiss. I know only that their Mitbeteiligte since either directly or indirectly to a crime. That I know exactly.

But there is still hope. Go and sit for a little while and then ask yourself, what should I do next? I am sure that the answer will come. For what are sitting there and "quid pro quos" If's and Abers linger, which I now tell in advance, since it a hopeless case. I will never be my time wasted to you and ask why.

Layla Anwar

Who am I? The eternal question. Did it is not yet out. Everything you need to know about me is that I come from the Middle East, I am an Arab woman in the 40s and I am old enough to know it better. I have no home in the strict sense. I live at the same time in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Everything else is just decoration.

These serious questions must each with his conscience. Here is a reference to my article on the casualties in Iraq, which the statements by Layla.

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